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Adele’s First Thanksgiving November 30, 2012

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Although our Thanksgiving Weekend started with an awful stomach bug that attacked EVERYONE in our house…. we still had a wonderful and relaxing time in San Francisco. In order to maximize family time, we decided to eat out for Thanksgiving. (I think my first time doing that ever!) We went to Black Angus! (That’s one for the baby book, right?) It was actually perfect. Good food. Good company.

Grandma was in heaven. Check out the booties she made!

And Great Grandma Nini also enjoyed celebrating Adele’s first Thanksgiving!

Self Portraits while we waited for our table!

Adele was so good during dinner. She sat in a high chair for the FIRST time!!!! Such a big girl! She LOVED being part of the action. She sat contently for over an hour!

Part of the reason was that it was her first time ever having food! We’re doing the baby-led weaning approach (no purees, no spoons, no rice cereal) so we just handed her some pieces of lettuce, tomato and bread! She only had a few bites of each, but survey says she was impressed!!!

Catch her in action:

We haven’t finished reading the BLW Book yet so we’re holding off on giving her any more food until we have a game plan, but it was fun to share Thanksgiving Dinner with Adele. She’s certainly part of the family and we can tell she’s happy to be here too!


2 Responses to “Adele’s First Thanksgiving”

  1. So cute and those booties are adorable!!!! Lucas loves sitting in the high chair too and he sat at Thanksgiving and ate for two hours!

  2. olsontwins Says:

    I kind of wish we had tried this. My boys will eat pretty much anything pureed and off a spoon. But we’re having a rough time with self feeding (they won’t) and chewing bites of things. I don’t know if it’s a preemie thing (sometimes they have texture, self feeding or other eating issues) or what. Anyway, jealous that Adele will willingly put stuff in her mouth like that!!

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