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Reading and Walking September 22, 2013

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One of my favorite places in the whole world is inside the walls of a great library. Actually any library. I don’t know what it is, but libraries feel magical to me. The possibilities, the stories, the idea of it being community space that’s free to the general public. I love it. The LA library gives library cards to children as soon as they can sign their own name… you better believe the day Adele does that for the first time, we’ll be at our local branch signing up for a lifetime of books! 
Last weekend, we drove into the depths of downtown to visit the Central Library. It’s a huge library with a big Children’s room. (We visited there last year when Adele was 2 months old!) Truthfully, I’ve found better children’s rooms at the smaller branches around LA… The central branch doesn’t have puzzles, games and comfy corners to read in, but it does have lots and lots of books… and a puppet show theater! We played in the library for an hour waiting for the Puppet Show to start (it was a Pirate theme this week!) But I think all that book reading beforehand tired Adele out and we didn’t make it to see the actual show. I’ll time it better next time.


But we still had a blast pulling books from the shelves, finding pictures of “Bananas” and “Doggies” within the pages, and walking. Lots of walking.




The Library? On Vacation? March 20, 2013

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Yep. That’s right. I took Adele to the library while on vacation…. TWICE!
SAMSUNGThere was a super cute library in the neighborhood so we went early in the week and checked out a bunch of books to have at the house while we were there. And it was so great, I took my mom back there again later in the week. And guess what? They had the same puzzle that Adele was obsessed with at our local library too!

My mom put Adele in a chair so she could play and I was amazed and said, “She can sit in a chair?!” and my mom looked at me like I had three heads and said “Of course she can”! She looks like a mini first grader sitting at a desk! She’s getting so big!

We read a few books, played with a few puzzles and then we spotted the little Puppet Theater in the corner! Adele sat for a long time and watched the awesome puppet show that grammie put on for her with all the animal puppets. The turtle was her favorite.
Adele was quite amused by the show. I definitely recommend scouting out libraries when you’re on the go and need to find something to do with little ones. And it was a nice escape from the Florida heat too. I’m sure there will come a time when Adele will roll her eyes at the suggestion of a library, but for now, I’m enjoying it while I can.


The Playground Chronicles March 2, 2013

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When my sister was in town last week, we didn’t do touristy Hollywood things. Instead, we went to the library and the playground and enjoyed the time with Adele.
IMG_0111Fun Fact: Adele’s shirt was the first one I bought when I found out I was pregnant! I figured a white collared shirt could be for a girl or a boy. hee hee

Our library has a great children’s room with puzzles and toys for the babies too! I HAVE to get this one
for Adele. She played with it for such a long time, I eventually had to take it away so we could leave! It has all kinds of locks and doors. Babies love opening and closing things! Melissa & Doug make the BEST toys.

Another little baby wanted to play too (you can see his arm in the photo below!) And as soon as he came over, Adele turned around and sat on TOP of the whole game so he couldn’t see it. Rude! Clearly we have to work on sharing.

Always with the tongue out too. I think that’s hereditary… my mom and I both do that too. lolIMG_0115

After the library, we headed over to the park!



We thought it would be fun to watch Adele crawl through the tunnel so I went on one side, and Laurie went on the other.


Seemed innocent enough. Adele thought it was the best game ever.

So she just sat there….

…and sat there….

….until it was clear that she wasn’t going to crawl to the other side. She was too far in for me to grab her, so Laurie went in for the rescue.

Adele was just laughing at Aunty Laurie, but she still wasn’t budging. We tried some verbal negotiations, but she wasn’t having it.

Then Laurie starts screaming “OMG, someone is hitting me! Someone is hitting me! Adele, move! Some kid is pushing me.” And Adele is laughing and laughing. Laurie is panicking because some little kid is getting a little too close for comfort and I’m dying on the other side taking pictures of the whole ordeal. I couldn’t even reach in and grab Adele because I was laughing so hard. I couldn’t see the kid behind Laurie, but I could hear him yelling “Hey, hurry up! You’re blocking the tunnel! Hurry up!” Don’t worry, eventually everyone got out safely.

Oh man, that was funny.

Annnyways, that night, Laurie agreed to babysit so I could go to Yoga!! (Thank you!!) And I came home to this….


hahaha. Somebody was up past her bedtime that night! But it looks like they had a fun night without mommy! And it looks like the playtime was balanced with learning too.

What a good aunty. =)IMG_9998


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