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The Park Thru a 50mm Lens April 16, 2013

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We had a lot of fun playing with our new 50mm camera lens this weekend! Here are a few snapshots from Saturday!





IMG_1340Love the wind blowing her hair to the side in this one! ha!


Ride em’ Cowboy!

More to come!


Florida Photoshoot – Part 2 March 23, 2013

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Kissed by that Florida Sun!


IMG_0641 1
IMG_0649 1
IMG_0659 1
IMG_0670 1


Adele’s Photoshoot: Florida Edition March 22, 2013

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You didn’t think I’d let that little baby avoid a weekly photoshoot just because we were on vacation, did you? No no no, my friends. Poor kid can’t escape the camera even on the other side of the country. But she’s a ham, she loves it.
IMG_0561 1

IMG_0676 1
IMG_0682 1

But all these pictures weren’t just to capture her pretty face. I had a project in mind that I couldn’t wait to execute. It didn’t quite work out as planned, but I think it’s pretty awesome anyways. The Four Generations!

We had so much fun last week!

Behind the scenes!


Happy Father’s Day! June 20, 2012

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Sunday was a very special day for Irving… his first Father’s Day!! (Adele’s birthday, his birthday AND father’s day in the SAME week!!) So many reasons to celebrate!
day 10 blog (39)

He loves his little girl so much. He’s so sweet with her, he’s a natural. He never missed a single appointment during my pregnancy and he always made sure I was comfortable, happy and healthy. Now that our daughter is here, he’s impressed me in so many more ways. He’s been doing all of the shopping, cooking and cleaning… on top of nighttime cuddle sessions and helping me through my own emotional roller coaster. I personally feel like he has so much on his plate, but he’s handling everything with so much patience and love. He’s an incredible husband, and the most amazing father. I fell in love with him a million times over on June 8th.

day 10 blog (14)
Father of the Year!!

To celebrate his special day, we went out for a nice Sunday Brunch at a nice restaurant nearby. Adele slept the whole time, and we enjoyed the conversation, food and our family.
day 10 blog (5)

The rest of the day was spent relaxing at home…
day 10 blog (16)

….and watching soccer. (Goooo LA GALAXY!!)
day 10 blog (27)

Adele gave him that ‘Father of the Year’ t-shirt and a custom-made photobook as a gift. I ordered it through Shutterfly and it’s pretty awesome if you ask me. I can’t wait to read it to her (and make one of her own someday too!)

Here it is:
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I think Irving really liked it! Happy Father’s Day, Daddy!!
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Adele is not only lucky enough to have a great dad… but she’s got an awesome Grandpa AND a great-grandpa who can’t WAIT to meet her this summer!!! Happy Father’s Day to all the great dads out there!


Photography Challenge Update: SF Edition October 19, 2011

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I’m doing these a little out of order here, but have no fear, I’ll make sure to post all 30 days worth of the Photography Challenge.

Day 11 – Something Blue
Oh yes, my friends. My something blue is my Tiffany’s necklace I got this weekend after completing the Nike Women’s Half Marathon for the 7th time! Instead of a race medal, all finishers get a necklace in this blue box (handed out by a firefighter in a tux!!) I proudly present my Something Blue!
2011 Nike Marathon (32)

Day 12 – Sunset
This was taken out the window during our 6-hour drive back to San Francisco after the race. Taken with my five year old cell phone. (What? This was a photography challenge? he he!) Even so, I was able to capture a light flare!

Day 13 – Myself with 13 Things
I decided to go with the intangible route. My ‘13 things’ is the 13 miles I walked this weekend with my Hubby during the half marathon.
2011 Nike Marathon (26)

I have plans to actually play with my Irving’s nice camera this weekend so I’m hoping to get more artistic. It’s already almost Thursday! Where is the weekend?!


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