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Trophies and Chocolate November 13, 2011

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We’ve finally been at home for a couple of weeks and we’ve been spending that time relaxing, catching up and getting lots crossed off our perpetual to-do lists. I know my posts have jumped off a cliff lately, but truth is, we’ve been kind of boring and there isn’t much going on. But we’ve got some small trips coming up that I’m sure will give me more to post about in the coming weeks.

Yesterday, we found out that the MLS Cup was going to be near our house, so we jumped in the car and drove over to see it. Irving’s a huge soccer fan and has been following the championship games religiously. We’re so excited to be going to the big game next weekend too. (Rooting for the LA Galaxy, of course).


Woo Hooo Soccer Players! lol. Sign me up!

This morning, we got up and went for a walk and chatted about life and other musings. Somewhere along the way, I convinced Irving to buy me this chocolate. I mean, it’s limited edition, who cares if it was $4. I can’t WAIT to break into this after dinner tonight.

I could share pictures of the four loads of laundry we did today, or the new internal card reader I installed in my computer.  But that doesn’t make for an interesting read. I promise to make my life more exciting for you and I both in the coming weeks.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some dinner to make so I can jump right into dessert. Have a great week!


20-Something Woman Seeks Friends in LA September 20, 2011

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Hi Friends! I hope you’ve been enjoying all of my Europe posts. I wanted to take a break from those for a day or two to change the subject for a bit. (Don’t worry, I still have posts coming about Krakow, Warsaw, Salzburg and Munich, hope you’re excited!)

Let’s talk for a second about living life 3,000 miles away from home. This is a very fragile subject for me and I don’t know if I’ll ever fully be at peace with it. But I’m learning how to find a balance and thus maintain a happy status quo.

I grew up in a suburb of Boston with a large family and a pretty big circle of friends. In my house, you could expect the phone to ring once every half hour, and the doorbell to ring a few times a day. There were always people dropping in to say hi, coming over for dinner or to chat with a drink on the porch. Neighbors stop by to gossip, or to exchange desserts and someone was always watching out for you.

Cousins at Christmas!!

With a large family back in Boston, there’s always a BBQ to attend, or a cousin’s soccer game to watch. There are birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and movie nights. I left all of that behind to pursue my dreams in Los Angeles. It’s hard knowing how good you have it, and then to consciously decide to leave it all behind. Moving to LA will forever be the decision that defines me. In 50 years I will look back and tell my grandchildren about how Irving and I rented a minivan and drove off to California.

Now fast forward to life in LA. With the time change, my phone rings just a few times a week, and most phone calls have been replaced with text messages or emails. And I don’t think my doorbell has randomly rang at all this year (sometimes the FedEx guy rings my bell, but that doesn’t really count). Life is different in LA. People don’t just ‘drop by’. Visits are preempted with text messages (not that I don’t appreciate these, it’s just not the same).

Neighbors don’t look out for you here by default. I don’t even know who most of my neighbors are. I see people hit the ‘elevator close’ button often so they can avoid the chit-chat. It’s easy to feel lonely in LA.

Everyone says that it gets easier to make friends when you have kids. I suppose that is true, but what can the rest of us do in the meantime? I have a running group, a scrapbook group, an LA Bloggers group and a handful of local high school and college friends (all of whom I am eternally grateful for). Maybe all adults feel this way no matter where they live. Maybe it’s just what happens when everyone is in their 20s and people get busy with their own lives.

Halloween Horror Nights Last Year!

It doesn’t help that Irving and I are both characteristically introverts. We love our quiet time at home, and we love to travel together. But sometimes all I want is to enjoy a mug of hot tea with some girl friends and talk about books, movies and life. (Anyone free this weekend?) I feel like I haven’t put my roots down yet. I am digging though, I’m sure they will sprout soon.

Any suggestions on making friends in a new city? Tell me I’m not alone here!


Random Things Thursday August 18, 2011

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I spent my evening decluttering my computer desk as well as the desktop itself! I’m not the neatest person in the world, but I really hate clutter. Just did a clean sweep and it feels so good. Just a small to-do list for the week, I’m finally caught up!

I also cleared off my camera chip, so I thought I’d share a few random things from the week:

1.) Check out this awesome screensaver CD featuring “Birds of America” from what looks like the 1980s. (But maybe it’s from the 90s, it’s hard to be sure).

Irving had this disc in a box under his desk and I begged him to keep it because it’s just so awesome. People used to actually PAY for screen savers? Kids these days just don’t know what they’re missing.

But wait…there’s more… when you open up this “CD” case…

…you find out that It’s a floppy disc!!! I’m sad that my current computer doesn’t have the capabilities to look at these 20 images of “Birds of America”. I may not be able to use this disc, but it sure did provide a barrel of laughs when Irving told me he actually bought this himself. LOL NERRRD!

And that’s not all… on the left side of the CD case was a film envelope. BAHAHA remember those?!?!

2.) WHO LOVES CUPCAKES? I should probably cut back on the cupcakes… FOUR of my birthday cards this year had cupcakes on them! Everyone must know how much I LOVE them. I ❤ my friends and family!

3.) Ah-nild Pah-mah. That’s how we say “Arnold Palmer” in Boston. Irving found these drink mixes this week. Kind of cool, right? I’m excited to try them. Never seen them before!

4.) Pour, Bake, Eat. I saw this in Trader Joes this week and I HAD TO HAVE IT! Ready-To-Bake Brownies! The guy at the register told me that I could probably just eat it with a spoon too. Whaaaa??? I’m saving this for a rainy day.

Three steps, people. Pour. Bake. Eat. Done.

Guess that’s it for now.

Who else has a box of old floppy discs sitting around? I kind of want to find a drive that will open them up because I often lie in bed at night wondering about my 6th grade history papers and 7th grade poetry, don’t you? There could be good stuff on there!


Wings, Fries and Trolls August 10, 2011

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Ahh! I was so hungry after work today that I would have seriously ate anything you put in front of me. That kind of hunger that makes you dizzy and not nice to be around. Hi. That was me.

But Husband to the rescue! We headed right out to find some buffalo wings and fries. I felt like I was in college. But sometimes, that’s just what you have to do.


In other news, randomly spotted in a window on Ventura:

We are now on night FOUR of trying to watch Meet Joe Black. It’s a good movie, but it’s pretty slow moving. We are not very good movie watchers, we easily get bored and sleepy. Let’s hope we can finish it tonight!


Did you have Trolls? I had a bunch. Kids these days don’t know what they’re missing!


A Good Deed… June 24, 2011

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When I was walking this week (while listening to New Moon on my Ipod), I found a crumpled piece of paper that piqued my interest. I turned around and went back to it, and found that it was someone’s Social Security card! Not that I carry my SS card with me (you really should keep it hidden away somewhere), but if I did and I lost it, I’d hope someone would return it. Identity theft is a scary thing!

So I did what any upstanding citizen would do. I turned it in at my local Social Securty Office.

Guess I did my good deed for the day. It feels good to do the right thing. 

While, I was out, I did a few other important things. Like try to take my picture in front of Fresh & Easy.
2011-06-24_15-29-12_781 2011-06-24_15-29-18_453

Finally I gave up.

Right when I walked in, I was greeted by an Oreo. I love this place!

We’re heading to the Hollywood Bowl tonight, so I needed some picnic-friendly’ items. Stay tuned to see those later!

Put here’s a sneak peak. I made Irving a Turkey and Cheese sandwich on a fresh-baked roll. There’s something about making my husband a sandwich that makes me feel like a good wife. haha

Can’t wait for tonight!

What Random Good Deeds have you done? Share your good Karma!
–I reunited a college girl with her lost passport once when I saw someone found it on Craigslist!
–I also turned in a man’s wallet when I was 9 years old and he sent me a basket of cookies in return. SCORE!


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