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Thursday Thoughts March 21, 2013

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-Today was Adele’s first School Picture Day. I was SO excited and had a blast picking out a cute outfit for her to wear. I sent her off with Daddy with strict instructions for him to tell them to be sure to put her bow in her hair for the photo. There might be some angry Aunties if Adele doesn’t have a hair bow in her first school portrait.

-I was SO excited that I was able to squeeze in a 3-mile hike during my lunch break yesterday. I need to remember to do that more often. It totally made my day to get some vitamin D and fresh air. And BONUS: I got to quickly cross paths with my mom-group who were all there hiking as well! Miss those girls!

-When I left work tonight, I saw the sun was still high in the sky (gotta love daylight savings time) and I raced to pick up Adele at Daycare. Then we scurried home as fast as we could and I changed real quick and tossed her into the jogging stroller and we headed out for a neighborhood stroll.

I think Adele was confused, poor kid never really sees the sun during the week as we shuffle her from the car to school to home every day. But she was pretty stoked when she realized there were swings involved in this excursion! Wheeee!

It was nice to join the brigade of parents in the park who were also doing their best to squeeze the most out of their day with their kids. Some little leaguers practicing on the fields, their younger siblings climbing on the monkey bars on the playground next to it. Some toddlers playing in the sandbox (shoes optional). I especially loved watching a father hoisting his 3-year old son up on his shoulders. While up high, the boy said “Dad, if you fall, I’ll catch you” and the dad laughed and said “Ok, then I better hold on tight!”.

Our excursion to the park meant our playtime at home would be cut short, the bath would be quick and the dinner would be simple, but I love breaking routine once in a while for worth-while things like spontaneous trips to the park.

-Adele has had a HUGE breakthrough with solid foods this week. She went from drinking six 5oz bottles of formula a day to two! Instead of panicking, we talked to the daycare and they agreed to give her school food! So now she eats real meals! With the Big Kids!  I think our puree days are officially over (though I might keep making some here and there for convenience sake once in a while).

Happy Friday!!


Scenes from the Weekend – President’s Day Edition February 18, 2013

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So much to tell you guys about! We had such a great long weekend! I’ve created a (good) habit of not touching the computer much on the weekends, so I haven’t put the posts together yet, but they’re coming!
PS. Does my daughter have a lazy eye?!

Scenes from the Weekend:

-Cleaned our place from top to bottom. Rearranged shelves, got rid of bags in our closet, cleaned out the diaper bag, sorted through too-small clothes (sad) and tidied up a bit.

-Went on several neighborhood walks to enjoy our beautiful weather (mid 60s! My favorite!) Warm enough to enjoy the sun, but cool enough to wear a comfy sweatshirt. Yes Please!

-Grocery Shopping (x2). I also chopped, cooked, sorted and prepped the food for the week ahead. I’m cooking for THREE now! Lots to think about in the kitchen, that’s for sure.

-Made a homemade lasagna.

-On that note, I also pureed Adele’s food for the week (Peas, Sweet Potato and Pears this week!)

-Went to the Library

-Babysat one of Adele’s friends! We’re doing babysitting trading for free date-nights date-days and we’re so so so excited!

-Went to the park x2

-Did a “Mommy (and Daddy) and Me” class (I’ll share that with you this week! It was awesome!). Then the three of us went out to lunch after and I got the best BLTA I’ve ever eaten. Ever.

-Attempted to do our taxes. This didn’t go over so well with an 8-month old attention-hungry baby at our feet.

-Adele got her FIRST TOOTH! Finally!!!!!!!!

-We lowered Adele’s mattress. Now that she’s sitting, crawling and almost pulling herself to standing, it was time.

-Did 6 loads of laundry and 4 loads of dishes. Exhausting.

-Lots of bath time, reading time, skyping with family time and cuddle time.

-Watched a documentary with Irving during Sunday nap time! (Score: Adele slept for TWO HOURS mid-afternoon!)

-Celebrated a birthday with friends at Benihana! Adele loved watching the chefs cook. So fun!

-I made French Toast with Cinnamon Raisin bread. Delicious.

-Gave Adele yogurt for the first time. (She approved).

-Watched the finale of Downton Abbey. (OMG, who watched it? Don’t want to ruin it for anyone who hasn’t watched yet, but seriously, WHY DID THEY DO THAT?!)

-Oh, um, signed up for a Half Marathon. Here we go again! You can never fully cure a race addict. Good thing I have 8 months to train!

-Worked out with my LA Racers team (three miles with Adele!) Let the training begin!

Wow, seeing that list makes me tired. It felt like we got a ton done, but none of it felt like too much. It just flowed nicely. And having the extra day off doesn’t hurt either. We’re getting really good at packing it all in and making the weekends count. A little bit of work and a lot of play. It was a blast. More pictures from the past few days will be coming this week!

Happy Monday!
IMG_9909Wispy baby hair blowing in the wind is my favorite.


Mid-Week Brain Dump! February 6, 2013

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Here we go! A Mid-Week Brain Dump! Don’t mind me!

  • has reached 1,000 posts on wordpress! I’ve been blogging in one way or another since 2003! I don’t even think the word ‘blog’ existed back when I started an online diary. I started in college using basic HTML, then I started a LiveJournal account. After that, I used FrontPage to build my own website and in 2009, I migrated to the WordPress platform! Thank you so much to all of you for reading! Blogging has been such a source of happiness for me over the years.

  • Guess what? I bought a new purse! And not just any purse…. an Epiphanie Bag! It’s a really pretty camera bag and I am anxiously waiting for it to arrive in the mail! It’s way more expensive than any purse I’ve ever purchased, but it has dual purpose and I’m super excited about it. No more throwing my Irving’s nice camera into a diaperbag or tossing it into the backseat of the car! Hooray for being responsible (and fashionable!)
  • Remember how I made an index card calendar for Adele? I am writing on them daily so she’ll have a catalog of  each day of her entire life. Anyways, I just looked back and I wrote ‘2012’ on every single one in January. Since Adele was born, I swear I live in a black hole of time. I’m in denial that it’s ‘2013’ already.
  • I’ve been using the same face wash since Freshman Year of College (Clean & Clear, baby!) Still to this day, I get flashbacks of shower shoes and dorm living every time I use it.
  • Adele crawled over and took every book off of her book shelf today. I just stood back and watched her do it because I was so amazed by it. Baby loves her books!
  • Anyone know of any foods that are good (healthier) alternatives to Cheerios? Adele loooooves Cheerios (both for eating and for playing). I toss a bunch  on her high chair tray to keep her busy when I need to cook or something. But maybe there are other slightly healthier options for fun finger foods that don’t have a risk for choking? Am I over thinking this? Are 20 Cheerios a day ok for an 8-month old baby every day?
  • I don’t know about you, but I’m so bummed the Post Office won’t be delivering mail on Saturdays anymore! If I had 15 Billion dollars, I’d save the post office! I love the mail!
  • We got a notice at the Daycare today that the kids are having a Valentine’s Day party and we have to bring Valentine’s for everyone! I just about died. I’ve been waiting my whole life for this! I’m taking this very seriously and I must find the perfect Valentine cards. Challenge accepted.
  • Back when we found out we were having a baby, Irving and I set out on a huge project to go paperless. We worked on it every day for about six months last year. We digitized everything, signed up for online Bill Pay, and digitized and then threw out or sold all of our music CDs. The last piece of this mountain of work is organizing our digital photos. Sounds simple, but I probably have over 500,000+ pictures on my computer. And I’m going through and cleaning up every. of them. One by one. I’m rotating them, doing red-eye correction, deleting the blurry ones and adjusting the contrast. And as if that’s not enough, I’m adjusting the date and time on all of them to be correct and then renaming each individual file so I will know what they are in 50 years (yea yea yea, I know technology will change by then, but we hope to keep up with it as it changes!) So yea, anyways, I’m about 3 weeks away from being done with it all. I’ll share about the process when I’m finished. It’ll be pretty awesome when it’s done.
  • Speaking of doing a huge project, want to know how I fit it all in? Here’s my daily routine:

    8a Wake up, get dressed, make Adele a bottle. Irving plays with her as I get ready for work. I also prep Adele’s lunchbox for the day with her milk and food. Then I make my lunch and grab breakfast before heading out the door.
    9a Work, Work, Work
    5p Leave work, pick up Adele at Daycare
    6p Arrive back home, play with Adele either on the floor, in front of the mirror or crawling around the house
    6:30p Dinner Time. I give Adele her food (usually real whole food — Baby Led Weaning!) and I eat beside her at the table.
    7p Bath Time. Then Bottle. Then some books.
    7:30p Adele goes to sleep. I clean up from dinner, wash all the bottles from the day and set the dishwasher. I also fold the laundry, pick up toys and do a “left to right” cleaning up the house
    8p Attack my digital project (see above). Play Pandora while cleaning photos.
    10p Jump in bed to read, blog, read blogs or watch TV
    12a Lights out!


And just for fun… a picture to make the post more interesting!

That’s my brain dump for the week. Thanks for playing!


Monday Musings January 14, 2013

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-Sippy Cup has been ordered!!! Based on recommendations from friends, we decided to try this Nuk one. And I was super excited that it came in Teal/Lime Green! More fun than Pink.


-Adele sat on my glasses and I had to go to the eye doctor last week to fix them. “How does that even happen”, you ask? I took them off to protect them because Adele likes to claw them off my face. Yep.


-One day last week, I felt like I was totally overwhelmed with life. The bottles weren’t clean, my lunch wasn’t packed, I was forgetting little details left and right. So I went to bed at 8:30p and slept for 11 hours. It. Was. Glorious. I need to remember to reset myself more often. I think I’ll be a better wife and mom because of it.


Me (on the phone with Irving): Um, I just spent $300
Irving: On what? A Plane Ticket?
   HAHA He knows me too well. But no, not a plane ticket. On some mommy-and-me classes with Adele! So Excited!


-It was 37* here this weekend. In Los Angeles. Um, I didn’t sign up for this.


Random Monday Things December 3, 2012

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Random Thoughts for a Monday:

-I really wished I liked eggs. Sometimes I feel like an easy omelet, a homemade quiche or some scrambled eggs with cheese would get me out of my food funks. But I just. can’t. do. it.

-I get jealous when I see facebook and blog posts from moms still on maternity leave or working from home. Makes me miss my little girl so much during the day. She’s so fun now and I want to play with her all day!

-I don’t watch football, but I’m already excited for Super Bowl food. Or maybe I’m just craving Nachos and Buffalo Chicken.

-Irving and I saw Skyfall last weekend and now I’m seriously excited to visit Shanghai!

-Did photos with Santa always cost money? Maybe when you’re a kid you don’t pay attention to those things, but I sure don’t remember having to shell out $25 bucks to sit on Santa’s lap. Is it worth it? I’m undecided.

-I seem to be getting a lot of blog traffic from people searching for “pictures of Adele’s Baby”. Guess that’s what happens when you name your child after a pop star.

-After I had Adele, people told me to take long showers because it’s the only time you have a solid 15 minutes to yourself. While that’s not necessarily the case anymore, the sentiment has stuck. Now it just feels so indulgent  and I enjoy them so much! Especially with my Jojoba Body Wash. If you ever need a gift idea for a new mom, I recommend this. It’s delicious and it makes me feel beautiful and luxurious. Jojoba is easily my favorite smell in the whole world (second maybe to fresh cut grass). <— Told you this post was random.


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