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Here goes nothing! April 16, 2010

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Here we are! Marathon weekend!!!

Thanks for all of the encouraging messages that keep coming in via comments, emails and facebook! I’m just so excited. Ashley came over last night and gave me this cute magnet!!! I love it!

I love this quote. It really does sum it up. Running the Boston Marathon is a dream for a lot of people, and I’m so excited that I made it happen. Another check off the bucket list.

HAHA I just have to laugh at the Boston Weather… rain, clouds, sun… Finally it looks like it might clear up by race day!
That’s good news for my spectators too! I wouldn’t want anyone to have to stand in the rain all day!

Speaking of spectators…. I have a request: If anyone will be out there on race day, be sure to take pictures of yourselves on the sidelines! I want to have pictures of you guys too! And take pictures of the atmosphere. I fear that it’s going to go by so fast that I’ll forget to take it all in.

And if you see the elite pack run by, take pictures of them too!!!! GO RYAN HALL!

Tracking me…if you want to track me, you can find info on that here! My Bib# is 22501. I run about a 12 minute mile (and probably a little slower towards the end).

Track Valerie Bertinelli too! Her Bib is# 22503 (OMG I just realized she is just 2 bib numbers from me! How cool is that!!?!!) If you see her, TAKE PICTURES!!!

I’ll be wearing this!

Project Times…If you’re going to be on the sidelines, here are my projected splits:
Start Time: 10:30a
Mile 10: 12:45p
Mile 13: 1:30p
Mile 20 (heartbreak hill): 3:00p
Mile 25: 4:00p
Finish Line: 4:15p

In the news…I have a story in the Haverhill Gazette this week!

See you in Boston!


And the Winner is…. April 14, 2010

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I want to dedicate this post to everyone who supported me while I trained for the Boston Marathon. Your enthusiastic emails, encouraging words and generous donations really inspired me. I just can’t believe I’m just days away from crossing the finish line. THANK YOU so much for your support.

278 Miles Run
68 Total Donors
26.2 Miles in the Marathon
4 Months of Training
…and $3,635.02 raised so far for Dana-Farber

Every single person (68 individual donors in all) who made a donation on my fundraising site was entered to win my Grand Prize: An LA Galaxy Soccer Ball signed by all the players (including David Beckham).

Each name was written on a raffle ticket and put into this jug:


Without further ado, the winner is….



Watch us Live, Track us Online! April 11, 2010

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If anyone will be on the Boston Sidelines, let me know where you’ll be so I can look for you! And scream loud in case I’m in the zone!

This is what I’ll be wearing during the race, so be sure to keep a lookout!

There will only be 550 other people wearing this jersey. lol

And be sure to cheer for my friend Peter too!

If you can’t be there in person, you can track us via email or text! It will give you updates on where we are on the course in real time!

Click here for more information!

My Bib # is 22501 and Peter’s is 22923.

See you in Boston!


The Big Galaxy Ball Giveaway! April 6, 2010

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Eeek! So yea, the Boston Marathon is now less than 2 weeks away. I don’t know how that happened. But I’m ready to run!

I’ve been sporting my “Boston 26.2” necklace!!

Just a reminder that anyone who donates (any amount) to my Dana-Farber website by April 14th @5pPST gets entered to win my grand prize! 

An LA Galaxy Soccer Ball signed by the WHOLE TEAM!

Even David Beckham signed it!

For every person who makes a donation to my site, I’ll write your name down on a raffle ticket…

And put it in my secret Raffle bottle…

(Which was also my “Wedding Fund” bottle!)

And Irving will help me pick one lucky winner to get the ball!

Thank you SO SO SO Much for your support. I am SO excited to cross that finish line in Boston!!!


15 Miles March 27, 2010

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This week, I was really dreading this 15 mile run. I feel like my training schedule was about 3 weeks too long. I’m just ready to run Boston at this point. Tapering is always hard mentally. 

I met up with Peter and once we started running, it felt really good. We kept saying “Thank god we only have to run 15 miles this week”. hahaha That sounds kind of funny, doesn’t it? I got a little tired by the end, but I finished strong. I fueled better this week and had more to eat during the run. I even tried (and liked) the chocolate GU that I brought with me. I was worried it would mess up my stomach, but it was great. Not a burst of energy, but it prevented me from “dipping below”, so I guess it did it’s job. 

Sadly, no pictures this week, it was all business. My splits were not impressive, but for a taper week, not bad either. 

Mile 1 – 11:20
Mile 2 – 11:38
Mile 3 – 13:43
Mile 4 – 12:27
Mile 5 – 12:08
Mile 6 – 13:01
Mile 7 – 12:58
Mile 8 -13:29
Mile 9 -12:58
Mile 10 -13:19
Mile 11 – 13:23
Mile 12 – 13:49
Mile 13 – 13:09
Mile 14 – 13:13
Mile 15 -12:42

The pace was pretty consistent, but we had a lot of friends out on the course today, and I was a little bit chatty, so those slower miles were probably “social hour” ones. 🙂 And we made a few stops to the car to refill water too.

Also worth noting, Peter is faster than me, and actually started running ahead and back towards the end… he added almost a whole mile onto the total! AND he even ran the LA Marathon last week. Something to aspire to. He’s a great running Buddy! Thanks, Peter!

PS. It BETTER not be as hot in Boston as it was in LA today. Too hot to run! (in my warm-blooded opinion!) 

I’m just $94 away from the Dana-Farber Fundraising Minimum! If you’d like to donate, you can do so here! Thank you so much for your support! 3 weeks away!


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