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The Shin Splint Dilemna! January 28, 2011

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Ever since the Phoenix Half Marathon, my hamstrings have been SUPER tight. I’ve been doing the ice, foam roller and stretching, but nothing seems to be working. I thought the yoga the other night would have helped (all those down dogs!) but they actually feel even tighter since the class. What gives?

This morning, I got up to go for a run (I told you I would!) but first, I stretched inside and then did lots of these outside too. I love this stretch. It goes straight down the back of your legs.

You let your foot hang off and press down as you lean forward.


The run started out pretty good, it felt really good to loosen up a little bit. My hamstrings were already feeling better. But then I started to get twinges in my shins… and then pain…. and then:


Oh. My. Gosh. DO I HAVE FREAKIN’ SHIN SPLINTS AGAIN? I am paranoid about those because EVERY single time I start training again, I get them. And they don’t go away easily. I’ve had to deal with them since my High School field hockey days. I last had them while training for Boston, and the only thing that cured them was resting for a solid month. Every block or so, I stopped to stretch out some more. (Sometimes shin splints can be caused by tight calf muscles).

Here’s what I think happened:

  • I ran the Phoenix Half without much training, which left me more sore than usual
  • After the race, my muscles tightened up (especially my hamstrings)
  • When I started running consistently after the race, my calves tightened up to alleviate my hamstrings a little bit.
  • I did a lot of sprints last week, and that always messes up my shins. How am I supposed to get faster and fitter if I can’t sprint?!

So then I got to thinking, no one really likes a whiny running blogger, so I have to nip this thing in the butt and figure out what’s really going on mechanically with my legs and find a long term solution.


It’s not brain science, I know what I need to do:

  • Ice every night
  • Stretch every morning and every night (even when I don’t feel tight)
  • Foam Roll the tight areas every night
  • Get a massage to flush out the knots (this worked really well before Boston)
  • Do more weight training/squats/lunges to strengthen my legs


Also, I know that Advil isn’t that healthy for runners, but I really feel like I need it. Thoughts?

PS. How funny is this? I saw this in someone’s yard today. So cute!

After a frustrating run, and finding motivation to garner a solution, I enjoyed some breakfast cookie oatmeal: Oats, Banana, Chocolate Protein Powder, Peanut Butter and Coconut.


Nothing like a blood sugar stabilizing breakfast. I buy the Trader Joes Chocolate Whey protein, and it seriously keeps me full for almost five hours!

There’s talk of a trip to Menchie’s today after lunch! Happy Friday!

Tomorrow is the big Celebrity Fitness Workout session with Kathy Kaehler! I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures!


And she’s back… September 29, 2010

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With only 18 days until the Nike Marathon…. what better time to start training than… um… TODAY! YAY!

I ran 3.4 miles outside this morning before work and it felt amazing.

It’s no surprise that I’ve been less than motivated to train for this race. I took some time off from running this summer and just never really felt like I wanted to start again. Marathon training is completely draining. I busted my butt to train for Boston and I think it took a lot out of me. Plus, I had the post marathon blues when I was done. I was so sad it was over!

I’ll take a less ambitious approach to this year’s Nike Marathon, no real goal in mind. Under 3 hours would be amazing, but it’s pretty unlikely because I don’t want to hurt myself either. This will be my 6th year running this race! I’m getting pretty excited for it.

So from now until then… I’ll try my best to be less lazy and little more excited about getting out the door and running. There’s no time like the present, right?


Half-Marathon Training Begins (again)! July 26, 2010

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I’ve now been training for endurance events for over six years! I still consider myself “new” to the sport of marathon (and half-marathon) running, even though I have 8 half-marathons and 3 full marathons under my belt!

But I’m still a rookie and I need a training plan to prepare for my events in the fall. Here is my long run schedule I will be following more or less until the winter.


It follows similar plans to those I’ve had in the past. As much as I love marathons… it’s so nice to not see any 15-mile or 18-mile days on there. 🙂

I got off on the right foot today (literally)! Irving and I walked 2 miles before work this morning and then I did a 3 mile hike after work.

LA has been having some unseasonably cool weather lately and it’s perfect for hiking!

So I did a total of 5 miles, and it felt great!


The hay is in the barn! April 11, 2010

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Our DFMC coaches told us that by now, “all the hay is in the barn”. Whatever training you have now is all you’re gonna get. There’s not much more we can do at this point except rest up, get excited, and run the best race of our lives next week.

This morning, I met my Los Angeles Racers at the Beach for a 6 mile fun run. It was glorious! We all had such a great time. The sky was cloudy and breezy, perfect for running (in my opinion!) 

I ❤ My running group. These guys rock!

Peter and Karen

Valerie, Me, Cory and Sharon
Autumn and Natalia
Valerie and I

Rhoda! How did you escape the pictures? You rock too!

We ran a great 6 miles. I didn’t wear my watch today, but it took us 1 hour, 11 minutes. We chatted the whole way, it was so nice!

After we were done, the group planned a fun little potluck breakfast!!! Mmmm!

There were breads, cookies, fruit, chips and drinks! I love these guys! They even had coffee!!
It was the perfect way to spend a Sunday Morning at the beach!

I especially loved that after our run, we spent a good half hour discussing our favorite children’s books. Seriously, who didn’t love “Matilda”, “Bridge to Teribithia” and “The Baby Sitter’s Club”? Ah, so much fun!


And then there were 10! April 3, 2010

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This morning I ran my last double-digit mile run! I had my new shoes, new socks, chocolate GUs, bottle of Ultima…. and I headed for the hills! We ran in Griffith Park today, which has some killer hills in it if you plan the route right. We did a flat 5 miles, followed by a hilly 2 miles, then a nice downhill 3 miles. 

I love running in the park because it’s a change of scenery (sorry, no pictures! I ran sans camera today!) But it stinks that you have to share the road with cyclists and cars. There isn’t much of a running path, and it’s quite dangerous in some places. Plus they’re doing construction on the road and it’s just crowded! But I do enjoy passing other runners and doing the runner’s “nod” and saying hi. Makes me smile. 

Today’s Stats:
10 Miles in 2:06:07

Mile 1 – 11:32
Mile 2 – 11:32
Mile 3 – 11:45
Mile 4 – 13:12
Mile 5 – 13:13
Mile 6 – 13:50
Mile 7 – 12:28  <—-UP HILL
Mile 8 – 12:16  <—-DOWN HILL
Mile 9 – 13:13  <—-DOWN HILL
Mile 10 -13:05

I am a little confused why my UP hill mile is faster than my DOWN hill miles. I feel like I’m a very inconsistent runner. Perhaps something to work on in the future. 

The run really felt great though. I’m still getting blisters in the same place every time I run though. (I’ll spare you the picture). I can’t figure out why. It could be that I buy my shoes in “wide” and maybe there’s too much room? My socks are too thin? Does anyone have any suggestions on running with blisters? They don’t hurt at all, but I don’t want them to pop during the race! I’m seriously considering taping them with athletic tape during the race, but what if it comes off and bunches up in my shoe? Any suggestions?

Oh my Gosh! I totally forgot to show you my new necklace that my friend Sarah gave me!!!!! Remember a while back I wrote about how cute these were? It has two charms on it. I adore it. I’ve been wearing it every day.  I’ll post a picture of me actually wearing it this week. 🙂
Thank you Sarah! 

You can find these at Lift Your Sole! They’re so cute!

Marathon weekend is 2 weeks away!!!!


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