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Laurie Takes Chicago March 28, 2011

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My little sister, Laurie, is in grad school and living in Chicago at the moment. My college days consisted of making movies and watching films, but she’s studying chemistry, pharmacy and biology (clearly I didn’t get the brains in my family).
CapeCod_Cathy 112
Funny how neither of us lives in Boston anymore! (Picture circa 2006)

This past weekend, one of her High School friends visited while she was on Spring Break, and they signed up for a Chicago City Running Tour.

They did the 5K option, but they offer all lengths (even up to a full marathon tour of the city!) It’s run by a crazy runner, Marlin, who has completed over 60 marathons (and one in every US state!) He leads runs throughout the city that combine a great cardio workout, with a sightseeing tour.

On the day they went, they were the only two participants. Bonus: Marllin takes photos of you throughout the whole run!

They also offer tours in other cities around the country (Boston, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, DC and Charlestown — No Los Angeles yet, but I hope they expand out here!)
031 023 

They hit some of the best spots in Chicago, makes me a little jealous, it’s such a great city. He gave them history about all the landmarks as they passed them.

Run, Laurie, Run! (Make a sister proud!)

The Sprint to the finish! LOVE this picture!

Not a bad way to spend a morning! I’ll have to remember this company when I’m in a new city. So cool!

If you’re interested, check out their website.

City Running Tours didn’t compensate me for this post, in fact, I’m pretty sure they have no idea I even wrote it. I’m just proud of my sister and really excited about such a cool concept.

Would you consider doing a running tour of a new city? Better than hitting the gym, right?


Guest Post: Snow Day on the East Coast January 25, 2011

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My whole family still lives on the East Coast. Since I’m running around in shorts and a t-shirt lately, it’s hard to imagine all the cold weather they are dealing with back there! All I can think of is all the snow I had to shovel over Christmas and how annoying it is to de-ice your car before work. I don’t miss that at all! But my sister, Mikaela, is guest-posting today to show us the FUN side of snow days. Her pictures are so good that it almost makes me miss New England. Enjoy!


Sunday, January 23, 2011, my boyfriend Chris and I decided over breakfast that we would go snowshoeing up & around a park in our area.  The weather was beautiful and the sun was shining.
We got all our gear on and we were off.  Chris has never been snowshoeing before and I’ve only gone once so it really was a little adventure for the both of us!!!

Once we got to the top of the hill, we decided to trail a heart shape! awwee! 🙂

There is a castle in the park that is just beautiful in the winter

Then Chris wanted to lay down and make snow angels…so that’s just what we did!

Chris wanted me to capture some of his totally awesome skills….

So i wanted to copy him…but it didn’t work out so well!

We ended our snowshoeing adventure at the swing set, we’re just so fun!

Thanks, Mikaela!! Give her some comment love!


(GUEST POST) 2010: A Golf Odyssey December 31, 2010

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Since the day Kelocity launched, Kelley has been asking me to provide a guest post.
This is my first.

There is nothing I love more than my wife.  Unfortunately, my work schedule last weekend kept us apart for the holiday.
With her braving the winter weather blast in Boston I took the opportunity to rendezvous with my other loves, travel and golf… not necessarily in that order.

But this wasn’t just a trip… it was an odyssey.
54 holes in 72 hours on some of the best courses in the West!

My mom didn’t want me to be alone for the holiday, so she tagged along.

Yellow & Black Golf Bag + Yellow & Black Travel Bag = 100% Intentional
Yellow & Black Golf Bag + Yellow & Black Travel Bag + Yellow & Black VW Beatle = 100% Luck… it was a rental car.
Golf Trip- Day 1 (2)

My first round was at Primm Valley Golf Club, just on the border of California and Nevada.
They have two courses, Desert and Lakes.  I played the Lakes course.

Warming up…
Golf Trip- Day 1 (4)

This was our view while we grabbed a bite to eat at the club house.  Stunning!
Golf Trip- Day 1 (7)

1st Tee.

Golf Trip- Day 1 (10)

Fantastic conditions on a fantastic course.

Golf Trip- Day 1 (12)

Golf Trip- Day 1 (16)

Golf Trip- Day 1 (18)

We stayed the first night in Las Vegas.

Day 2 (Christmas Day) was at Badlands Golf Course in Summerlin, just a few miles North West of the Las Vegas Strip.

Not only was the course amazing, so were the homes that looked down on it…
Golf Trip- Day 2 (8)

Golf Trip- Day 2 (11)

Golf Trip- Day 2 (20)

Stay focused Irving.  You are here to golf, not daydream.
Golf Trip- Day 2 (3)

Golf Trip- Day 2 (4)

Check out the view from the tee box.
It’s a long carry over the desert to hit the fairway, good thing I am focused.
Golf Trip- Day 2 (15)

After that shot, your travel down the path to find this…
The octagon building is a workout room.  Just past the workout room is a helicopter.
Golf Trip- Day 2 (16)

Wait, what?  A HELICOPTER?!?!
I thought about this for a while.  This guy has a helicopter parked in his backyard.
Truth is, if I had a home in Vegas on an amazing golf course… with a helicopter, I too would park it in the backyard.
I mean where else would you park it?  In the front yard?  That would be such an eyesore.

Golf Trip- Day 2 (18)

Oh no!  The temperature started to drop into the 60s, time to pull out the sweatshirt.
(I think this was they day that Kel called me to tell me she had to shovel snow twice.)
Golf Trip- Day 2 (29)

Golf Trip- Day 2 (34)

After the round we got in the car and drove to Mesquite, Nevada.

It’s about an hour North of Vegas just before you hit Arizona and Utah.

We stayed that night in Mesquite and woke up for an early round.
This was actually the course that I was most excited for.

Wolf Creek Golf Course in Mesquite is listed as one of the top 50 courses in the country.
Golf Trip- Day 3 (135)

It has been described as “the Disneyland of golf courses.”
And “the Pebble Beach of desert golf.”
I agree with both.

Just have a look at this place…
Golf Trip- Day 3 (97)

Golf Trip- Day 3 (127)

Golf Trip- Day 3 (74)

Golf Trip- Day 3 (2)

Time to warm up…
Golf Trip- Day 3 (20)

1st hole…

Golf Trip- Day 3 (22)

And here we go…
Golf Trip- Day 3 (23)

Here is the view from the back tee’s on the 2nd hole.

The fairway is over the ridge to the left side of this picture.
Look just right of center in this picture.  My mom is standing at the white tees, where I played from.

Golf Trip- Day 3 (5)

A closer look…

Golf Trip- Day 3 (33)

Here is the view from the white tees.

Golf Trip- Day 3 (30)

I’m going for it…
Golf Trip- Day 3 (6)

The conditions were perfect…

Golf Trip- Day 3 (40)

Golf Trip- Day 3 (15)

Golf Trip- Day 3 (27)

Golf Trip- Day 3 (58)

Golf Trip- Day 3 (104)

Here are two of the best Par 3 holes that I have ever played…

Golf Trip- Day 3 (53)

Golf Trip- Day 3 (69)

I have never seen views like this on a golf course…

Golf Trip- Day 3 (64)

Golf Trip- Day 3 (95)

Golf Trip- Day 3 (131)
Golf Trip- Day 3 (57)
Golf Trip- Day 3 (96)

Golf Trip- Day 3 (123)

This is about as close to other golfers that I got that day.
See them on the ridge?  That is a tee box!
Golf Trip- Day 3 (42)

What a way to end the year!
Have a very Happy New Year everyone.  See you in 2011!


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