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Pretty at the Tea Party February 19, 2014

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Saturday morning, Adele and I had a date for a ‘Mommy and Me Tea Party’! It was an event that was hosted by Club Momme. Their events have always looked really fun but because they are a bit pricey by playdate standards (this one came to $27.50), I was holding out til the right one popped up. This one sounded fun though, it included tea time with your toddler, a photo session, goodie bag, and use of the indoor playspace at Pamper & Play. I finally convinced myself it was worth it and bought a ticket a week in advance.  I had been looking forward to it all week long. You’ll see below that it didn’t quite live up to my expectations, but we had a good time nonetheless.

It was all the way over the hill, near Beverly Hills (my first clue that maybe this event wasn’t for me). I found street parking and then saw that Adele was fast asleep in her carseat! She hasn’t taken a morning nap in MONTHS! I unbuckled her and she continued to sleep on my shoulder during the two-block walk to the venue. And then slept on me for another half hour or so until I eventually had to wake her up! This was the first time EVER she’s slept on my lap without being in the ergo carrier! Even as an infant, she never did unless she was swaddled. This was a special moment for me! I cherished it with all my heart! I thought to myself the whole day was already worth it just for this!


Once Adele was up, it was our turn for the photo session. I think they got some great shots, but then later found out that the session was free… but the actual photos were not. The 4×6 prints START at $115. Um, no.

I was sitting next to a mom who was hastily brushing her daughter’s hair and I overheard her telling her, “You know, you just don’t look pretty enough to take pictures today”. The daughter didn’t seem bothered by it, but it really made me mad. I immediately squeezed Adele a little tighter and whispered into her ear, “You’re the most pretty little girl in the whole world, I love you”. I know there’s all kinds of discussion out there about how instead of telling our girls they are ‘pretty’ or ‘beautiful’, we should use words like ‘brave’, ‘smart’ and ‘strong’. But I would never not tell my girl she is ‘pretty’! Come on, moms! Let’s give these girls the confidence, self-esteem and self-worth they need to be successful in this world!
</end rant>

The ‘Tea Party’ was sort of a joke. They had one kind of hot tea and one kind of iced tea… served in little sample cups (i.e. a few sips and you’re done). They did have some really nice, but fragile tea cups that I would never in a million years trust Adele with. And for sandwiches, they only had two kinds (a turkey/cheese one and a strawberry/peanut butter one). No snacks, no kid options, nothing else! Not even chips or cookies! What kind of tea party is this? But they did have some pouches and snack bars in the goodie bag, so Adele enjoyed that.

We spent the rest of our time there playing with some blocks and toys. I think she had a good time. And then I won the first raffle prize which redeemed part of the day for me. I was really glad I went though. It was quiet the experience for the people watching alone.

Oh, one more story..right before I left, another mom stopped me to tell me she LOVED Adele’s dress and then asked me who designed it. BAHAHAHA I almost burst out laughing and then I realized she was serious. Turns out it actually was designer… but it was a hand-me-down from a very generous friend (I had no idea!). Guess I shouldn’t have let Adele get strawberries and peanut butter on it from lunch, huh? But she did look really cute (ahem– PRETTY) in it, don’t you think?

The moms over in that part of LA ain’t got nothing on my Valley Moms though. I’m so thankful for my amazing village of amazing mothers we’ve met over the past two years. Cheers to you, moms. Thank you for raising strong, confident children that I am honored Adele gets to be friends with. You know who you are. xo


My First Mother’s Day May 12, 2013

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My first mother’s day! What a special day for me. The first one I can celebrate with my daughter outside the womb. What an amazing year it has been.


Last year at this time, I was cradling my 9-month pregnant belly, dreaming of what it would be like to become a mother. Wondering if I’d be a mom to a son or a daughter. Hoping he/she would like me! I did everything I could to take care of my little baby while he/she was on the inside. Practicing those mom skills early.

And now, exactly a year later, I’m chasing an 11-month old baby girl around the house, amazed at how fast she is growing and learning. Adele is so easy to love. She makes my job a breeze.


Adele loves to babble ‘mama mama mama’ which makes me smile every time. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that someone loves and needs you so much. But more than being my baby, Adele is becoming my friend. She’s not even a year old yet, but I already see the roots of a lifetime-long friendship forming. I’m so excited to develop that bond over the years.

It’s so important that our kids (especially our girls) have positive role models in their lives. Self confidence is so important to the development of our children. I hope to foster that in my daughter. I hope she views me (and Irving) as people she can confide in and trust.

I’m excited that I can join the ranks of moms everywhere being celebrated this year. I am so fortunate to have so many wonderful strong mamas in my life to give me advice, encouragement and support. My mama-friends back home inspire me daily. And my LA-based mom group has become a force of nature (watch out, world!) Never underestimate the power of a mother. Happy Mother’s Day!



Happy Mother’s Day! May 13, 2012

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Mother’s Day has a whole new meaning for me this year. Even though our baby isn’t here yet, I already feel such a strong connection to him/her and I want to be the best mom I can be to my little one.

As I try to figure out this whole ‘mom thing’ myself, it makes me so thankful to have my own mother to lean on. It’s hard being so far away from my family, but it’s clear how strong that bond is, because nothing (not even long distance) can break it. Funny how much you still need your own mom even at 28 years old.

I sent her this card in the mail this week:

I thought it was so perfect. It must be so surreal to watch your own son/daughter become a parent themselves. This year, I have a whole new level of gratitude for my mom and I hope to be half as great a mom as she is. Love you, mom!!
Last Baby Shower (193)

And a very happy Mother’s Day to Irving’s mom too! So thankful for you and all your love as well.
Last Baby Shower (31)

And a very special Mother’s Day to each of our grandmothers, who will become great-grandmothers for the first time in a few weeks! So proud to have such strong women in our families. Love you very much!

(So much energy and spunk. I love it!)
Photo by Hinkley Photo

And to all my wonderful friends who are now mamas themselves too…. Happy Mother’s Day!! You inspire me every day!!!


(GUEST POST) 2010: A Golf Odyssey December 31, 2010

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Since the day Kelocity launched, Kelley has been asking me to provide a guest post.
This is my first.

There is nothing I love more than my wife.  Unfortunately, my work schedule last weekend kept us apart for the holiday.
With her braving the winter weather blast in Boston I took the opportunity to rendezvous with my other loves, travel and golf… not necessarily in that order.

But this wasn’t just a trip… it was an odyssey.
54 holes in 72 hours on some of the best courses in the West!

My mom didn’t want me to be alone for the holiday, so she tagged along.

Yellow & Black Golf Bag + Yellow & Black Travel Bag = 100% Intentional
Yellow & Black Golf Bag + Yellow & Black Travel Bag + Yellow & Black VW Beatle = 100% Luck… it was a rental car.
Golf Trip- Day 1 (2)

My first round was at Primm Valley Golf Club, just on the border of California and Nevada.
They have two courses, Desert and Lakes.  I played the Lakes course.

Warming up…
Golf Trip- Day 1 (4)

This was our view while we grabbed a bite to eat at the club house.  Stunning!
Golf Trip- Day 1 (7)

1st Tee.

Golf Trip- Day 1 (10)

Fantastic conditions on a fantastic course.

Golf Trip- Day 1 (12)

Golf Trip- Day 1 (16)

Golf Trip- Day 1 (18)

We stayed the first night in Las Vegas.

Day 2 (Christmas Day) was at Badlands Golf Course in Summerlin, just a few miles North West of the Las Vegas Strip.

Not only was the course amazing, so were the homes that looked down on it…
Golf Trip- Day 2 (8)

Golf Trip- Day 2 (11)

Golf Trip- Day 2 (20)

Stay focused Irving.  You are here to golf, not daydream.
Golf Trip- Day 2 (3)

Golf Trip- Day 2 (4)

Check out the view from the tee box.
It’s a long carry over the desert to hit the fairway, good thing I am focused.
Golf Trip- Day 2 (15)

After that shot, your travel down the path to find this…
The octagon building is a workout room.  Just past the workout room is a helicopter.
Golf Trip- Day 2 (16)

Wait, what?  A HELICOPTER?!?!
I thought about this for a while.  This guy has a helicopter parked in his backyard.
Truth is, if I had a home in Vegas on an amazing golf course… with a helicopter, I too would park it in the backyard.
I mean where else would you park it?  In the front yard?  That would be such an eyesore.

Golf Trip- Day 2 (18)

Oh no!  The temperature started to drop into the 60s, time to pull out the sweatshirt.
(I think this was they day that Kel called me to tell me she had to shovel snow twice.)
Golf Trip- Day 2 (29)

Golf Trip- Day 2 (34)

After the round we got in the car and drove to Mesquite, Nevada.

It’s about an hour North of Vegas just before you hit Arizona and Utah.

We stayed that night in Mesquite and woke up for an early round.
This was actually the course that I was most excited for.

Wolf Creek Golf Course in Mesquite is listed as one of the top 50 courses in the country.
Golf Trip- Day 3 (135)

It has been described as “the Disneyland of golf courses.”
And “the Pebble Beach of desert golf.”
I agree with both.

Just have a look at this place…
Golf Trip- Day 3 (97)

Golf Trip- Day 3 (127)

Golf Trip- Day 3 (74)

Golf Trip- Day 3 (2)

Time to warm up…
Golf Trip- Day 3 (20)

1st hole…

Golf Trip- Day 3 (22)

And here we go…
Golf Trip- Day 3 (23)

Here is the view from the back tee’s on the 2nd hole.

The fairway is over the ridge to the left side of this picture.
Look just right of center in this picture.  My mom is standing at the white tees, where I played from.

Golf Trip- Day 3 (5)

A closer look…

Golf Trip- Day 3 (33)

Here is the view from the white tees.

Golf Trip- Day 3 (30)

I’m going for it…
Golf Trip- Day 3 (6)

The conditions were perfect…

Golf Trip- Day 3 (40)

Golf Trip- Day 3 (15)

Golf Trip- Day 3 (27)

Golf Trip- Day 3 (58)

Golf Trip- Day 3 (104)

Here are two of the best Par 3 holes that I have ever played…

Golf Trip- Day 3 (53)

Golf Trip- Day 3 (69)

I have never seen views like this on a golf course…

Golf Trip- Day 3 (64)

Golf Trip- Day 3 (95)

Golf Trip- Day 3 (131)
Golf Trip- Day 3 (57)
Golf Trip- Day 3 (96)

Golf Trip- Day 3 (123)

This is about as close to other golfers that I got that day.
See them on the ridge?  That is a tee box!
Golf Trip- Day 3 (42)

What a way to end the year!
Have a very Happy New Year everyone.  See you in 2011!


Happy Mother’s Day May 8, 2010

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Happy Mother’s Day to my mom!

I dedicate this post to her!

My Mom, Cathy:

On my wedding day:

In Los Angeles:

In Hollywood:

In Santa Barbara:

In Tijuana:

In Cape Cod:

At WHDH-Boston:
In Boston:

In Boston:

In Manchester, NH (Cake tasting for the wedding!)
My mom on her wedding day in 1982 (it’s almost their anniversary!)

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!
(She’s gonna kill me for posting this. HAHA This was taken in Europe when she traveled abroad in 1981 I think!)

Angel #1 (me)!


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