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Zimmer Children’s Museum February 6, 2013

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Last weekend, I organized a play date at the Zimmer Children’s Museum in downtown LA. It was a blast and we had 8 babies and 15 adults come! The museum is so cute and I’m sure it’ll be even more fun once Adele is older and walking. But I would still highly recommend it for the little ones as well!


They have a whole area called “VIB” (Very Important Babies) and it was AWESOME!

The whole room is padded, making it the perfect environment to roll, tumble, crawl and play. All of the babies had a blast hanging out in there.

Plus they have baskets full of squishy blocks and toys that they can play with. I think all the kids were tuckered out by the end. So much fun!



Um, hi. She can stand? When did this happen? She can even stand without assistance for a couple of seconds now too!


The rest of the museum encourages imaginary play and other sensory learning areas. Irving and I were more excited than she was, it was awesome!





We put Adele in the ball pit. She was not a fan. And I’m pretty sure she’s traumatized for the rest of his life. “It’s ok, honey. Just smile for the camera, you’re fine”. Parents of the year. Yes.


My Little Pumpkin October 19, 2012

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Yep, more Fall Festival of Love posts. What can I say, I look forward to this day all year long.



Pumpkins are cool… but throw in some hay, and it’s the most fun ever!







Three cheers for Pumpkins!

This face kills me. Why is she so funny?

Whoo hoo! More Hay!

Next year, we’ll be chasing her all over that pumpkin patch!

Fall Festival of Love: 2012. You did not disaappoint.






Adele’s First Fall Festival of Love! October 17, 2012

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Irving and I started a tradition in 2005 where we visit a farm in LA each year and call it the “Fall Festival of Love”. It’s a fun excuse to get out of the city and experience a bit of ‘the country’ for a day. Last year when we went, we had just found out we were pregnant!

This is me recreating what my big belly looked like just four months ago!


I remember thinking how fun it would be ‘a year from now’ when our baby was here with us! Crazy what a difference a year can make!

Of course, the day we went, it was 90+ degrees out and it most definitely didn’t feel like fall (so annoying). But we made the most of it. It was an awesome day.

Stuff like this is so much fun as an adult, but to experience it with a baby too gives it a whole new meaning. I was SO excited to show Adele the pumpkins and look at the farm animals. I’m sure it will only be more fun the older she gets too.
We are so lucky to have such an easy-going baby. Despite the super hot weather, Adele was a champ and seemed happy no matter where we put her.

Can’t quite sit up yet. haha whoops!

She was fascinated by the pumpkins. She’s so curious about everything!

I love these shots of Adele with her daddy.

Hey, mom was here too!

I’m so excited to create memories for Adele. I know she won’t really remember these things we’re doing now since she’s too little, but I want to establish the tradition of doing fun family things.

Some of these cute photos are courtesy of Erica!

I can promise a few more Adele-In-The-Pumpkins posts. Too many cute pictures for just one entry. Stay tuned!





Introducing Adele to Cleopatra September 30, 2012

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On our maternity leave bucket list was visiting the California Science Center to see the Cleopatra Exhibit. Last week, we seized the opportunity and headed downtown.
Cleopatra Exhibit (1)

Cleopatra Exhibit (9)

Irving and I visited Egypt a couple of years ago, and have since been fascinated with the history. It’s crazy to think that these pieces traveled all the way to Los Angeles for us to see.
Cleopatra Exhibit (2)

There weren’t too many artifacts, but the ones they had were pretty significant. Most were found under the sea in Alexandria and they were preserved really well.
 Cleopatra Exhibit (4)

PS. I am so impressed with myself that these photos with no flash came out!
Cleopatra Exhibit (7)

I wonder if Adele will be intrigued by ancient Egypt like I was too. Don’t all little kids want to be archeologists?
Cleopatra Exhibit (5)

Cleopatra Exhibit (8)

We did our usual walk through the giftshop after, imagining what Adele might pick out someday.
Cleopatra Exhibit (10)

I love museums. We are so lucky to have so many close to us here.
Cleopatra Exhibit (11)


Crying in the Park September 22, 2012

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Last week, we enjoyed another beautiful day in the park with some of our new mama friends and their kids. Seven babies in all! It’s been so much fun meeting other new moms and introducing Adele to some new friends. It’s always a good time with lots of advice and stories swapping around.

Look at all the calm babies just quietly enjoying the nice summer breeze… oh wait…
Le Sigh.

Here is one of the few photos where Adele isn’t crying.

She’s lucky she’s cute.

Special thanks to Melissa for snapping some great shots of our family of three!

PS. how cute is this dress? My friends have good taste.
Thanks Linsay!


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