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1st Birthday Weekend Celebration June 11, 2013

Since our families don’t live close by, we decided to skip on the iconic ‘1st Birthday Party’ and celebrate just the three of us with a quiet weekend away instead. On Friday night, we headed to Rancho Mirage (oh, hey President Obama!) to stay at the Rancho Las Palmas hotel. The room was great, we kept the AC blasting to combat the 102* temps outside!



In typical Adele fashion, she settled into the big king bed nicely.


We traveled with our Pack N’ Play and set it up in the bathroom. She slept great, all night long, both nights we were there. We kind of missed her though and wished she was cuddling with us, but alas, baby needs her sleep.


After we were done exploring the room, we decided to brave the insane temperatures and venture out for a walk. We ate at a BBQ place across the street that was pretty fun. Adele dined on Jalapeño cornbread, sweet potatoes and parts of my hamburger.  I’m trying to remember if there was a vegetable in there somewhere…. [thinks for a second] oh yes, the corn in the cornbread. Does that count? Good times.

The next morning was a special day. Adele turned one. June 8th. When we heard her wake up, both Irving and I ran in to grab her and smother her with kisses and hugs. We sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to her twice. A special day indeed. We let her open up some presents! Her friend Sophie gave her the best gift ever. A book that lights up and sings. Mind blown.

And we wheeled out our gift from the closet…. check her out!

We got her the SmarTrike dream and she LOVES it! I mean, it has a cell phone, come on!
Cell phones are tasty!


Eventually, the trike converts (little by little) into a big wheel tricycle! I like quality toys that grow with the child. A+ so far (which is more than I can say about the piece-of-crap plastic shopping cart we tried to buy her at target… yea, that will be returned asap. You win some, you lose some).

Happy Birthday, Adele!

Part 2 of our trip coming soon!!



24 Hours in Vegas! May 25, 2011

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This past weekend, EJ (Irving’s Sister) and Sarah were in Vegas, and since we don’t seem them very often, we jumped at the chance to meet them there! Don’t have to twist my arm!

This time, we stayed at the Platinum Hotel. It’s relatively new, and just a little bit off the strip. We really like non-casino hotels because they are smoke free. It was 1,100 square feet! A whole suite!
Las Vegas May 2011 (70) Las Vegas May 2011 (75)

Las Vegas May 2011 (68) Las Vegas May 2011 (66)

But not much of a view…
Las Vegas May 2011 (72)

Just as soon as we arrived, we headed straight to the pool! EJ and Sarah were staying at the Encore (jealous!! We stayed there last year and it was aweeeesome!) It was really hot, but they had already staked out a nice spot in the shade. After lounging for a bit, we ordered a pitcher of sangria! I’m usually not a fan, but this one was really sweet and refreshing.
Las Vegas May 2011 (65)

Las Vegas May 2011 (63)

Las Vegas May 2011 (62)

Their room had amazing views. They had a room on a really high floor.

Las Vegas May 2011 (56)

Las Vegas May 2011 (55)

Las Vegas May 2011 (60)

Across the street was where the Frontier Hotel used to be. That was the first Vegas hotel I ever stayed in when I visited in 2001 with my family! Sad!
Las Vegas May 2011 (54)

There was a little of this… brilliant, no?
Las Vegas May 2011 (53)

And then we headed to New York, New York to watch the LA Galaxy vs. Chivas Soccer game.
Las Vegas May 2011 (41)

We had some money riding on the Galaxy!
Las Vegas May 2011 (47)

We watched it from the Sporting House restaurant near the sports book and it was fantastic! The setting was perfect! We had a private booth with our own TV.
Las Vegas May 2011 (52)

Las Vegas May 2011 (49)

We had a round of drinks, appetizers and entrees and it was all incredible. I’d eat there again for SURE!

Las Vegas May 2011 (46)

Then we headed to Zumanity. It’s the Cirque show in New York, New York.
IMG_4423Las Vegas May 2011 (43)

By the time we got out of the show, it was after midnight, and we were exhausted after getting up early, driving four hours, spending the day in the sun, eating, drinking, a soccer game AND a vegas show.

Stay tuned for Day 2!!


Dubai by Bus…twice! November 8, 2010

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Originally, this was 10-25-10.

For our first full day in Dubai, we opted for a hop-on/hop-off bus tour to show us around the city. We chose Big Bus Tours, which we highly recommend.


They took us to all the major sights and it was extremely organized and easy to use.


We were happy to be on the bus because it takes all the pressure out of finding your way to the tourist sights.
IMG_0411 - Copy

Everything is in English, but the Arabic was still a little overwhelming at first.

The first stop we got off at was the Dubai Museum.

It was really well done. It was a nice glimpse into how life in Dubai used to be.

From here, we joined a walking tour (included in our Big Bus Tour ticket price). It was a great way to explore the souks without getting lost.

This is the Grand Mosque. You can’t go inside unless you are Muslim, but it looked really pretty.

And right down the street is the Iranian Mosque. It was so pretty.

Walking through the old Souks, you could see what life was like in the desert prior to modern air conditioning. They used Wind Tunnels to capture the breeze and draw the cooler air inside.

Then we jumped on an Abra (a small boat) across the Dubai Creek.



On the other side, we walked the spice souk. So many amazing smells and herbs. I bought some Arabian Tea, it smelled delicious.

After that, we also walked through the Gold Souk and the Textile Souk.

Against the modern skyline of Dubai, you can still see the old way of life. Along the creek, they still import and export goods to India, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. On 100+ year old boats, they transport refrigerators, appliances, food, and other goods.

Apparently, this is the world’s highest flag pole!

This is the Jumeirah Mosque. It was gorgeous from the outside. This is the only Mosque that non-muslims can enter in Duabi, but we didn’t have the appropriate clothing to go inside. We’ll have to save that for next trip to Dubai. Smile

Then the tour took us along the gulf coast. You could see the water and it was really pretty.

Our next stop was the Madinat Jumeirah (a really nice beach-side resort).IMG_0515

Inside is a really nice souk, but the views outside were the highlight. It’s really close to the Burj Al Arab, which was perfect for some photos before the bus came by to pick us up again.
IMG_0509 - Copy



Then drove up the Palm Jumerirah to see the Atlantis Hotel. This is famous because the islands were created to look like a giant palm tree. Atlantis is on the crescent of the palm tree at the top. (More on Atlantis later!)

As the sun was setting, we had some fantastic views of the Arabian Gulf.

One thing we LOVED about Dubai was how large the skyline is. There are multiple ‘downtowns’ and each is divided into mini cities. This one is Media City.

Then we headed back to where we started the tour. Along the way, we got a good glimpse at the Burj Khalifa (the world’s tallest building). More on that later too!

Then we grabbed some Dunkin Donuts for an afternoon pick-me-up! (Can you believe they have Dunkin Donuts in Dubai and not in Los Angeles?!)

After this, we headed to our Big Bus Night Tour. This was different because the day tour is a pre-recorded audio guide, but the Night Tour has a real person giving commentary and sharing stories along the way.

It was a long day (there may or may not have been a half hour nap on the bus during the tour)….

ok… there most definitely WAS a nap on the bus (but don’t worry, I got Irving back good for taking this picture!)

We stayed in the CityMax Al Barsha hotel and we highly recommend it. It was really close to the Mall of the Emirates and Ski Dubai.

It was clean, convenient, reasonably priced, new and friendly.

It goes without saying that we legitimately passed out that night. The 11 hour time change from LA was catching up to us!

Stay tuned for day 3!


La La Luxury! September 6, 2010

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Welcome to Las Vegas!!



I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that the Encore is pretty much the nicest hotel that I’ve ever stayed in. We scored an AMAZING deal for Labor Day weekend. ($300 for three nights in an Encore suite INCLUDING two tickets to Le Reve!) Yes, Please! They were practically begging us to come!

Our Room!

 IMG_5683 IMG_5693 IMG_5686 


The Mini Bar!

IMG_5691  IMG_5692


This trip was pretty shopping heavy. Because of Labor Day, the outlets were having AMAZING sales! I got tons of shirts, dresses, shoes, jewelry and shorts! Irving got golf clothes and some other stuff. We were shopping machines this week!

The first night, we ate at “The Mac Shack”.

My kind of menu!


I got the traditional Mac & Cheese with Spinach and Peas mixed in. Mmmm!





As you leave the restaurant, they have free Tootsie Pops!!! MY FAVORITE!


Later, Irving ran into a friend from high school! As he put it, they “haven’t seen each other in the heavy half of a decade”. — since 1997!

After dinner, we met up with Erika and Timmy and headed over to Blush nightclub inside the Wynn.


We had VIP access! That’s how we roll!


IMG_5669 IMG_5668  

The lanterns were all handmade in China! And they coordinated with the music. So cool!



And ladies got free champagne all night!

It was a fun night!

Stay tuned tomorrow for more!


Anniversary Trip – Part 5 Stowe July 24, 2010

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One of the things that we DEFINITELY wanted to do in Vermont was visit the Ben & Jerry’s factory! IMG_4675

Can you see us in this picture? I asked Irving which one was the girl supposed to stand in, and then he told me that we were supposed to be “Ben and Jerry”. hahaha oh well.


MMMmm Look at all the flavors!


We were so excited to do the factory tour!

It was really a tour for kids, but it was fun.

And the best part??! SAMPLES!


The flavor of the day was an organic vanilla with chocolate chips!


As if that wasn’t enough icecream…. we decided to get some more at the scoop shop (when in Rome, right?)


I got three different flavors:

  1. Half Baked (Chocolate & Vanilla Ice Creams with Fudge Brownies & Gobs of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough)
  2. Triple Caramel Chunk (Caramel Ice Cream with a Swirl of Caramel & Fudge Covered Caramel Chunks)
  3. Coconut 7 Layer Bar (Coconut Ice Cream with Coconut & Fudge Flakes, Walnuts and Swirls of Graham Cracker & Butterscotch)


Oh man, SO GOOD!



This is where they steal all their ingredients!

That’s a lot of sugar!

Then we went to see the “Flavor Graveyard” where some of the dead flavors go when they are discontinued.



They all had cute little sayings on them.



With bellies full of ice cream glory, we arrived at our hotel in Stowe. We stayed at the Green Mountain Inn. It was a perfect location, right in downtown Stowe.


It was a quaint little room.

With a walk-in closet!

We headed to the bar and got some beers

And played a few rounds of Trivial Pursuit

Then we ventured out to find some dinner. The town is really walker friendly.

And Pretty!

We ate dinner at Pie in the Sky.

I got an amazing eggplant pasta dish.


Look at that cheese!

We loved the walking trails all around

And the art along the way:

I wish we had this in Los Angeles!

It was really hot though. We were a sticky mess!


It was so cute there!

I forced Irving to take this picture. Bahaha!

The next morning, we headed to the “Green Mountain Coffee Cafe”.


It was in an old train depot.

Mmm Coffee!

We got some coffee, straight from the source.



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