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Health Magazine’s Girls Night Out May 6, 2011

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Every year, Health Magazine hosts a ‘Girls Night Out’. It is an event featuring massages, cocktails and products just for women. The night ends with an advanced screening of the newest chick flick coming to theaters. This was my EIGHTH time attending Girls Night Out (wow, have I really been out in LA that long?) and every time it’s been an awesome night.

When I got there, it really wasn’t very crowded. I looked for some of my friends, but since it starts so early, many of them couldn’t make it.

Girls Night Out became Girl Night Out. It’s much more fun with friends, but I made the best of it.

I jumped right into the massage line and didn’t have to wait at all. It was only ten minutes, but it felt so good! That’s definitely my favorite part!

Then I hopped around to the sponsors and scored a few products. Seattle’s Best Coffee had sample packs of all their blends. We’re running out of K-Cups at home, so I’m really excited about this!


I also got some Vitamins and a Pedometer from Vitafusion. And a gym towel from Asics.

I really like Asics and was hoping to win the giftcard for some new shoes, but it wasn’t my lucky night.

They had an open bar with a signature cocktail, but I grabbed a Sparkling Water instead.

I waited and waited and waited for some food (they had free appetizers, but you had to order them, and apparently they only had one cook back there? I finally gave up after a half hour or so and decided I didn’t really need potato skins anyways.

But I did use my voucher for free popcorn and drink. Popcorn counts as dinner, right?

The movie was Something Borrowed, which I LOVED!

It was funny and cute and entertaining. Very well cast and the story is excellent. It didn’t feel like your typical chick flick. It was REALLY good and I highly recommend it.

Ginnifer Goodwin carries the movie. She’s an amazing actress. I loved her in Big Love but this is just such a great role for her.

And Colin Egglesfield —well, let’s just say he’s easy on the eyes.
Colin_Egglesfield_1279959261 [source]

If anyone wants to see it, I’d definitely go again!


My Run… The Movie March 31, 2011

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A few weeks back, we got tickets to see the movie ‘My Run’, which is a documentary about a middle-aged man who ran 75 marathons in 75 days in a quest to raise awareness for Single Parenthood. I can’t even imagine running two marathons in a row, let alone 75?! It sounded like a compelling story, so we were excited to go.

The movie was put on by Fathom Events, which usually does a great job picking really good stories and telling them on the big screen. We’ve been to almost all of their events in the past few months. But I have to say, “My Run” didn’t hit the mark. At all.

Terry Hitchcock sounds like a great man with a great story in real life. He’s got a really big heart that I admire…. but the movie did a really bad job of portraying it. I went to film school and I work in the industry, so to me, it doesn’t matter how great the story is… if you can’t tell it properly, you’re going to lose me.

Terry’s run (the 75 marathons in 75 days) actually took place in 1996, the year the Olympics were in Atlanta. So the footage was pretty bad. And the 80s music and cheesy edit transitions really dated this film.

It had a lot of potential, and I actually think it would make a good book, but they did a bad job convincing me I should care about the story. I’m just being honest.

Anyways, the night was redeemed when I saw this movie poster in the mall.IMG_5010

I can’t wait to watch this week’s episode on my tivo!

Here I come Amy and Ricky!


How is it already Thursday? February 10, 2011

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The older I get, the faster these weeks go. How is it already Thursday? It’s been a pretty good week so far. When I look at my calendar, I think I have something planned almost every day for the next two months. So I should probably enjoy these empty nights while I can.

Last night, we got invited to a screening of The Social Network. I know it’s already out on DVD, I’m really behind on films this year. It was great to see it on the big screen.
After the movie, the film editors and music guys came to talk about it. The original music was composed by Trent Reznor, of Nine Inch Nails. I always viewed him as a rockstar and partier, but now I realize just how talented and business savvy he is. It was neat to hear his story about making the transition into Hollywood. That music score was GOOD!


In other news, I’m going to a wedding next week and I need to find a dress! I’m hitting up Macy’s and the Mall today. Wish me luck!


Downtown Independent: A Tribute to Leslie Nielsen January 10, 2011

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Saturday night, Irving and I ventured downtown for a pretty unique event:

It was a Leslie Nielsen Tribute night at the Downtown Independent.
They were playing ‘The Naked Gun’ and ‘Airplane’ back to back.

Sounded fun, so we made a night of it.


We’re probably in the minority, but we love public transportation. We took the metro downtown and had fun taking pictures while we were at it.

We are so fortunate to have so many gorgeous buildings in our city. I highly recommend people go visit at night and observe them like tourists.


We always travel to the other side of the world and snap pictures of the sights, but how often do we do it right in our own backyard?




If you’ve never been to the Downtown Independent, you really should check it out. They have fun events all year long.

It’s become one of our favorite best kept secrets in LA.
Hi, Irving!

They even have love seats in the theater where two people can sit next to each other and cozy up. Romantic, no?

Sorry for the dark photo. I was too embarrassed to put the flash on.

The double feature was also a ‘Drink A-Long’ and the first beer was on the house!

They make it fun with clues during the movie where you’re supposed to ‘drink’.

-Everytime they say Roger in ‘Airplane’
-Everytime someone says But that’s not important right now in Airplane
-Everytime OJ Simpson is on screen in ‘Naked Gun’

And a bunch of others I can’t remember at the moment.

We’re going to make it a point to visit Downtown more often because there really are some great underground scenes happening there now. Lots of film, comedy and theater to check out.


Date Night: Warren Miller December 11, 2010

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Last night, Irving and I had Friday night Date Night in Glendale. We started off with dinner at one of our favorite restaurants: Franks Famous Kitchen. If you haven’t been there, you have to check it out, it’s pretty awesome.

They had it decorated for Christmas and it was so cute!

IMG_2417 IMG_2418

Then we headed over to the Alex Theater to catch Warren Miller’s latest ski sensation: Wintervention!

It’s a two hour movie showcasing some of the best ski footage from the previous season. They traveled to Antartica, Norway, The Alps, Alaska, Colorado and Canada this year. It’s always entertaining and totally gives me the bug for a ski weekend.


We also scored this free Vail tank top. Pretty sweet, no? lol


And today? A full day of Christmas shopping. YAYYY!!!


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