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Our 2009 Christmas Tree! December 12, 2009

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For the past couple of years, we’ve been going to Home Depot to get our tree. They usually have pretty nice ones for a good deal, so that’s what we did this year too! I think this is actually the first year that the tree had a nice shape. Usually they’re a little crooked or dead on one side, but this little fella was perfect! 

We wanted to let it open up and settle a little bit before we decorated it, so we let it sit overnight. But I got impatient for Christmas Cheer, so I plugged the lights in anyways while we watched TV. haha

The next day, while we decorated the tree, I found a Yule Log “show” on demand. haha It’s basically a fake fireplace that crackles and christmas carols play in the background! I thought it was funny because we had our real fireplace going under the TV. 

The Lights went up first. It’s pretty even without ornaments!

Perfect Christmas Tree Shape!

We collect ornaments from all of our big trips. Irving put up the newest ornament first! This one was from Stockholm! (Sadly we didn’t get one in Russia, but we got it on our Russia tour, so that counts, right?)

And I put up our new one from Iceland! Isn’t this so cute? It’s made of Icelandic wool!

Here’s a few other ornaments we like!

My mom made this one! It’s made out of a light bulb!!!

The sign says “Dear Santa, I really Did Try…” hahaha that was a joke from the year our whole tree fell over. haha

I present to you… the 2009 Family Christmas Tree! All it needs now is Presents!

Then we decorated some other parts of our condo…

We filled up a glass vase with extra christmas ornaments!

And we hung our stockings with care…

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!! 


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