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A Hollywood Christmas December 8, 2013

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Even though we have to resort to fake snow to feel like it’s winter, Hollywood sure knows how to celebrate the season!

I took Adele up to Universal CityWalk this weekend to see the giant tree and meet the big man in Red!


(Let me back up a sec to let you know this is our SECOND time up here this week. We tried to see Santa a few days prior, but somebody (ahem, me!) forgot to put the chip in the camera! Oy. We enjoyed that night anyways by being there in time to see the nightly snowfall there! That was cool.)

Anyways, fast forward to today. In the morning, we did a Gymboree class that was really fun and awesome. Adele had a blast and then promptly passed out in the car when it was over. She slept for THREE hours in her carseat. Long enough for me to trek across town, go to the mall (to shop for gifts AND try on clothes myself!), go home, drive to Universal, park, get Starbucks, walk around and STILL wait around for her to wake up for another 20 minutes or so!

IMG_2665 IMG_2698

When Adele woke up, I changed her into a red dress (which was actually EJ’s (Irving’s sister) when she was little!


Adele woke up all happy and was calling the tree ornaments ‘apples’. She was in a great mood, so I stepped in line and introduced her to Santa. She was not impressed. I sat her on his lap… and thus resulted in this:

Best Santa photo ever. Of course I felt bad for her, but I was also super excited that my child now joins the ranks of millions who have had traumatizing Santa experiences. It’s a right of passage, right? That photo was worth every penny of the $23 they charged me. (By the way, it was FREE the other night we were there… except somebody forgot the camera chip, remember?) But it was worth it for the above photo, am I right?!

As soon as I swooped in to save her from Santa, she was back in good spirits again. And HUNGRY!




We wandered around Citywalk a little longer (taking all of the photos you see in this post).




Back at home, I snapped a few more, because I couldn’t resist how adorable she looked today.



Side note: In the photo below, Adele was looking at the swaying chandelier that I hit with my head while standing on a chair taking this picture. HAHA

And because everyone loves comparison photo, here’s last year’s too!
santa santa

Happy Holidays, everyone!


Santa Came!!!! December 18, 2010

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Today was a beautiful rainy day in Los Angeles. It rained all day long and we loved every minute of it. We spent the morning sleeping in, reading, cleaning up and listening to Christmas Music. It was perfect. Then we skyped with my parents for a while to say hi.

We sipped on some morning coffee and admired the presents under the tree.

IMG_2471  IMG_2473

Then we both looked at each other and decided this lazy rainy day was the perfect time to open all of our presents to each other!!! We won’t be together on Christmas Day this year, so it was special to be able to open our gifts together.

And so we did!! First up was our stockings!


Lots of goodies inside!

Irving loved his FIFA 2011 Soccer download!!!



And what better for a rainy day? SWEET!!! New Wiper Blades!!
(Haven’t changed them in six years, it’s about time, right?!)

Irving’s Stocking treasures!

And mine!! (He knows me well!)

Then it was time for the big presents!

One of the first gifts was this laptop pad! It’s AWESOME!

Perfect for Blogging!!!! And it has SPEAKERS!

A few years back we started a tradition of making our gift giving fun and exciting. We pick cards around Thanksgiving that each have an adjective on it (ie: Something Green, Batteries Not Included, For a Roadtrip, etc). We picked our cards back in November this time. We keep them a secret until we open up the presents, and it makes it more fun!

First up…BEGINS WITH AN R…I got a Foam Roller!!!!!!
(This is an amazing invention for anyone with tight muscles!)
IMG_2487 IMG_2488


Irving was excited to open this one! SOMETHING WOODEN!

A BBQ brush for the grill!!


I also got Irving…

NOISE (A new alarm clock for the bedroom)!

CHORE or TASK (Running Clothes… what? Running is a chore sometimes!)

SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED (Golf Club covers for traveling)

NOT ENOUGH (Because Irving will eat this entire box of Shortbread Cookies on his own and declare that was still NOT ENOUGH!)

And I was the very lucky recipient of these gifts!!


At first I was very confused by this. Was Pass the Pigs invented in 1983? Did people play the game in the 80s or something? No. It’s even BETTER than that! 1983 was the Year of the PIG!!!! Brilliant! Just brilliant!!!!

HUH? There’s a lot of ways this one can be interpreted!  The backstory is that I put “Blog Business Cards” on my Christmas List. So he gave me this!

HAHAHAHA And in order to get the note out, I had to solve this puzzle maze! and then it unlocked.


hahaha It was hard!!

But I’m pretty excited about the business cards… because my next one was REGIONAL


My husband booked a hotel and bought my registration for BlogHer 11, which is in San Diego this year!!! This is a huge conference for bloggers and I’m SO excited to be a part of it!!! I hope to learn a lot and meet lots of other bloggers there! I’m SOOO excited!!!!!


The carnage!

It was a very Merry Los Angeles Christmas today!! Thank you babe! ❤


Our 2009 Christmas Tree! December 12, 2009

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For the past couple of years, we’ve been going to Home Depot to get our tree. They usually have pretty nice ones for a good deal, so that’s what we did this year too! I think this is actually the first year that the tree had a nice shape. Usually they’re a little crooked or dead on one side, but this little fella was perfect! 

We wanted to let it open up and settle a little bit before we decorated it, so we let it sit overnight. But I got impatient for Christmas Cheer, so I plugged the lights in anyways while we watched TV. haha

The next day, while we decorated the tree, I found a Yule Log “show” on demand. haha It’s basically a fake fireplace that crackles and christmas carols play in the background! I thought it was funny because we had our real fireplace going under the TV. 

The Lights went up first. It’s pretty even without ornaments!

Perfect Christmas Tree Shape!

We collect ornaments from all of our big trips. Irving put up the newest ornament first! This one was from Stockholm! (Sadly we didn’t get one in Russia, but we got it on our Russia tour, so that counts, right?)

And I put up our new one from Iceland! Isn’t this so cute? It’s made of Icelandic wool!

Here’s a few other ornaments we like!

My mom made this one! It’s made out of a light bulb!!!

The sign says “Dear Santa, I really Did Try…” hahaha that was a joke from the year our whole tree fell over. haha

I present to you… the 2009 Family Christmas Tree! All it needs now is Presents!

Then we decorated some other parts of our condo…

We filled up a glass vase with extra christmas ornaments!

And we hung our stockings with care…

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!! 


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