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Trouble in Europe February 13, 2003

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Well, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day… and I’m going to be in Paris… How Romantic!

Anyways, I wanted to update everyone on the situation in Europe. Everyone knows that tomorrow is the day the European countries decide whether or not they will support the UN on the war against Iraq. Here is the deal. The decision wont be made until tomorrow afternoon… we will already be in Paris… If France decides to support the UN, then it becomes one of Iraq’s targets, in theory. If this is the case… then our academic program in Paris is gonna have to change a bit… we will have to split up, the State Department advised Americans abroad not to travel in big groups. Then, on a minute’s notice, we were told we will have to spread out around the city, and not go into any American places, such as McDonalds, Hard Rock Café, etc. We are not to wear anything with the American flag on it, or anything that screams American… we have to keep a low profile, and not draw attention to ourselves. I think this is worst case scenario, and we really shouldn’t be too concerned… its just precaution. Right now, we are pretty safe still… The eastern countries are more at risk than I am here. One thing they did point out was that England was probably not a good choice. Since it is in such support of the US, it becomes a bigger target than France.

This is like a first hand learning experience about politics… I have no clue. We were told to watch the news and check email twice a day when we are traveling.

BUT…on a good note, I’m doing well, the weather has been very warm… high 40s maybe. I am going to Spain after Paris, and its high 50s there. That should be very nice.

My classes are getting harder… midterms are coming up fast… I have so much work to do… that I should be doing right now, but that’s ok. I am knitting another scarf, this one is royal purple, and its fuzzy and sooo warm… You are all gonna be so proud of me! Irving sent me a wonderful big fluffy pillow, so now I am sleeping better…. no more stiff necks, so that’s a plus. I sleep so well now… mmmm

Well, that’s it… I wont be here to update the journal again until Feb.23 rd. I have other things to do, like go to Paris. hee hee….


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