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Hour by Hour June 19, 2011

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Yesterday was very productive. A mix of friends, working out, relaxing and getting stuff DONE!

7a – Wake Up and Breakfast

8a – Read Twilight for two hours while Irving fixes my computer!

I know, I know, I’m really late to the Twilight game, but I’m OBSESSED now! It’s SO good!

10a – Walk to Trader Joe’s for some much needed groceries.

11a – Worked on my Travel Scrapbook! Got pages done for Helsinki, Stockholm, Tallin, Egypt and Dubai! I’ll definitely share them when they’re ready!

1p – Lunch (Salad, Trail Mix and Pickles)! I love Random meals. Delicious! Trader Joes has a new Peanut Butter Cup Trail Mix and it’s pretty stellar!

2p – Workout with the Your Shape Evolved game on the XBOX! Don’t be fooled. It’s a video game, but it kicked our butts!  We’re both feeling it today! My quads, hamstrings and calves are on FIRE!

Irving did a long workout too, and I came out to the living room to see him doing Tai Chi. What? I never thought I’d see the day. My husband doing Zen Yoga. Really? If this is what the XBOX is all about, I would have got it years ago! hee hee.

4p – Cleaned up, prepped dinner, continued Scrapbooking.

6p – Janet came over for dinner! We made a Dream Dinner’s Meal:  Steak and Potato Kabobs on the grill. With asparagus and bread on the side. I’m not a huge steak fan, but I really loved these. I’m sad we don’t have more in the freezer!

8p – Irving went to Lowe’s to get man things, and Janet and I went to Michaels to pick up more important things like scrapbooks and craft supplies. I have all these nice travel pages, but no book to put them in. But I fixed that. So excited!

10p – Watched the pilot of Californication. We got through Weeds, Big Love and Entourage on Netflix, and now we’re starting this one. Is it any good?

10:30p – Lights out!


Happy Father’s Day to my Dad and my Papa!! Love you!!


The craziness we call life… June 26, 2010

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This was one of the weirdest weeks of my life. Between everything going with work and in general, Irving and I didn’t see each other from Monday night til Friday morning! We just kept missing each other. We just laughed at how our lives just got a little crazy, but it was fun.

Monday night, we tried to go to the LA Film Festival, but it was so disorganized and crazy that we didn’t end up seeing the movie. Oh well.

We did take some fun pictures at the festival though!



LA Live was crazy this week. Lots of stuff going on… including the Twilight premiere. There were fans that camped out for 6 days in the courtyard to see the red carpet.


I don’t really think there is anything I like so much that I’d camp out for 6 days to see… but good for them. haha


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