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On Your First… June 7, 2013

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Dear Adele, One year ago today, we got the news that you were on your way into the world. I was induced on June 7, 2012. It took twenty-one hours from entering the hospital until the moment you were born. Tomorrow at 9:49am, you will be turning one.

I honestly can not believe it has been a year. Those first few weeks seemed like a black hole we would never climb out of. On one particular day in the beginning, I remember a friend telling me everything gets better when the baby is 6-weeks. I remember doing the math and saying out loud: “That’s forty-two days away!” And I didn’t think I would make it.

It’s true what they say, the days are long but the years are short. Looking back, I realize we not only survived the first year, but we conquered it. And what an incredible year it has been.

We’re long past the witching hours, the endless rocking, the swaddling, breastfeeding, 4am wake ups, the spit ups, burping, playmats, bouncy seats, MamaRoo swings, white noise and purees. One year later, we’ve graduated to an almost-walking curious toddler who loves pasta, cheese, yogurt, bananas, vegetables, soup and more. She puts herself to sleep, only takes one short nap a day, and is starting to talk to us all day long. She has friends, opinions, preferences and a personality. She has a giggle and a smile that can light up a room. She went from a newborn to a person.

I am SAD my baby is growing up.
I am PROUD of what she’s already accomplished in 12 short months.
I am IMPRESSED at how much she’s capable of already.
I am TERRIFIED of what the toddler years will bring me.
I am EXCITED to learn right along side her.
I am  IN LOVE with this little girl and so thankful she is mine.

Adele, I hope you keep learning, exploring and pushing your boundaries. I hope you continue to seek out the things that make you happy (whether it be a favorite toy, or opening and closing the kitchen drawers over and over again.) I hope you know you can always rely on daddy and me for help and assistance, but I hope you develop the independence you desire to figure things out on your own.

I look forward to another fantastic year with you. A year that will bring you more travel, sesame street for the first time, play-doh, walking, running, trick-or-treating, swimming, tea parties, dress up and jungle gyms. A year of using a fork and spoon, coloring, talking in fragmented sentences, riding a tricycle and dancing.

Although I am sad I no longer have a newborn or an infant, I take solace in the wisdom of my friends who tell me ‘it only gets better and better’. Bring it on, year two! We are ready!

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  1. Anita Says:

    Congratulations! you and our husband raise her well. So happy for you guys! 🙂

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