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Salzburg, Austria April 7, 2003

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Tuesday, I went to Salzburg, Austria. I went for the sole purpose of going on the Sound of Music tour. The movie was filmed there and the actually family lived there. It snowed during most of my time there. I toured the town the first day with a girl I met in my hostel. I went there alone, so I had like, no one to talk to. I climbed some hills, took some pictures, saw some castles… and chilled.

austrian alps

One night, at 1am, a group of us watched the movie in the hostel. It ended at 4am. It was fun though. I had all the songs stuck in my head. Then, the next day, I did the tour. It was 4 hours long, and I saw all the places the movie was filmed, even the Gazebo that “16 going on 17” was shot in. Everything I saw was awesome. I loved it. Then, after the tour, it was cold, and I was lonely and homesick, I called Irving crying, for some comfort, and the phone card ran out. It was tragic. Bad day in Austria.


top of salzburg

Salzburg is where "The Sound of Music" was filmed. The actual story also took place here!

sound of music lake
The Back of the "Von Trapp" house in the movie. And the lake where the boat flips over in the beginning of the film.

The Abbey!

gazeebo from movie
The Actual Gazeebo in the movie. Where they sing "16 Going on 17"!

lane where julie andrews dances on
Road where the Von Trapp kids were "hanging from trees"!

maria got married in this church
In the Movie, this is the church where Maria and the captain get married. This is not really in Salzburg, but in the movie its supposed to be.

The fountain where the children danced:
fountain from som

The hill where they escaped to in real life:
hill where they escaped to in real life 

A girl that I met in my hostel who did the tour with me!
Me and a girl i met in salzburg 


The church that they “got married in”
sound of music church 

On the Sound of Music Tour:
sound of music tour 

I love Austria!
sound of music

For More information, Check this site out!


Munich April 6, 2003

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Well, I haven’t written in a while… Whats new? A lot I guess. I’m very homesick, and I’m Sooooo ready to come home now. I think I’ve felt this way since the middle of March. The weather has been unexpectedly amazing. It has been so warm and so sunny all the time. Its great. I’m working on my tan! Ok… so I’ll fill you all in on basically what I have been up to.

Last weekend, I was in Munich. My whole group (79 of us) took a train, overnight. We got there Friday morning, and we went to some palaces, some main squares, some museums. It was all nice and stuff.


Saturday, we went to some museums, I saw some older museums, and then a really great modern art museum. Modern art is my new favorite thing ever. I love it, I spent all day in there! Saturday night was the best night EVER!

First, all of us (yes, 79 of us) went to the Beer Hall. It’s a bar that holds 1,500 people, just on the first floor. Its awesome. We all drank and had fun. Yea Yea Yea… then….Melissa and I went to an awesome techno dance club in downtown Munich. We stayed till almost 3am, although I could have stayed much longer. It was awesome. We met some guys from Switzerland, we couldn’t figure out if they were either very European, or very gay… either way, whatever. We had a great time.

Sunday, we went to Dachau. It is the first concentration camp that Nazi Germany used during WWII. It was a strange experience. I felt like I should be moved by it, but I actually felt numb to it. I felt like something so terrible could never happen and I tried to convince myself that it was all fake. Its just too terrible to imagine, I guess. But I was glad I had the opportunity to see it because it’s such a big part of Europe’s history.

Dachau, Germany (Nazi Concentration Camp)

On a side note, the best part was when Chester Lee, our Chinese program leader, told us all on the bus there that “You must bring food to Dachau. If you do not bring food to the concentration camp, you will starve!” Ironic huh?

Monday, I went to Fussen, a town in southern Bavaria, 2 hours from Munich. I went with Dara and her boyfriend, Will. In Fussen is the castle that the Disney Castle is modeled after. It is way up on a mountain, and we took a horse and buggy up the hill. It was cute. The horse farted so loud the whole way up, I thought I was going to die! Lol jk. It was a beautiful castle, but for what we paid to get there and go in, it kinda wasn’t it worth it.

Bavaria, Germany (This castle is the one that the Disneyland Castle is modeled after!).


Bella Italia!! March 31, 2003

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Ok, Ok, so every weekend I say that it was “the best weekend of my life”… but the truth is, I’m having such a great time, it’s the truth. Every weekend I say, “It cant get any better than this” and it does, every time! This was my last travel weekend on my own without the whole castle group. I went to Milan and Turin in Italy. I took the train alone, 15 hours to Milan on Friday. I walked around the center of town, went shopping, visited some churches, went to the Palace…. ATE GELATO!!!! (I took a picture of me eating it too, to show Katie, Steph and Courtney!!!) It was so nice out, I walked around without a coat.

Milan, Italy

Gelato in the city!

At 7pm, I went to Turin and met Giovanni (we all remember him from Senior year of high school, right?!?!) He was waiting for me on the platform. We drove to his house, and I got to meet his family. His brother is 17 years old, Alberto. I met his parents too, they are both soooo nice. His mother is the only one in the family who does not speak any English, and the boys thought it was so funny to make fun of her by saying, “Pass the bread, jerk” and she doesn’t know what they are saying, it was so sad! At 8:30pm, we had dinner, his mother cooked awesome pasta with bacon and ham in it. It was great… then she came out with veal Parmesan (real stuff, not the Americanized frozen patties junk!) and peas, and salad, and meat, and bread. I was like “How do you all stay so thin here when you eat like this!” It was so good. Then we had apple pie for desert. Definitely real Italian cooking.

After dinner, we went over his friends house, where I met 7 or 8 of his friends. They were all so funny, most of them didn’t speak much English, but Giovy would talk in English and make them reply in English so that I would understand. They really are “more American than the Americans” because they wear clothes with American logos on it, listen to American music, and follow American pop culture. We all had so much fun. I met Martina, Giovanni’s closest girl friend. We ended up hanging out with her the most over the weekend.

On Saturday, Giovanni and Martina gave me a tour of Turin, I saw the Royal Palace and the famous tower of Turino.

Torino Main Square

National Cinema Museum
The highest Building in Torino!

The view from the Tower!

Inside of the tower was a film and video museum, it was awesome—I love this stuff! We met up with Alberto and got lunch in the city. We shopped for a bit and headed up the mountains. It seems everyone in Turino has a house in the Alps. We spent the night up there. It was an awesome two-story cabin place in the mountains. We met up with some of his friends from Milano and went to a Karaoke bar.

Skiing in the Italian Alps (This is the mountain that the 2006 Olympics will be skied on!)

On Sunday, we went skiing in the Alps in Sestriere. I used Giovy’s mothers ski equipment, so I didn’t have to rent anything. I had such a great time, but I spent the majority of the time sliding down the mountain on my butt. I have HUGE black and blue bruises to prove it! It was wayyy to steep and wayyy too icy, and I suck at life, and I can’t ski. But hey, how many people can say the skied the Alps!!!

Then, we packed up, and I traveled back to the castle —it took me 18 hours…. Way too long to be on trains and busses. I’m so tired! Then I get back, only to find out I have two papers due tomorrow, and tons of reading! Cool! Next weekend is Munich!



Czech your Bags in Prague! March 24, 2003

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Well, I know I haven’t written in a long time… its been crazy. I have been so busy…. With all these travels and such, there isn’t time for a computer lab! Just kidding… Ok, here is the deal….last weekend (more like 2 weekends ago) I went to Prague. It was amazing. We saw where the Czech Revolution took place in 1989 when they broke apart from Czechoslovakia. I went shopping and bought myself some nice Crystal wine glasses that I can have forever, they are soooo nice. Everything in Prague is like half price of anything else in Europe, so we had a great time. We stayed in a really nice bed and breakfast place for 9 euro a night. It was great. We saw the Charles Bridge and Castle hill. Dara and I went to an opera, it was Cosi Fan Tutte. It was really good, it was in Italian.

Prague, Czech Republic

Me, in front of a fountain in Old Town.

Old Town meets New Town!

He’s Totally Smiling!

Prague Opera House!

What a Beautiful City!

coo coo clock
The famous clock in the old square

famous street in prague

The famous street (I think where people partied in the street after becoming free?

ICE Train
On the ICE train! (those are the BEST trains in Europe)

kelley in museum natural history
At the Museum of Natural History

prague cathedral

In one of the cathedrals.

prague from charles bridge

Charles Bridge




View from the Museum of Natural History


river and charles bridge

Charles Bridge


French Riviera March 20, 2003

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This past weekend I was in Heaven. No literally, it was heaven. Whitney and I went to the French Riviera. We visited Nice, Monaco and Cannes. Of all of them, Monaco was definitely my favorite. It was amazing.

We got up at 5am and learned that we bombed Iraq… perfect timing as we head into France. We grabbed a bus to Venlo and a train to Paris… I’m so tired.

In Paris, we take the metro, change stations and grab a 12 hour train to Nice. We get there at night and find our hotel: Hotel Astrid. It’s a bed and breakfast that Whitney found, it was nice (and cheap). We walked around at night for a while (in T-shirts because its so warm). Then we got dinner at a Chinese food place across the street.

The next day, we got up and walked down to the beach… 2 mile pebble beach!!! The water was blue and green, it was like Aruba!



We walked to La Chateau and climbed a billion and one steps to get to the top of this cliff. It gave us the most amazing view of the coast. It was really pretty. On the top was a waterfall that we walked around. We also saw the largest cemetery in France. The tombs were really elaborate and detailed.


We then walked to the Farmers Market and bought apples… mmmm…. Again.

We got a train to Cannes, the train went along the coast and it was so pretty to see the water. Here, we saw where the Cannes International Film Festival is held (it’s a pretty big deal to me!) We went shopping for a bit (window shopping since all the stores were Gucci, Versace or Armani). After that, we went back to Nice!


The next day, we got up and took a bus to a small suburb north of Nice.There, there was an Archeological Museum, that was apparently free for the month of March (BONUS!!!) It was a cool museum, it had ancient ruins from the Romans when they occupied France. It was a bunch of ancient baths and you could actually walk through and on the ruins, usually you cant do that, so it was cool.


Then we went to the Matisse Museum. He is my new favorite artist. He was great, I loved the colors he used and stuff (this museum was also free!) From here, we got a train to Monaco, the best place ever. It was beautiful, when we got off the train, the first thing we saw was the pier. We walked to the Monte Carlo Casino, it was right on the water. We tried to get in, but it was 21+ and there was a strict dress code, and I don’t think my jeans and T-shirt would have cut it!


Then we went to a Cactus Garden. It was a whole mountain side of just cactus plants, it was like a tropical jungle with all these cacti, and some of them were in bloom, it was so pretty. From the top of the mountain we saw Napoleon Bonaparte’s Palace. We took lots of pictures! Inside of this mountain was a cave, and we walked down 300 meters into the middle of this mountain and there were stalagmites that were hundreds of years old inside.




Then we got pizza and headed to the train station…..and then the fun began. So at the station we met 18 guys from the United Kingdom, some of them were Scottish, others British! They were so funny! They were all talking with their English accents and they called to Whitney and I “Ladies, come and join us, we are just talking”! Everyone was laughing and having a good time, so we did. We ended up on the train with them back to Nice. They invited us out to a bar with them and we agreed to meet them a half hour later. We waited a half hour for them and we figured they stood us up. We were beginning to feel stupid for even waiting there so long. But then, we turned and saw 18 Scottish guys, all dressed up like it was Halloween, they all had wigs on, some of them wore Scottish kilts. One guy had on oversized shorts on with a fake plastic butt sewn into them, so it looked like his butt was hanging out. As we walked down the street, he would bend over and pretend to tie his shoe and everyone was looking at him laughing, it was like Candid camera, it was great. We were laughing so hard.


Finally we get to a nice bar on the beach and the bartenders looked at us funny when we walked in.I had a wig on as well!!! They set up a tab and we drank all night for free!!! One guy told me that when I grew up and had my own company, I would take out some students too, but now it was their job to pay for us. They spent 400 Euro in 2 hours! We even had a Champagne toast. At one point, everyone was doing shots and the guy with the fake butt yelled Bottoms UP, as we all took them. It was the funniest thing ever. I told them we were from boston and one guy said “Tell me something, where did you guys put all the tea?” We talked about the Revolutionary war and I said, “Yeah, what was with those stupid red coats?” They laughed! At some point during our walk back to our hotel, they bought us roses. haha tacky but cute.Finally, after an eventful evening, we walked back to our hotel….

The next day, I had a nice 15 hour train ride—hung over…. Oh baby.What a weekend!


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