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Cabrillo Marine Aquarium April 1, 2013

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Saturday was such a fun day and it totally made up for the quiet day we had on Friday. Irving, Adele and I joined seven other babies and friends for a day at the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium. There were twenty-four of us total! The aquarium employees were impressed that we all drove down to the South Bay to visit. (Totally worth the drive, by the way).

It’s not an exceptionally large aquarium, but they had a few really fun exhibits that we all thought were pretty neat. For example, check out this new adorable breed of fish that has just been discovered!

Hardy, har har. But seriously, there were some really neat things that even I have never seen before. They had the usual octopus, seahorses and starfish, but I was most impressed by the baby sharks! Not only did they have actual baby sharks… but they had an exhibit where you could see live shark eggs…. AND see them forming inside! The eggs are a little transparent, so you could view them at each stage of gestation. It was really cool.

The kids all liked the big tanks where they could gaze in wonder at the little fishies swimming by.


And of course, the dads had to climb into the viewing tunnel to view them from the inside too!

Hi Fishies!


Watch out for those sharks!

Even the littlest kids enjoyed the touch tide-pool!

After we had our fill of educational things, we enjoyed some sunshine on the beach! There’s a cute little playground with swings and slides right on the sand! So fun!
File this one under #LuckyToLiveInLA

By then, we had worked up quite an appetite and after a little googling, we found a restaurant nearby that could fit our large group on short notice. It was the Pacific Diner and they were great! We walked in and said “We’ll take all the high chairs you can give us”. They were SO accommodating.

If you ever wondered what it’s like to dine at a table with EIGHT babies 5-10 months…. let me assure you that it was actually a quiet, fun and enjoyable experience. All of them were so well behaved and we had a blast hanging out with everyone. So lucky to have this wonderful group of people. Looking forward to many more adventures together as the kids grow up!

After lunch, we split off and a few of us walked the San Pedro Pier for a bit until the sun and wind was enough and then we all headed home.
I think everyone slept well that night. It was nice to get out of LA and enjoy a new neighborhood too. This city is pretty amazing.


Portraits in the Park October 2, 2012

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We spent Saturday morning hanging out in the park with our awesome friend, Erica. Adele slept almost the whole time, but woke up in time to snap a few family pictures.
Portraits in the Park (6)

Portraits in the Park (5) Portraits in the Park (1)

Sporting her Boston pride! Thanks Ashley!
Portraits in the Park (2)

Love this one!
Portraits in the Park (9)

Thanks so much, Erica!


The Revolving Door September 17, 2012

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My favorite part of going home to visit is the revolving door at my mom’s house when I’m there. We were so lucky to have non-stop visitors who all wanted to meet Adele. I loved it!

Uncles Tim and Junior brought her an ADORABLE dress and super cute socks too. She’s so spoiled!


How cute are these?!



More cousin time!

And Ashley came by again too (miss that girl!)

Never enough time to see everyone I want to see, but I’m so glad I got to squeeze in as much as possible. Wish I could come home more often!

Grandpa’s little girl!



And two more shots of Grams and Papa!




Walk down Boston’s Memory lane September 16, 2012

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We were so excited to take Adele into downtown Boston to introduce her to some of our favorite spots when we were in College. First stop was to take her to our old dorm!

We used to walk around Boston Common carrying backpacks and camera equipment for class, and now we’re toting around a baby. Kinda weird!

We met up with Erika, Timmy and our friend Sean! It was super hot in the city, but it was SO FUN to walk around with them. I miss the old crew!

Can’t wait to take Adele on her first Swan Boat ride. Maybe next year?


Fun to get the girls together again too! They are almost exactly a year apart!

After a sweaty few miles of walking, we stopped to have lunch in the Prudential Building (=air conditioning!) Someone must have been very tired from all that heat! haha!

I tried “The Cheese Box”. It was pretty awesome.

Right after, we met up with my friend, Steph! She works nearby and we hung out at the Public Library for a while together. (PS. I had no idea the library had a courtyard in the middle! So cool!)

After that, we walked back across the common, through Quincy Market and to the North End (destination: Mike’s Pastry!) It was so fun to spend the day in a city I love so much. Irving and I started our story in Boston and it’s so fun to visit now as a family of three!


Friends with Kids September 15, 2012

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One of my favorite parts of being a mom is having so many great friends who also have kids! I hope they all grow up together and become friends like us someday!

My friend Shelby has been such an amazing source of advice, encouragement and humor. She has two adorable kids of her own and I’m so thankful to rely on her experience to help me out! Her son, Sullivan, is only three months older than Adele. So cute!


These two are going to be fun together as they grow. I love it!IMG_6348

I love getting ‘a preview’ of what Adele will be like in three more months. It’s going to get fun!


Our friend Alison joined us for the morning too! Hi Alison!

One day, we organized a giant get-together in the park with all the kids. Best Idea Ever!

Lots of swings and slides for the older kids and plenty of shade for the little ones.

Among all my friends, we had TWELVE kids in the park! So much fun to chat, compare notes and watch them all play together.

Hi Erika and Sophie!! I missed those two!

Sarah and Brady came as well! And Brady’s cousins too! I love this cute moment between these two. HOW CUTE!

I was so tied up in all the cuteness all around that I didn’t realize Irving took Adele on her first tire swing ride!!! She loved it!


With twelve active kids running around, it was impossible to get everyone into a big group photo, but here’s most of us!

I am SO LUCKY to have such a great group of girls in my life. Makes me seriously miss the east coast.


Big difference from our day in the park a year ago! Hope to do this every summer!



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