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Workin’ It Out Together June 30, 2011

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Yesterday, Irving and I both got home at the same time and decided to jump right into a sweaty weight lifting session. He worked out with his xbox trainer and I did a routine along side him. I’m so excited that we can work out together. I waited 10 years for this! All it took was an xbox?!

Before we started, Irving tried the Prime Bar (The first part of the Gatorade GFit Series).

I tasted it, but honestly, didn’t really like it. They have a few different flavors and I’d be willing to maybe try one of the others. But he really liked it and it pumped him up for a workout.

I loosely followed this plan from How Sweet it Is. <—If you click over, how good does that cupcake look? OMG.

Irving was hogging the weights so I skipped those ones during the circuit. When he was done, I did a mini upper body routine that included triceps, biceps, shoulder press and lateral raises. Oh man, did I need this!

Warning: Sweaty picture ahead. Whoop!

They say a couple who works out together stays together, right?

I slept so well last night and today, my whole body feels like jello. =)


Upgrades and Freebies June 19, 2011

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We had another boring, but relaxing day today. I spent the afternoon reading Twilight and relaxing while Irving watched some soccer games. I’m 250 pages in and I just can’t get enough. Ahhh, so good! Part of me doesn’t understand Bella’s fascination with Edward, and the other part of me is totally jealous that she gets to go out with him. hee hee. Congratulations, Kelley. You’re just like the millions of other girls around the world who drool over Team Edward (I haven’t really gotten to know Jacob yet, so I reserve the right to change “teams” later!).


Annnnyways, in other news, I convinced Irving to hang a bunch of pictures around our house today. It’s only been six years since we moved in. No biggie. heh! It feels so nice to have something on our walls now!

The first picture is really special because it was a gift from Irving’s grandfather. I had it framed for him for Valentine’s Day.




IMG_6037 IMG_6025 IMG_6027

The second picture was a wedding gift, which we love because it looks like the lake that we got married on!




IMG_6029 IMG_6032 IMG_6033

The third picture is a framed cross-stitch that my mom made for us. She worked really hard on it for almost three years, and we love it!




IMG_6023 IMG_6040 IMG_6042


I did not play Your Fitness Evolved on the XBOX today (my legs are thanking me profusely for that!) But Irving did! I was a little jealous of his endorphin high all afternoon. But check this out, Gatorade has a new line of products called G Series Fit. There are three products, one each for before, during and after a workout.

I haven’t tried them yet, so I can’t give them a full review, but we bought them because 1.) They were all free on rebate at Walgreens today and 2.) The bottle unlocks new workouts on the xbox… let me explain.

You buy a G Series Fit bottle and hold it in your hand…

The XBox Kinect camera sees the product and releases exclusive content to you.

Pretty cool technology if you ask me!

Thanks, Gatorade!

Gatorade did not sponsor this post. But I did get the products free on Rebate and you can too! Check your Local Walgreens for more info!



How to Walk to Work June 13, 2011

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This morning, I made another smoothie using Honey!

  • One cup of frozen berries
  • One cup of vanilla bean yogurt
  • Generous squirt of Honey
  • One scoop of Vanilla protein powder


Using my favorite mini food processor, I gave it a whirl and enjoyed in my to-go cup!

The pedometer challenge is going really great. The person with the most total steps by the middle of July wins. I never really thought of myself as being very competitive, but I found myself taking this very seriously! I’m in it to win it. And I want to taste that victory so bad! I walked 14 miles yesterday to close a gap with some of the front runners. And now I’m neck and neck and I plan to stay there! But it’s just not feasible to fit four hour walks into my day, so I have to fit it in where I can.

I stepped up my game this week (no pun intended). I am walking to and from work. It’s 3 miles each way, so just commuting alone will net me six miles! On top of any other walking I do during the day. But walking to work takes some serious planning! It’s a work in progress for me, but here is my plan for success! So far, so good!

1.) Get Up Early
I’m not a morning person, but I also hate being rushed, so I set my alarm earlier than normal, and take my time getting myself together.

2.) Plan for Breakfast
Breakfast on the go is best for me, because I can multi-task. Walking, commuting and eating breakfast all in one! My smoothie today was perfect for the trek. I also packed a granola bar, but didn’t end up needing it.

3.) Dress for the Walk
I prefer to walk in dri-fit clothes. I’m less sweaty when I get to work, and I just feel better. If I wore jeans on my walk, I’d be uncomfortable and miserable the whole time! Once the weather gets too hot to walk, I might have to take the bus to work, and then walk home. We’ll see. LA is still pretty cool lately, so it’s been nice.

4.) Get a Travel Bag & Pack Light
Purses hurt my shoulders, and a backpack would be too big. So for a six mile walk, I am using my favorite travel purse from Eagle Creek. I rolled up my work clothes and shoved them inside. And I paired down the essentials: keys, credit cards, phone, etc. There isn’t any wiggle room for any unnecessary items (change of shoes, snacks or lunch!)

5.) LUNCH!
This is a tough one. I always bring my lunch. I prefer to spend my money on things other than dining out at lunch (although lately, I’ve been doing it more, and my wallet is feeling it!) This is a major bummer. Unless I want to carry Tupperware containers 10K a day, it just doesn’t make sense. So the tradeoff to walking and saving money on gas is that I have to buy lunch later in the day. One solution may be driving on Mondays and bringing enough lunch to last all week, but I haven’t thought that far ahead yet.

6.) Bring Entertainment
You already know about my obsession with This American Life and NPR in general. The minutes seriously tick by with their stories! But I also have Pandora, Twitter, Emails and my phone to occupy my time. Walking is also a great way to transition from work to play at the end of the day. It’s a natural de-stresser! Irving came to meet me halfway tonight too! That was fun!


I’m hoping all of this extra effort will be worth it in the end. Even if I don’t win the contest, I can’t believe how much I’m loving the extra exercise. A body in motion stays in motion, and I just can’t get enough of walking lately! Who am I?!

Even if you can’t walk to work, you can always walk to a bus or metro station! Or commit to walking before or after work! Or even during lunch!
Hope you guys join the challenge too!


Sunday Morning 10 mile walk! June 12, 2011

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I’m in a pedometer challenge, and there’s money in it for the winner. I thought I’d have it IN THE BAG! But some of the participants are giving me a run for my money…. literally! I walk a lot in general. Irving and I think nothing of walking a mile to the grocery store and back. I’m a very active person…. but even the recommended 10,000 steps a day is not enough to win this challenge. So I started stepping it up. I’m walking to and from work now. And walking as much as I possibly can whenever there is time. Since I’m not really running any more, walking has stepped in to fill the void, and I’m in love!

I set my alarm this morning and drove to my favorite park. My goal for the day: walk 10 miles. I wasn’t walking for time or speed. I was solely walking for exercise, milage… and steps!

Miles 1-5 were spent listening to “This American Life” on NPR. I caved and bought the TAL app for my phone and I LOVE it! I can’t get enough of that show. If you haven’t heard it before, log on and listen to some. The stories are so well told, and they totally pull you in.

Miles 5-7 were spent talking on the phone to my mom and sister…. and checking twitter!


And the final 3 miles were spent listening to Pandora. Oh, I love Pandora too!

In the end, my 10 miles took me almost three hours. I knew I’d be bored if I didn’t have entertainment to keep me busy. I had my water bottle, garmin, phone, android and pedometer! I was connected today!

My android phone was fully charged at 7:30 this morning, and by 10:45 when I finished, it was completely dead. Why haven’t they figured out how to have a long battery life on those phones? So annoying.

So 10 miles translated to about 21,000 steps! I hope that brings me closer to the top of the list in the challenge!

Of course, when I came home, I was starving!!! Good thing I had a stack of pancakes from yesterday to dig into!


Walking and Eating…. June 9, 2011

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As my mother who lives 3,000 miles would say, “Where have you been?” (Said in a ‘I’ve been looking for you’ tone!)

Oh, I’m here, it’s been a busy week! Here’s what I’ve been up to!

1.) Walking! I’m in a pedometer challenge, and I’m determined to win! Or at least place in the top three! It’s not easy when you’re also competing against New Yorkers! Those guys walk EVERYWHERE! I’ve been walking in the morning and at night. And hiking three miles almost everyday at lunch time! (I aerobically walked 9 MILES yesterday! What?!) It’s all about squeezing it in when you can!


2.) And that includes walking to the grocery store too! I bought myself some pretty flowers this week!

3.) Irving’s mom was in town this week! We had fun hanging out! And she brought goodies!! Thanks!!

4.) Irving whipped up his mom’s famous meatballs (with fresh beef from Harris Ranch!)

We had quite a nice dinner together! Hi Julie!


And to top it off, a sweet moscato served on the side!

5.) I cooked! I actually found a recipe, shopped for ingredients and COOKED. Alert the press!

I cooked up Jenna’s Greek Stoup! <— Click over there for the recipe! Instead of Alphabet pasta, I opted for Orzo to stick with the Greek Theme.

Served with some Feta, it was yummy!

6.) I got The Reader on Netflix and me and Julie watched it last night. Probably not the best movie to watch with your mother-in-law, but hey, if I can see Zumanity with my sister-in-law, we can do anything, right? I really loved The Reader. It was just a good story with an interesting plot. I actually can’t believe we’ll be going to Auschwitz later this year.

7.) And now, our guests have left, and I came home today to find that Irving went to Costco. And he bought me the BEST thing you can possibly by at Costco:

I LOVE PICKLES!!!!!! I actually finished a jar today! Good timing, babe!

8.) More walking…. I’m walking to Erika’s place soon so I can see the baby again! I am so excited to have a new baby to play with!!! She’s the CUTEST thing, and only four days old today! So excited!


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