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How to Walk to Work June 13, 2011

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This morning, I made another smoothie using Honey!

  • One cup of frozen berries
  • One cup of vanilla bean yogurt
  • Generous squirt of Honey
  • One scoop of Vanilla protein powder


Using my favorite mini food processor, I gave it a whirl and enjoyed in my to-go cup!

The pedometer challenge is going really great. The person with the most total steps by the middle of July wins. I never really thought of myself as being very competitive, but I found myself taking this very seriously! I’m in it to win it. And I want to taste that victory so bad! I walked 14 miles yesterday to close a gap with some of the front runners. And now I’m neck and neck and I plan to stay there! But it’s just not feasible to fit four hour walks into my day, so I have to fit it in where I can.

I stepped up my game this week (no pun intended). I am walking to and from work. It’s 3 miles each way, so just commuting alone will net me six miles! On top of any other walking I do during the day. But walking to work takes some serious planning! It’s a work in progress for me, but here is my plan for success! So far, so good!

1.) Get Up Early
I’m not a morning person, but I also hate being rushed, so I set my alarm earlier than normal, and take my time getting myself together.

2.) Plan for Breakfast
Breakfast on the go is best for me, because I can multi-task. Walking, commuting and eating breakfast all in one! My smoothie today was perfect for the trek. I also packed a granola bar, but didn’t end up needing it.

3.) Dress for the Walk
I prefer to walk in dri-fit clothes. I’m less sweaty when I get to work, and I just feel better. If I wore jeans on my walk, I’d be uncomfortable and miserable the whole time! Once the weather gets too hot to walk, I might have to take the bus to work, and then walk home. We’ll see. LA is still pretty cool lately, so it’s been nice.

4.) Get a Travel Bag & Pack Light
Purses hurt my shoulders, and a backpack would be too big. So for a six mile walk, I am using my favorite travel purse from Eagle Creek. I rolled up my work clothes and shoved them inside. And I paired down the essentials: keys, credit cards, phone, etc. There isn’t any wiggle room for any unnecessary items (change of shoes, snacks or lunch!)

5.) LUNCH!
This is a tough one. I always bring my lunch. I prefer to spend my money on things other than dining out at lunch (although lately, I’ve been doing it more, and my wallet is feeling it!) This is a major bummer. Unless I want to carry Tupperware containers 10K a day, it just doesn’t make sense. So the tradeoff to walking and saving money on gas is that I have to buy lunch later in the day. One solution may be driving on Mondays and bringing enough lunch to last all week, but I haven’t thought that far ahead yet.

6.) Bring Entertainment
You already know about my obsession with This American Life and NPR in general. The minutes seriously tick by with their stories! But I also have Pandora, Twitter, Emails and my phone to occupy my time. Walking is also a great way to transition from work to play at the end of the day. It’s a natural de-stresser! Irving came to meet me halfway tonight too! That was fun!


I’m hoping all of this extra effort will be worth it in the end. Even if I don’t win the contest, I can’t believe how much I’m loving the extra exercise. A body in motion stays in motion, and I just can’t get enough of walking lately! Who am I?!

Even if you can’t walk to work, you can always walk to a bus or metro station! Or commit to walking before or after work! Or even during lunch!
Hope you guys join the challenge too!


Sunday Morning 10 mile walk! June 12, 2011

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I’m in a pedometer challenge, and there’s money in it for the winner. I thought I’d have it IN THE BAG! But some of the participants are giving me a run for my money…. literally! I walk a lot in general. Irving and I think nothing of walking a mile to the grocery store and back. I’m a very active person…. but even the recommended 10,000 steps a day is not enough to win this challenge. So I started stepping it up. I’m walking to and from work now. And walking as much as I possibly can whenever there is time. Since I’m not really running any more, walking has stepped in to fill the void, and I’m in love!

I set my alarm this morning and drove to my favorite park. My goal for the day: walk 10 miles. I wasn’t walking for time or speed. I was solely walking for exercise, milage… and steps!

Miles 1-5 were spent listening to “This American Life” on NPR. I caved and bought the TAL app for my phone and I LOVE it! I can’t get enough of that show. If you haven’t heard it before, log on and listen to some. The stories are so well told, and they totally pull you in.

Miles 5-7 were spent talking on the phone to my mom and sister…. and checking twitter!


And the final 3 miles were spent listening to Pandora. Oh, I love Pandora too!

In the end, my 10 miles took me almost three hours. I knew I’d be bored if I didn’t have entertainment to keep me busy. I had my water bottle, garmin, phone, android and pedometer! I was connected today!

My android phone was fully charged at 7:30 this morning, and by 10:45 when I finished, it was completely dead. Why haven’t they figured out how to have a long battery life on those phones? So annoying.

So 10 miles translated to about 21,000 steps! I hope that brings me closer to the top of the list in the challenge!

Of course, when I came home, I was starving!!! Good thing I had a stack of pancakes from yesterday to dig into!


Walking and Eating…. June 9, 2011

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As my mother who lives 3,000 miles would say, “Where have you been?” (Said in a ‘I’ve been looking for you’ tone!)

Oh, I’m here, it’s been a busy week! Here’s what I’ve been up to!

1.) Walking! I’m in a pedometer challenge, and I’m determined to win! Or at least place in the top three! It’s not easy when you’re also competing against New Yorkers! Those guys walk EVERYWHERE! I’ve been walking in the morning and at night. And hiking three miles almost everyday at lunch time! (I aerobically walked 9 MILES yesterday! What?!) It’s all about squeezing it in when you can!


2.) And that includes walking to the grocery store too! I bought myself some pretty flowers this week!

3.) Irving’s mom was in town this week! We had fun hanging out! And she brought goodies!! Thanks!!

4.) Irving whipped up his mom’s famous meatballs (with fresh beef from Harris Ranch!)

We had quite a nice dinner together! Hi Julie!


And to top it off, a sweet moscato served on the side!

5.) I cooked! I actually found a recipe, shopped for ingredients and COOKED. Alert the press!

I cooked up Jenna’s Greek Stoup! <— Click over there for the recipe! Instead of Alphabet pasta, I opted for Orzo to stick with the Greek Theme.

Served with some Feta, it was yummy!

6.) I got The Reader on Netflix and me and Julie watched it last night. Probably not the best movie to watch with your mother-in-law, but hey, if I can see Zumanity with my sister-in-law, we can do anything, right? I really loved The Reader. It was just a good story with an interesting plot. I actually can’t believe we’ll be going to Auschwitz later this year.

7.) And now, our guests have left, and I came home today to find that Irving went to Costco. And he bought me the BEST thing you can possibly by at Costco:

I LOVE PICKLES!!!!!! I actually finished a jar today! Good timing, babe!

8.) More walking…. I’m walking to Erika’s place soon so I can see the baby again! I am so excited to have a new baby to play with!!! She’s the CUTEST thing, and only four days old today! So excited!


Kick Off the Holiday Weekend May 27, 2011

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Los Angeles is notorious for really bad traffic. And it just gets exponentially worse during holiday weekends. Everyone gets off work early and gets on the road to get wherever they’re going. I live in “the valley” and don’t really leave my neighborhood much unless I really really have to. I just really hate traffic. But today, I had fun plans that I deemed worth driving over the hill for.

First up was lunch with my mother-in-law who was in town for a New York Los Angeles minute. We grabbed lunch at Chicken Dijon which was really good. I ordered a chicken gyro…without the chicken. hee hee It was lettuce, tomato, onion and tzatziki sauce. Delish!

And then I had yoga plans with the lovely Katherine in Santa Monica. And it took me almost an hour to drive from LAX to the promenade (it’s only 14 miles). And as I was driving down Pacific Coast Highway I was cursing the traffic and the slow red lights, and I looked to my left to see the Ocean. Um, how can I complain when I have gorgeous beaches to look at. It really is fun to live in California, and I really do love it.

We did a 75 yoga class that was geared towards beginners, but was still very challenging. This was the first class that I’ve ever taken where I actually felt like I could somewhat keep up. I only went into cat’s pose once. I was dripping sweat by the end. I couldn’t figure out why it was so hot in there. Why don’t they turn the AC on or open a window and let that nice ocean breeze come in? Then I looked up and noticed the HEATERS were on! I never thought in my whole life I’d ever do hot yoga. I. Hate. The. Heat. But it wasn’t that bad.

I did feel quite dehydrated at the end though, so Katherine and I went to Starbucks to grab some refreshments. I got an unsweetened plain iced tea, and wolfed it down in 10 seconds.

For dinner, I kept it light with some Trader Joe’s butternut squash risotto and a spinach salad with a drizzle of honey.

I don’t eat enough protein. It is something I’ve always struggled with. I need to learn more about beans and other non-meat proteins because I do realize I should probably have more.

Enter… my protein packed dessert.

I blended up some skim milk, 1 frozen banana, 1 cup of frozen blueberries, large handful of raw spinach and 1 scoop of chocolate protein powder. It was SO good! I also added in a handful of raw oats too. I LOVED the texture. It really did taste like ice-cream, but still had over 25g of protein. I will definitely be making this again. And no, you can’t taste the spinach.

Even though I’m completely exhausted from this week and did 75 minutes of yoga tonight, I still made myself go out on my daily walk and crank out 3.6 miles in one hour while chatting on the phone with Irving. (I love when we talk on the phone, it makes me feel like we’re dating or something. “you hang up first, no you hang up first… wait, you didn’t hang up”. HAHA, I miss puppy love!)


In three days, I’ve walked over 11 miles and burned over 1,000 calories… just by walking ALONE. I’m really psyched that I’m sticking to this so far.
Here’s to a great three day weekend!


Keeping the Momentum Going! May 26, 2011

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I’m making a commitment to walking everyday. With my new health coach, pedometer, runkeeper and Chic Runner’s 40 Day Challenge, I really am psyched to get out and walk every day.

Erika lives 1 mile from my house, so instead of driving over there to say hi, I walked there. Then we went on a walk together, and then I walked home.  I can’t even believe it was four miles total, it was fun to chat. And when I was by myself, I read more blogs.


Walking really isn’t that hard when you can commit to it and enjoy it!

When I got home, I had another bowl of Irving’s AMAZING chicken soup. Oh man, those carrots and those parsnips. I wish you could taste it!

Tonight, I’m going to continue to back my computer up. I’m preparing to completely redo my system and start with a clean slate. I put so much crap on it, it was starting to slow down a lot. I have a LOT of files to transfer first though. Ugh!


30 Day Challenge–15 More Things

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Irving made the most delicious chicken soup today from scratch. Man, it is the healthiest soup and it really does cure everything from a common cold to a bad day. I have to get his recipe to share.

After indulging in the soup and an episode of Secret Life (I can’t wait for the season finale next week!) I headed out for a walk around the neighborhood. I used a new Android app called Runkeeper. It’s pretty neat! I have a Garmin that pretty much does the same thing, but this was really convenient. (It is a battery drain on the phone though).

In about an hour, I walked 3.5 miles.


And while I walked, I completely cleaned out my google reader. Whew! Multitasking!


Continuing on with the 30 Day Challenge, here’s part two of my 30 Things About Me. (Here’s the first half!)

  1. When I lived in Europe, I worked in our school dining hall clearing tables and setting up placemats. (What? Didn’t your college have placemats?)  I got paid an American salary but in Euro currency. At the time, when the dollar was strong, this was a major deal!
  2. My engagement ring includes a family diamond with an incredible story behind it. Every time I look at it, it reminds me of the strength, success and love of my husband’s family. Perhaps I’ll save the story for another post.
  3. I bite my nails. But I kinda wish I didn’t.
  4. I think it’s incredible to watch my closest friends becoming moms. It makes me feel lucky to be surrounded by such strong women.
  5. In 2000, Ashley and I got backstage passes to a Blink 182 concert and we got to hang out with the band before the show.
    Travis, Me, Mark, Ashley, Tom, Me
  6. The above pictures were decoupaged onto an awesome jewelry box that Ashley made for me in High School. It stands proud on my bookshelf!
  7. My mom has a home video of me scooping up sand in the backyard. When she asked me what I was making, I answered "A Tuna Sandwich". True Story.
  8. I’m 1/4 Lebanese, 1/4 Polish, 1/4 Italian and 1/4 Native American (I’m told it was the Micmac tribe from Canada?)
  9. My dad built a "Beer Wagon" from scratch when I was little. It’s the only life-size replica of the model car in the world.
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  10. I took six years of Latin, three years of Classical Greek, one year of Italian and one semester of Arabic. I really love learning different languages! Spanish is next on my list!
  11. I don’t watch a lot of TV in general, but we do get some shows on Netflix and save some on the Tivo. My favorites are: Big Love, Weeds, Entourage, The Amazing Race, Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team, and of course, The Secret Life of the American Teenager!
  12. I used to play the piano and the flute, but now I don’t even remember how to read music!
    Kelley Baby Pictures  (52)Kelley Baby Pictures  (84)
  13. My happy place is Lake Winnipesaukee. I grew up going there in the summer. I love boating, swimming, tubing and walking on the boardwalk. It is definitely my favorite place to visit in the whole world. It’s so peaceful, gorgeous and full of fun, happy memories for me. It was an easy decision to get married up there. Don’t you just want to jump right in??
  14. My favorite Disney movie is “The Little Mermaid”.
  15. My middle name is Lynne. Kelley Lynne.

Anything else you want to know?


I Hoard Dri-Fit Shirts… May 10, 2011

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Today was free coffee day at Coffee Bean. And I was very excited about an afternoon pick-me-up.

I tried the Mocha Mint Chip. It tasted ok, but for all the sugar in it, it wasn’t very sweet. And it had an artificial flavor to it. I drank it in 10 minutes flat, but it left a lot to be desired. Needless to say, after drinking it, I felt sluggish and unmotivated.

Good thing I have healthy friends who inspire me.


I grabbed my weights and tried to find a workout on demand…. but Time Warner pretty much stinks.

So I made up my own weight routine while I caught up on some Secret Life.

I haven’t lifted in a really long time, so I was fatigued earlier than normal. But I’ll just have to build it all back up again and hope for the best.

-Bicep Curls 20 reps x 2
-Tricep Dips 20 reps x2
-Lateral Raises 20 reps x2
-Crunches x 50
-Pushups (on knees) 10×2
-Tricep Pull Backs 20 reps x2
-Squats x10
-Lunges x10 (each leg)

(all of these were done with 5lb weights).

We’re heading out for a walk now too. I love fresh summer air.

In other news, I have 31 dri-fit tshirts in my closet. 31!!! That’s crazy.

I feel guilty getting rid of race shirts (some of them are really nice!)
What’s your favorite race shirt?
I LOVE the ragnar one! And the one from my first Marathon. =)


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