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Dinner Challenge September 28, 2010

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You might (or probably not) be wondering what happened to the daily dinner challenge…

Well, my friends, the streak is over. I didn’t quite last 14 days, but I had 8 amazing home-cooked meals that I’m proud I was able to make by myself. This was a big deal for me, since I really didn’t think I liked to cook.

But I learned a lot of new things and I’d consider the challenge a success.

  • I found out that if I have a recipe and all the ingredients, I actually enjoyed cooking.
  • It gave me and Irving time together in the kitchen to unwind
  • I’m actually not as starving after work like I thought I was.
  • If I had a recipe, even grocery shopping wasn’t so bad
  • I’m actually a pretty decent cook if I follow directions
  • Once things were in the oven, I had time to clean the kitchen and I became even MORE productive than if I didn’t cook.
  • It makes me appreciate eating out more, it became a treat

If you haven’t read, here is a recap of the meals I created during the challenge:

#1 – Enchiladas
#2 – Pastrami Sandwiches
#3 – French Toast
#4 – Fettuccine with Bean Soup
#5 – BLTA Sandwiches
#6 – Santa Fe Casserole
#7 – Sweet Potato Shepard’s Pie
#8 – Maple Chicken

And with that, it’s Irving’s turn to cook! Maybe just for a night or two. 🙂

PS…. the key for me is recipes, so if you have any good ones, please share!


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  1. Shelby Says:

    I love cooking! I will try to have some recipes ready for you when you visit. I can’t wait to see you–sorry I keep missing your calls. I’ll try to catch you this week.

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