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My Kelocity Baby: 26 Weeks March 4, 2012

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It’s been a fabulous week. Last weekend I went to Disneyland, got rid of my bronchitis, went to yoga, had a blogger meetup dinner, took my 1-hour glucose test and babysat for a friend! Not to mention an 8-hour newborn class, a trip to Babies-R-Us, completing my taxes, grocery shopping AND cleaning the house. I guess you could say week 26 has been pretty productive.

The pictures in this post were taken during our ‘Preparing for your Newborn’ class this weekend, so ignore the “HELLO, my name is Kelley” sticker. hee hee. I’ll talk more about the class in a later post, it was so fun!

How I’m feeling: Baby has been so happy lately, the kicks are coming so frequently now. Almost once an hour. It’s been fun playing with the baby too, I like to poke it back and see if he/she responds. I’m sure any day now I’ll be able to see little feet and hands moving across my belly. My cold has finally gone away, and I feel great. That was annoying, but I’m so glad it’s over with now! It’s nice to be out of the house this week!

Cue the awkward dance pose (baby LOVES to dance!):

Weeks along:
26 Weeks

Pounds Gained:   14.4 lbs Total 
21 Weeks_text IMG_1629

Pregnancy Woes:

  • Heartburn…. oh, the heartburn.

Pregnancy Loves:

  • Baby kicks!
  • I’ve found myself craving lots of fruit this week. So refreshing! (But don’t worry, my sweet tooth is still alive and well!)
  • Yoga! Even though I had a tough time in class this week, I still left feeling amazing. I think I lost a little bit of my strength over the weeks I was sick, and I felt like jello at the end. One concept my teacher said stuck with me this week: “The universe is infinite, yet ever expanding. Just when you think you have maxed out on the love that you can give, you’ll meet your baby and your heart will just explode with love you never knew you had.” I almost melted when she was talking about this. I’m so excited to meet our baby!!


Items we got for the baby:

  • Onsies
  • Window Valance for the Baby’s Room! (We needed it to match paint colors!)
    797961003_260 [source]
  • Carseat… Grammie and Grandpa sent it it to us to welcome their new grandchild! (Thank you!)
    Adventure_KF30_360 [source]

Goal for this week:

  • Pick out Paint Colors for the room!


Highlights of the Week:

  • Taking our 8-hour ‘Preparing for a Newborn’ class… it was awesome. I’ll tell you about it soon!
  • 1-hour Glucose Test… still no results yet… eek!
  • Finally feeling better! Cold is gone!
  • My return to Yoga


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  1. Mama Gaga Says:

    Look at that bump. I love it!! You are doing great.. keeping busy. Baby will be here before you know it. Can’t wait to hear all about your class! xoxo

  2. You look so cute and I love the baby kicks. Just wait till he/she is in your ribs and kicking up a storm, kinda painful :).

  3. Erika Says:

    Kel you look so cute! I love the bump! The baby room decor is adorable too! I love the little deer!

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