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Christmas on the East Coast December 29, 2011

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We had a great (though incredibly short) trip back home for Christmas. It all started with a less than stellar flight though. Not only were we delayed, but they somehow lost our GATE CHECKED bag that was filled with Christmas presents. The bag did arrive two days later, but my poor husband had no fresh clothes to wear on Christmas. Luckily he got a new US Soccer shirt as a gift. haha

But the best part is being home with family. We had such a nice and relaxing few days. I missed my sisters!

Everyone was excited to touch “the bump” even though it’s still a bit small. I was excited for this picture. This is four generations! Love it!

I was so excited to get the tea box I asked for. Whoo hoo!! haha Hi Chris!

I actually didn’t take my camera out much at all during our visit. Just wanted to take it all in and relax. I even took a two hour nap while I was home. (Why do people always sleep better at their parent’s house? Maybe it just feels nice to know your mommy is around if you need anything. hee hee!)

My oldest friend Linsay came over before I left. She knows me so well and came armed with a jar of pickles and gifts for the baby.

Note to self: Seated bump pictures are VERY unflattering!

How cute is this ornament? I LOVE it!

It was a beautiful Christmas filled with all the things that mattered most (family, mild weather, and a few games of Scribblish). Couldn’t have asked for anything more. Thanks to everyone who spoiled me, Irving and the new baby!


Babes in The Park July 26, 2011

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A couple of years ago, it seemed like everyone we knew was engaged and getting married! And now it feels like all my friends have baby fever! Each of my bridesmaids in my wedding has since had a baby and so many more of my good friends. It’s so exciting to see your childhood friends become moms themselves. So when we were home last week, I made sure to have plenty of time to get my fill of the little ones!

We organized an afternoon in the park, and it was SO much fun!IMG_6381

We miss these guys so much! They’re all getting SO big!!! Here’s Harper, Brady and Hudson! They played together all afternoon. It was so exciting to hold them, chat with the moms (and dads!) and enjoy the fresh summer breeze. I wish I had more time, I can’t get enough of them!

Parents: This just in… Blue Duckies are the hot new item! The kids LOVE them!

A few hours definitely wasn’t enough time, but I enjoyed EVERY second of hanging out with my friends! When I have kids of my own, I have plenty of experts to ask for advice! IMG_6401

XOXO, Love you guys!


An Adventure in Mini Golf July 25, 2011

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Last Sunday night, we joined my sister, Mikaela and her BF Chris and my mom for a night of mini golf! Kelley Pix (20)

The course was actually quite challenging and super fun.

The couples!
Kelley Pix (27)Kelley Pix (26)

Me and my mom!
Kelley Pix (30)

Sisters! Don’t you just love that classy “one leg up” pose? LOL
Kelley Pix (28)Kelley Pix (29)

Kelley Pix (32)

I usually have a pretty good putt, but sometimes I just like to whack it and see what happens….. oops! Water trap!Kelley Pix (25) Kelley Pix (34)

I was more excited that my ball matched the flowers than playing the game itself. It’s the little things, right?Kelley Pix (36)

Chris got the only Hole In One of the night. He was pretty stoked.Kelley Pix (38)

He and Irving are so funny when they’re together. They were deep in a golf competition and they played by the rules 100%. I wish we lived closer so we could all hang out more often!
Kelley Pix (39)

After the game, Irving and Chris had to “go to the bathroom”… my sister snuck behind them because she had a suspicion that they were getting into trouble. And she found this! LIARS!!! Boys will be boys!
Kelley Pix (41)Kelley Pix (42)

They won enough tickets to get tootsie rolls and twizlers! Kelley Pix (43)

And of course, per mini golf tradition, we got some real new england ice cream at the end.

PS… This is a “Kiddie” size. No joke.  Can you imagine what the Large is like?!
Kelley Pix (45)

What’s your favorite Ice Cream? Although I love Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt, my all time favorite would be Hoodsie Cups! You can only find them in Massachusetts! Sad!


A New England Garden Salad July 24, 2011

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Ahh! I miss my blog! We just got back from a whirlwind 9-day trip to New England. It was an awesome week filled with family, friends, sightseeing and a wedding! It feels like we’ve been gone for a month! My google reader has 250 unread posts, there are piles of laundry and mail to sort through and we’re tuckered out, but we wouldn’t have changed a thing, it was a fantastic trip.

Last Friday night (July 15th), we boarded a red-eye flight to Boston. I wish I could say I slept, but we had a stopover in Texas and I just couldn’t get comfortable. We made the most of it, and Irving even got some real Texas French Toast before our next flight!
IMG_6319 IMG_6315

And then a few hours later, we were flying over Massachusetts! IMG_6317

We didn’t get to spend any time in Boston this trip, but it still excites me to see the skyline every time. Though I’ll probably never live there again, it still feels like home when I go back.

As soon as we arrived, my mom and sister were excited to show off the vegetable garden they have growing in the back!

IMG_6367 IMG_6368

My mom has been working really hard on growing a bountiful garden and this year, it really paid off. She waited til I got home to let me pick the first vegetables!!

First up, raspberries! One in the bucket, two in my mouth. Delicious!





Next up were peppers! Those are kind of expensive in the grocery store, I can’t believe these grew in mom’s garden! I always feel so lucky to know the taste of fresh-from-the-earth vegetables. There’s nothing else like it.



There was even a banana pepper in there!

Next was butter lettuce! “Pull em’ from the root” my mom said. Aye Aye captain!


Today’s bounty!

Sisters! It was so fun hanging out with her again!


Clockwise…. Irving, Chris (Mikaela’s boyfriend!), Me, Mikaela… and Gizmo.


Oh yea… don’t forget the herbs! Mint, Parsley and…. Rosemary?

Of course we served our fresh garden salad with dinner! I love cookouts!
Kelley Pix (313)

Dining al fresco! So fun!
Kelley Pix (314)

And dessert was poundcake with berries (including our Fresh Raspberries!)
Kelley Pix (316)

Later, we had a campfire out back! I feel like this is the epitome of living in New England in the summer.
Kelley Pix (319)Kelley Pix (5)

I was the only one who wanted a s’more. Those guys are weird. YUM!
Kelley Pix (18)

Stay tuned this week for pictures from the rest of the week!

Do you live away from home? Living on the opposite coast from family is tough, but it makes going back all the more sweeter.


One Year Ago… April 18, 2011

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One year ago…

…I was in Boston waiting in line for the Boston Marathon Expo to open…

…holding my 2010 Boston Marathon Bib…

…celebrating the Boston Marathon weekend with friends…

…celebrating a decade free of cancer…

…Meeting Valerie Bertinelli…

…Making new friends…

…Conquering Heartbreak Hill…

…Running my heart out in the greatest race in the world…

Yep. One year ago this weekend, I became a Boston Marathon Finisher. One of the proudest moments of my life.
26479_415739578803_513293803_5216898_425171_n 26479_415739543803_513293803_5216892_7005784_n

My 2010 Boston Marathon Posts:

Race Day Recap

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Pre Race & Pasta Party


I can’t believe it’s been a year! Congrats to all the runners out there today. Wish I could have been on the streets cheering.


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