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Collection of Medals January 20, 2011

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I love my new medal! It’s my first Rock N’ Roll medal!

Last night, I added it to my collection! It’s looking a little crowded in there now!

When I started running five years ago, I made this medal holder for myself. I hadn’t seen anything like it online, so I bought the wood and the pegs and painted it all together. Back then, three pegs seemed like enough! I never dreamed I’d still be running.

I let Irving put his medals on my hanger too, but now I think he might have to find another place for his. (No offense, Irving, but I have more than you. I need more room!)


At the expo, I was drooling over these beautiful handmade hangers. Look at all those hooks!


Anyone know of any great races on the west coast in march/april/may?


Ran my heart out! January 17, 2011

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Some of the professional pictures from yesterday were just posted! I didn’t see many photographers, but they got a few good ones at the finish line!

Sprint to the finish!

Just .1 miles left to go!


Victory is sweet.

Thus completes my 13th endurance race in my quest to get 20 races done (13.1 miles or longer) before I’m 30!


The Next One… November 20, 2010

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What’s that blog readers? You want to see more posts about running? I’m here to please!

The next half marathon will be:

I’ll be running my first Rock N’ Roll race on January 16th in Phoenix! I’m so excited.

Guess I better start running, huh?

This will be my 12th distance race in my quest to run 20 Races before I’m 30.
The 20 Before 30!


2010 Nike Women’s Half Marathon – Race Recap October 19, 2010

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Picture 2

It was a rainy, wet, cool day in San Francisco, but 20,000 runners still gathered in San Francisco to run one the  biggest women’s race in the country. 🙂

But let’s back up to 4:30am on race morning! We took our time getting ready, making sure we didn’t forget all the little things you need to run a successful race (GU, timing chip, race bib, watch, etc).

I put my Ipod on to make sure it worked… and you know what? It was completely empty! All the great songs my sister Mikaela gave to me were gone! I must have lost them when I sunk it up to my computer this week! How did that happen? I’m Ipod-challenged. Oh well, I can run without music.

We headed down to Union Square to the starting line. It wasn’t hard to find with all the crowds of people.

I only had to wait about 20 minutes until the race started (Score!) But then I realized one more thing…my Garmin was dead!! I had charged it the night before, but maybe I left it on?! This happened to me last year too, and it ruined my race. But not this year… I wasn’t going to let a few numbers get in my way of enjoying this!

So I put my chin up and walked towards the startline. I didn’t have a goal in mind this year, so I was just going to listen to my body, enjoy the scenery and take in the race without staring at my watch.

Let’s do this!


The first mile wizzed by, I ran the first two miles straight without stopping. I watched Pier 39 go by as the sun was rising. I took a good look at Alcatraz as we ran along the bay.

There was absolutely NO fog, which is pretty rare for a fall day in SF. It was gorgeous.

Then we headed up the teaser hill to Ghirardelli Square.

And up the bigger hills in the Presidio.

Then we saw the stunning Golden Gate bridge staring at us.



I asked a spectator to snap a picture of me with the bridge, you get the idea.


One of my favorite parts of the race this year was the many “Power Song” stations along the course. Out of nowhere, you’d hear blasting music coming from these boxes. It was an ad for ‘Nike+’, but I appreciated the bursts of adrenaline the loud music provided!


Between mile 7 and 8 is the steepest hill of the race.

But the views of the bridge are worth it!

I’m not sure who these guys were, but they were quite funny.

Another spectator shot of the bridge!


Along mile 8 or 9, Kaiser had a bunch of motivational signs!
IMG_0306 IMG_0307 IMG_0308



And my favorite…


And they provide oranges here (my favorite!)

Mile 10 is definitely my favorite mile of the whole race. That’s when you start running down towards the ocean. The views are gorgeous! And Irving texted me at this point too, and it totally gave me a boost of energy!

You can see finisher’s village from up there too!

The last three miles are in Golden Gate Park. It started to drizzle when I entered, but I knew I was almost done.

I know this picture is blurry, but it just made me laugh. Why do marathoners LOVE running quotes so much? They make me so happy!!

“You measure happiness one mile at a time”!


Almost done! Two miles left! And the rain had started to come down by this point. I was wet and sticky. Ew.

At mile 12 is the Ghirardelli chocolate mile! They hand out chocolates to all the runners! I saved mine for later!

Almost done! The final turn into home stretch!
Which side do you think I ran under? SURVIVOR!

A nd then I booked it to the finish line! (Yea, I was SOAKED at this point)!


And I’m not sure what came over me, but I made some weird pose when I crossed the finish line. It kinda looks like I’m doing the Hokey Pokey. Um??
kelpic7 kelpic4
kelpic5 kelpic6

Either that or I’m making a “I’m #1” sign? HAHA


Official Time: 3:03:18

Out of my 8 other half marathons, this is in the middle of all my finish times. Not the best, but definitely not the worst. Not too shabby for not really training.

Once I crossed the finish line, a lovely firefighter in a tux gave me a tiffany necklace from a silver platter!
(And Yes, I made him pose for a picture before I took it!)

I got my mylar blanket and tried to warm up. It was FREEZING down by the ocean! I was so cold, I didn’t even wait in the photobooth line (and you know me and the photobooths!)

We had to wait almost an hour to catch the shuttle bus back into the city.

Once I was on the bus, I finally took a peek inside my goodie bag!IMG_0365

I felt like I was trick or treating gathering all my goodies after the race! You just hold out your bag and they fill it up with treats!

The finisher’s shirt was pretty awesome this year. It was a technical tee, in a gorgeous magenta (my fave!)


The necklace was different this year, it came in a longer box.

With a new kind of pouch:

Here she is!

And the back:

I heard a lot of people didn’t get the necklace because the ran out! I hope they get mailed to them soon!

That was my SIXTH tiffany’s necklace from this race! I now have quite the collection!


And there you have it! Another successful year at the Nike Women’s Marathon!
Picture 1


The Biggest Loser Marathon May 19, 2010

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So last night on The Biggest Loser, the final four ran the Biggest Loser Marathon. I always look forward to this episode because I just LOVE running! I get giddy when the contestants run.

It’s so incredible to hear the contestants say “Running a marathon was always one of my dreams”…”It’s the test of ultimate endurance”. I personally know what it feels like to want something so bad, train for hours and hours, and then cross that finish line. It really is a dream. It’s amazing to see other people accomplish the same thing.

But they only technically trained for 60 days…. how is that possible? How many miles do you think they run daily while on campus?

Daris finished in 4:02!! That’s pretty incredible. He beat Tara’s BL Marathon record by 50 minutes! It’s just crazy that someone who was SO unhealthy 6 months ago can beat MY marathon time by um… 2 hours! I don’t know how he did it. How do they run for so many miles without stopping? Do you think they stop? What about for water/food?

Then Koli came in at 6:08. Michael and Ashley finished in 6:26. I beat all three of them. Boo yea! Just kidding, they all did amazing. It was impressive.

And can we just stop for a minute and recognize how amazing Ally Vincent looks? She’s a rockstar.


But then the show hit a sore spot for me…. when Daris got on the scale and found out he gained 2 pounds at home. He said it was partly from eating late at night…. but partly from training for a marathon. And Bob basically REAMED him for it! He was like “If you’re running, there is no way marathon training will make you gain weight”…. but I disagree! Marathon training is grueling and it leaves your body feeling hungry all.of.the.time! I sympathized with Daris because I can relate to it.  Bad Bob! Bad! It totally gives people watching the wrong idea.

For that reason, I went online today, and voted for Daris to be in the final 3! He’s a great guy! And he runs marathons—fast! Vote for him!
Koli is amazing too. It’s a tough choice!

Anyways, off my soapbox.

And now for my Public Service Announcement for the week! If anyone is around on Sunday, the Biggest Loser will be shooting the first episode down at the Beach in Los Angeles! They are looking for people to come work out with the contestants!

May 23, 2010
Los Angeles, CA

Venice Beach, at the end of Washington Boulevard
*Registration time: 10:30 am – 12:30 pm. Be there ON TIME or you may not be permitted in.
*Please park at either of these parking lots: 3100 Ocean Front Walk or 2700 Ocean Front Walk

Click below for more info!



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