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A Pony Tail on the Trail November 27, 2013

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As mentioned in my ‘anti-vegas‘ post, we hiked in Red Rock Canyon one day while we were there. Jake and Janie had never been, and we had been twice before (here and here) and decided it would be a fun way to get in some exercise.

First we checked out the visitor’s center and got another stamp in Adele’s National Park passport! This was her second time to Red Rock!

Adele was fascinated by the lizard who was being served carrots and celery for lunch.

Maybe it was a coincidence, but Adele walked over to the “E” below and shouted “EEEEEeee!!”20131119_110724


Soon enough, we headed out on our hike!

A Pony Tail on the Trail!


Not a day passes that I don’t get knocked in the face by something Adele is holding.
(Public Service Announcement: Don’t ever let Adele try to ‘brush’ your hair. It’s more like ‘whack-your-head’).P1010063

Not long into our hike, our happy traveler fell fast asleep!



Climbing high above the desert floor!


Oh yea… um. WE SAW A TARANTULA!!!!!!

I debated not even posting those pictures because just looking at them I get the creeps. Luckily Adele was brave and didn’t get scared at all… because she was still sleeping 1.5 hours later.

She only woke up when we got back to the car and tried to transfer her to her carseat. Lucky for me, I got to enjoy some post-nap snuggles. I take ’em when I can get ’em!


Here’s our hike stats (courtesy of my fitbit!)
Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 10.42.13 PM



The Anti-Vegas November 25, 2013

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We recently got back from a week in Las Vegas! I know, I know… Las Vegas…with a baby… for a week. But before you give me that judgy side-eye (and believe me, we got lots of that while we were there)… let me show you scenes from the week.

Without further ado, here is how we did ‘Vegas’ as the  ‘Anti-Vegas‘:


We had a full kitchen, so we took advantage and bought most of our meals for the week. That worked out well for us in Hawaii, so we tried it again this time. Works great to have food handy with a toddler in tow!

Photo taken outside of Costco!


Our hotel room had SEVEN TVs!! One of the TV’s is actually a full wall projector screen. (More on the hotel in a different post!)

Ok, maybe pool naps aren’t the ‘anti-vegas’, but with a baby sleeping on your chest, it did feel a little different than usual =)

We met up with my college friend, Melissa, and her two kids!
(Fun Fact: I worked at Chuck-E-Cheese for two weeks in high school. I quit when I found out I had to DANCE in front of the kids. yea. no.)


Rain! In the desert! That’s SO ‘anti-vegas’!

We all know Vegas is full of bright lights and glitter… but this took it to a whole new level! And tune your radio to a certain station and you’ll be singing Christmas Carols and sipping Hot Cocoa in NO time!


IMG_2142Truthfully, Adele was more excited that she didn’t have to stay in her car seat than actually looking at the lights, but the adults had fun! It was the biggest display I’ve ever seen! It’s 2.5 miles long!

We all visited Red Rock Canyon for a great hike in the park! More pictures coming in a future post! It was a fun day!

Las Vegas just opened a newly renovated Children’s Museum that we were dying to check out! Adele was a little too young to fully appreciate all the incredible things they offer there, but she did LOVE the water play area and the giant life-sized Lightbrite!

So as you can see, Vegas CAN be done with a toddler in tow. During the entire week we were there, we didn’t even push one stroller wheel into a casino (ok, wait, that’s a lie, I did take Adele into the Bellagio once to see the flowers, but we went straight in bypassing the casino). The smoke is a big concern for us (yuck!) but we avoided it by mostly staying out of those hotels and off the busy sidewalks.

And let’s be honest, when you have a hotel room like this, who wants to leave?

Irving and I LOVE vegas. We’ve been more times than I can count. We’ve been visiting 2-3 times a year since we moved to the west coast. But Vegas as we know it has definitely changed since having a baby. We were never drinkers or gamblers, but we love the scene. We love the restaurants, the sports book and the Cirque shows… and all of that is tough to do with a baby.

We were SO lucky to have built in baby sitters while we were there this time though. (Irving’s grandmother and Aunt and Uncle were with us too!) So we took advantage one night and headed out for dinner and a show. (No pictures since it was POURING out and we had to literally RUN down the street!)

We ate at the Sugar Factory at the Paris Casino. Two words: Reeces Martini. The glass was rimmed with gobs of peanut butter!!!
Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 9.45.50 PM

We went to see Veronic Voices (pronounced “Vey-ron-eek”), also at the Paris Casino. It is a one-woman show where Veronic impersonates 50 different artists. Her range was unbelievable. The show was really good, and even better because we only paid $2.50 a ticket (Those prices are VERRRRY Anti-Vegas, right!) It was no ‘Cirque’ show, but it was a fun night out nonetheless. (Thank you Jake and Janie!!!!)

Lots more pictures to come! It was a great, relaxing week!


Hike in the Angeles National Forest November 13, 2013

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On Sunday, Adele slept til 9am which meant everyone was happy and rested when we all got up. We took full advantage and headed out to the Angeles National Forest…. making a quick stop at Jamba Juice for some breakfast on the way.

We had only been to the park once and didn’t really know where to go, but we found a trailhead, parked the car and headed out. We ended up hiking to the top of Vetter Mountain. It was a fairly easy 1.7 mile trail each way. It took us 2.5 hours or so.

Irving carried Adele in the backpack for most of the way. She looks so different in it this time than she did 11 months ago!



She did ok on the way up, but got really whiny on the way down. I think she was hungry/tired/bored. Close to the bottom, we let her walk the rest of the way back to the car.
20131110_130858I spy a baby ponytail in the shadow!

She was so excited to pick up sticks and rocks. I got giddy thinking of all the nature hikes in our future. Just like when I was a kid!


And just for fun, here’s a video of Adele galavanting down the mountain. And bonus… you can hear Irving singing. Pretty awesome.


Living In the Lens November 12, 2013

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As a mom, I’m always staring at Adele in awe at how big she is and how much she can do now. I’m constantly wondering where time went and where my little newborn has gone. Although I’m trying to live in the moment more, I’m also conscious of the fact that these moments too are fleeting and I have to capture them so I can look back and smile someday.

This week, I noticed Adele was trying to escape the bathroom by reaching for the knob. She can’t quite reach, but I ran out and grabbed my camera and made her try again to capture it. It was just so cute because even on her tiptoes she’s not quite tall enough.


Someday I’ll say “remember when you could barely reach the top of the counter?” And I’ll have this picture to look back on.

I love my posed photoshoot pictures, but I really love these ‘slice of life’ ones more. The ones that will someday paint a picture of someone’s life.

The ones I’ll look at when my baby goes to college and I miss her.

But right now, I’m enjoying her here and now. And maybe snapping some photos along the way to remember it by. That fine balance between living in the lens and living behind it.


All 17 Months of Her November 10, 2013

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And just like that, she turned 17 months. Just like month 16, we’re seeing lots of new changes. The biggest is the talking. She’s got so many words now. And everyday it’s like she learns more. She’s repeating a lot of stuff, and requesting things by name. She’s still rocking the animal sounds (not the actual names of the animals, but the sounds they all make!) Her latest is “Owl”. Her new jammies have owls on them and she points to them and says “Owl! Owl!” I think her favorite words now are “Woof”, “Quack”, “Shoes” (prounounced shoosh) and “Bottle” (which is what she calls her straw water cup).

Her favorite toys are still her books. I catch her playing by herself in her room ‘reading’ out loud now. She stares intently at the pages and studies the pictures. I’m still afraid of leaving her with books with paper pages, but she does have some on her shelf, and she’s doing better trying not to rip pages. She doesn’t have the attention span to sit and listen to a whole book… however at story hour, she will sit in my lap and listen to other people read her stories. But she does get really excited to read at night and I love that.

She’s obsessed with pillows, blankets and stuffed animals. She loves to cuddle and hug her bears. And her new thing is ‘feeding’ them. She goes into the kitchen and digs out a spoon and a cup from her drawer and comes back to feed imaginary food to them. I can’t even believe her brain has an imagination already. I’m psyched! Grammie and Grandpa sent her a play kitchen and I’m dying to get it set up for her!!

We’ve entered the land of “no” now as well. If she’s holding something she’s not supposed to and we ask for it back, she says ‘no’ and runs away with it. That’s been fun. She’s good at throwing these mini tantrums where she throws herself on the floor (or hits us), but they’re usually short lived and can be turned around with some distractions.

Adele is drinking about 15oz of Organic Whole Milk a day still. One first thing in the morning, one with lunch and one before bed. She also drinks a lot of water. That part is easy…. but the food! Feeding a toddler is seriously the most stressful thing for me. She barely eats. I think she’s eating well at daycare, but at home at night and on the weekends, it’s nearly impossible to get more than a couple of bites into her all day. Even my ‘go-to’ foods have become a struggle. She doesn’t like to chew anymore! Things get mushed up in her mouth and then thrown onto the floor. WHY?! I’m assuming she’s not hungry because she’s still sleeping well, but I worry she’s not getting enough to fuel her growing body and mind. I’m going to try a few new things this week and see how it goes. It’s all trial and error I guess at this stage!

Adele takes one nap a day, usually from 12p-2p. She’s still going to bed at 7:30p and waking up anywhere from 6:45a-9a…but 7:30a is pretty average! (She let us sleep in til 9am this morning, you guys!!!!) She is still sleeping with her pacifier and her puppy. We recently added a small blanket to her crib as well. I am too afraid to nix the paci for good since she’s sleeping so well…. i’ll try again in a few months to see how she does without it).


Some other random things:
-She lets me put bows and ponytails in her hair now. Which has been necessary because it’s FINALLY starting to grow!
-I took the ‘baby tub’ out of the bathtub this week and now she’s just using the real tub. Probably a little late for that switch, but it was working so we just kept going.
-She now asks to put her jacket on and she’s just starting to have a preference for which clothes she wears. Not enough to really care, but she’s starting to understand it a little more.
-She sings to herself now. We’ve caught pieces of songs here and there. Most recently we hear “Happy Birthday To…” and “EIEIO” and “ABC…LMNOP”.
-She can sing “Itsy Bitsy Spider” by herself along with the hand motions.
-She definitely prefers to walk on her own rather be carried or pushed now. We found that out the hard way this week between an hour neighborhood walk and a separate 2-hour hike.
-She’s bossy now. If she wants something, she’ll go over and grab your hand and make you help her. And if you’re too far away, she’ll come push your legs til you start walking over to whatever needs your attention. The best is when you’re in bed or on the couch, she’ll try to push you right off! I can’t help but be inspired by a lady on a mission. I love seeing her come into her own.

But I have to admit, I’m a little afraid of the next six months or so. For the first time, I realized that now she’s not only relying on me to provide her with milk, sleep, food and warmth… but I have to foster her brain now (more than ever). My mom told me I should start teaching her colors, and I’ve started thinking of how I can show her shapes, letters, counting, etc. I had a moment this week where it all kind of hit me that she’s hungry to learn. I’ve always been excited about sharing the world with her, but it does feel like a big responsibility. I know she’ll learn most of that in school, but I want some of it to come from Irving and I as well. I’m trying to be conscious of learning opportunities as they come up. Instead of saying “Go get the ball”, I can say “Where is the GREEN ball?” etc. What a fun, exciting journey it is.



16.5 Months October 27, 2013

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Note: The videos aren’t loading properly today… i’ll check back tomorrow to see what’s up.

I guess technically it’s more like 16.75 months… I’m a little behind. But we’ve been having a blast lately. This little lady has grown SO much in the past few weeks.

Everything is growing! Her body, her hair, her vocabulary…. her temper! I think it’s safe to say somewhere between months 15 and 16 she became a toddler. Really when she started walking everything else sort of took off with it.  She’s a solid walker now, though she does flail her arms around when she does it, it’s really funny.


As you saw in my video yesterday, she’s talking up a storm now.  Not full sentences, but lots and lots of words. Some of her words are: quack, woof, meow meow, moo, baa, no, yes (pronounced ‘yessh’), mama, dada, water, bottle, bubbles, wheeee, up, down, beep beep, car, cat, bravo, light.

And she knows most of her body parts too (eyes, ears, nose, mouth, tummy, head, feet, hands).

She also understands commands like “Come here, Go there, Climb up, Spin in a circle, dance, where’s your milk?, Do you want to go outside?, put it in your mouth, get that out of your mouth, clap your hands, push the button, etc”. Her favorite song is “If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands”. Especially the “Shout Hooray” verse.

As much as she understands now, she also has “Toddler Selective Hearing”… you know, that thing where if you’re misbehaving you pretend you don’t hear mommy telling you ‘no’? Yep. She’s mastered that one too.

She’s getting fresh and I love it. haha
She’s still loving her books. In fact, I just went out and got her some more this weekend. She actually pays attention to stories now, and scours the pictures for little things hiding in the background. She can spot a ‘car’ or a ‘bird’ way in the background. She’s very observant.

IMG_1373Here’s a video of Irving reading to her recently (yep, on the kitchen floor). Storytime has become very interactive and we’re loving it! (If the link doesn’t work, click here).

She’s also really into straps, buckles and zippers lately. Her high chair and stroller have become just as interesting as her toys.

Her hair is starting to grow!!  It’s in that weird stage where it’s getting in her eyes, but it’s too short to do much with it.

But I did get it into a ponytail this weekend!

I love the “downdog” transition between sitting and standing up. So cute!

I can’t really believe it but she’s already into imaginary play. She loves putting her animals to bed, carrying around my purses and pretending. These developmental leaps are incredible. Here’s a video from when I was back home of Aunty Laurie’s ‘tea party’. (If the link doesn’t work, click here).

Some stats from month 16:
Weight: 20.5lbs
Diapers: Size 3
Shoes: Size 4
Pants: 12 Months & 18 Months
Shirts: 18 Months

IMG_1336These monthly photos are becoming comical. They usually look like this:

And end like this:

But ultimately, I got my shot… her official 16 (and a half) month photo:


Adventures in New England October 24, 2013

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Here’s a smorgasbord of pictures from our trip back east a few weeks ago. We had awesome New England Fall weather. It makes sense why Bostonians talk about the weather all the time. After brutal winters and scorching summers, you learn to really appreciate those perfect fall days like we had!
The bride to be and I!

A few family pictures too:
DSCN0758In the words of Adele: Bubble, Bubble, Bubbles, BUBBLES!!!!


She also enjoyed a helicopter ride with Grandpa too! Lucky girl!

Hi Gizmo (or as Adele says: Mo Mo)

Dress up!

Fun Fact: When Mikaela was little, all she wanted was a ‘boy doll’ and a ‘double baby stroller’. So for Christmas one year, she got “Brian” (who is actually the same size as Adele haha) and a purple double stroller. Now 25 years later, Adele and Brian have become BFFs.

Adele takes good care of Brian. Eat your peas, Brian!

Oh… and just for fun… here’s a pictures of my Friendly’s Ice Cream we got one night. Yes please and thank you!

And no, I didn’t share a single bite with Adele. Or Brian.

Wish I could come back and visit in the fall every year! What a great trip!! See you next in the 18* snow storm, Boston! I’m cold already.


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