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Cavalia’s OdysseO February 27, 2013

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You pronounce it “Oh-Dis-Eh-Oh” and it’s pretty spectacular. It’s a traveling Cirque du Soleil type show that is now playing in Burbank, CA. If you’re in the area, it’s worth going. I took my sister and my eight-month old baby and all of us enjoyed it.

The pop-up theater is inside a big-top tent that is the size of a 10-story building and can hold an audience of 2,000. Odysseo redefines the circus.

I wasn’t sure what to expect out of Adele. But of course, she was great. She LOVED the show. She sat quiet during the entire show, completely mesmerized by the performance.

We had awesome seats, really up close and she took in the sights and sounds and enjoyed herself. Proof that Odysseo is fun for all ages!

I am truthfully not much of a horse person (I’m terrified of them actually), but I couldn’t deny the beauty and talent of these gorgeous animals in the show. I was impressed.

In all, there are 67 horses in the show (belonging to 11 different breeds). Some of them jumped, some of them ‘danced’… and all of them wowed the audience again and again.

The performers were great as well. It was high-energy and exciting to watch. The lighting and stage was also impressive. The video backdrop is the size of three IMAX screens. And during the finale, the stage becomes an 80,000 gallon water tank and the performance continues in and around it.


This was Adele’s first live theater event and it is safe to say she loved it!
IMG_0105I love her squinty-eye face! We were looking straight into the sun!

If you live in LA, I highly recommend Odysseo. Tickets are on sale through March 24 and can be purchased  online at


Viva Las Baby February 25, 2013

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My sister, Laurie, was in Las Vegas with friends this week and she wanted to extend her trip to visit us in LA too! We looked into flights from Vegas to LA, but in the end, we decided it was a better idea to just go there, spend the weekend and drive her back with us.

Best idea ever. I miss this girl.

We had a blast hanging out. Since it was a last minute trip for us, we didn’t have a set agenda so it was nice to roll with the punches.
On Saturday, we met up with Laurie at the Excalibur pool. What a lucky girl.


We people watched and lounged poolside and then one of us took a nap.

Irving, Adele and I spent the rest of the day doing some outlet shopping while the cool kids hit the clubs. After shopping, we grabbed dinner at Ping Pang Pong at the Gold Coast casino. And by “we” I mean Irving. I got TGIFridays to go. haha (Irving’s Side Note: Ping Pang Pong was recently rated one of the countries best Chinese food in the country by Travel + Leisure Magazine. Apparently I’m missing out.)

Sunday morning, we picked up Laurie and Jim and headed off the strip. Way off. All the way to the mountains to check out Red Rock Canyon. We loved it when we were there a couple of years ago and were excited to go back. Plus since Laurie and Jim live in Chicago, they don’t see mountains much.

We didn’t get a chance to do much hiking, but the views were still stellar.

Love this candid shot. haha

We did the 13 mile drivable loop and saw the whole valley. They got out and took fun pictures on the cliffs, but it was wayyyy too windy for Adele. I tried once and poor girl nearly blew away.


After that, we drove back to the strip for some more sight seeing. First stop was the Stratosphere. Come to think about it, that was my first time there! Then we jumped over to the Mirage.

We were actually looking for the lions, didnt they used to have a free exhibit? Am I making this up? Was that years ago? I thought there were free lions or tigers or something somewhere in vegas. Oh well.

After that, we were all tired and headed back to our hotel for some much needed rest.


And then Irving and I were excited to take advantage of our free babysitters for the evening and we headed out to see Mystere!

Bye Adele. Bye Laurie. Um, good luck with that. hahahaha

Just kidding, I heard the night went well. Lots of playing, lots of cuddles and Adele was in bed by 8pm. Wheeee! What a good Aunty.

We loved Mystere. Not the best Cirque show in Vegas, but I heard it was the first one which in itself makes it special. You can see how the troupes have evolved over the years. This one was a little circus-y but the stage and lighting were great. And the acts were excellent too. (My #1 Cirque show is KA. But then again, I have yet to see O.

We’re currently en route back to Los Angeles. Irving’s driving, Adele’s sleeping and Laurie and I are chatting (while blogging). Excited for a few days of adventures with her this week! I’ve got a lot of fun things with Adele planned too. Can’t wait!

And PS… just for fun… this photo was from the last time we were in Vegas! A lot changes in 10 Months! I was bummed she was asleep in the car when we took our iconic vegas sign pictures this weekend. Next time!


Iris: A Party for the Eyes October 5, 2011

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Irving and I love going to Cirque shows. Vegas is known for its out-of-this-world shows with dazzling costumes, incredible acts and gorgeous sets.  We’ve seen Zumanity and KA and really liked them both. It’s always the highlight of a trip to Sin City.

But now we don’t have to drive four hours to Nevada to catch an amazing stage show. Hollywood now has its very own resident Cirque show. Introducing: IRIS.

We’ve been itching to see this show since we first heard about it two years ago. Unlike the shows in Vegas, IRIS didn’t have a building designed around the performance. Instead, they had to use the existing space inside the Kodak Theater and retrofit it to their needs. It was a three year process that involved a $40 million excavation project to create room for the sets they had in mind.

The two hour show is comprised of human artists, mechanical props, film, light, music and sound all interacting with each other in the most magical way you can imagine. The execution is flawless and you really are transported out of reality and into a whimsical world that will catch your breath and hold it til the very end.

There are 72 cast members, 200 costumes, 20 projectors and more than 300 stage cues throughout the show. There are times when you don’t know where to look because there is so much going on at once. You can look left, right, up or down and your eyes will be fascinated with what they can see.

The acts were impressive, it is truly amazing what the body is capable of. It’s the human aspect that really impresses me. There is risk, fear and adrenaline involved in all of the performances. It’s the “how do they do that” questions that mesmerizes the audience.The circus has evolved into a fantastical and glamorous occasion and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the marriage between people and technology. 

The above image represented a film strip. The actors all moved in identical unison and it looked like you watching a movie. IRIS is located in the Kodak Theater which is in the heart of Hollywood. The whole show is about the evolution of the movie industry and it made me giddy to witness it right where the magic originally happened.

One of my favorite acts was the Cops and Robbers sequence. It plays out like a Dick Tracey skit. The good guys and the bad guys in battle with each other. The pursuit of justice and the evasion of getting caught. I won’t spoil the details in case you get the pleasure of viewing it live, but trampolines were involved and it was so cool to watch!

After the show, I was invited to join a blogger’s Q&A with two of the performers, Andrew and Kevin Atherton. They are identical twins who perform aerial tricks on the straps together. They both got involved with gymnastics at age 7 and joined Cirque when they were 24. They were with Varekai for 8 1/2 years before joining the cast of IRIS. In those years, they never missed a single performance due to sickness. These guys really love what they do and you can tell they are very proud to be a part of this show.

They talked about how what they do does involve a bit of risk, but they trust each other with their lives. They said that some people dream of being able to fly and they get to do it for a living.

The performers get a lot of freedom to choreograph their own acts and the music was added later. Danny Elfman, who has scored numerous blockbuster films (The Hunger Games, Alice in Wonderland, Chicago, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) also scored IRIS. It must have been quite a challenge to not have locked video to work with like he was used to. The music was such an important role in the show and it was very well done.

IRIS will be playing in the Kodak Theater for more than a decade and I already can’t wait to see it again. The performances evolve over time and no two shows are alike. As cast members are added, new talents will be written into the show. Whether you’re an LA local or a visiting tourist, it’s a must see. For tickets, visit .

PS: I went to Circus school last year to learn how to swing from the trapeze! Click here for my pictures! What do you think? Should I audition for Cirque?


Tickets were provided to us, but as usual, all opinions are my own.


24 Hours in Vegas! May 25, 2011

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This past weekend, EJ (Irving’s Sister) and Sarah were in Vegas, and since we don’t seem them very often, we jumped at the chance to meet them there! Don’t have to twist my arm!

This time, we stayed at the Platinum Hotel. It’s relatively new, and just a little bit off the strip. We really like non-casino hotels because they are smoke free. It was 1,100 square feet! A whole suite!
Las Vegas May 2011 (70) Las Vegas May 2011 (75)

Las Vegas May 2011 (68) Las Vegas May 2011 (66)

But not much of a view…
Las Vegas May 2011 (72)

Just as soon as we arrived, we headed straight to the pool! EJ and Sarah were staying at the Encore (jealous!! We stayed there last year and it was aweeeesome!) It was really hot, but they had already staked out a nice spot in the shade. After lounging for a bit, we ordered a pitcher of sangria! I’m usually not a fan, but this one was really sweet and refreshing.
Las Vegas May 2011 (65)

Las Vegas May 2011 (63)

Las Vegas May 2011 (62)

Their room had amazing views. They had a room on a really high floor.

Las Vegas May 2011 (56)

Las Vegas May 2011 (55)

Las Vegas May 2011 (60)

Across the street was where the Frontier Hotel used to be. That was the first Vegas hotel I ever stayed in when I visited in 2001 with my family! Sad!
Las Vegas May 2011 (54)

There was a little of this… brilliant, no?
Las Vegas May 2011 (53)

And then we headed to New York, New York to watch the LA Galaxy vs. Chivas Soccer game.
Las Vegas May 2011 (41)

We had some money riding on the Galaxy!
Las Vegas May 2011 (47)

We watched it from the Sporting House restaurant near the sports book and it was fantastic! The setting was perfect! We had a private booth with our own TV.
Las Vegas May 2011 (52)

Las Vegas May 2011 (49)

We had a round of drinks, appetizers and entrees and it was all incredible. I’d eat there again for SURE!

Las Vegas May 2011 (46)

Then we headed to Zumanity. It’s the Cirque show in New York, New York.
IMG_4423Las Vegas May 2011 (43)

By the time we got out of the show, it was after midnight, and we were exhausted after getting up early, driving four hours, spending the day in the sun, eating, drinking, a soccer game AND a vegas show.

Stay tuned for Day 2!!


Le Reve = The Dream September 7, 2010

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No offense guys, but Irving and I totally do Vegas like we’re retired old folks.

But first… Dunkin’s Coffee (obviously)!


We convinced Erika and Timmy to Play BINGO with us!!!

Yea, we have our own dabbers. What?


You know how all the old people have their Bingo good luck charms? So do we!
We picked seats 7 and 11! (July 11th = Anniversary!)


Plus Reese was supposed to bring me luck!

Whoo Hoo Free Shirley Temples! (with two cherries!)

Sadly, none of us won any money, but man was it fun!

We had dinner over at the Silverton, and check out this Gelato Display!

Looks harmless, right?

Until you get to the Mango Display!

HAHA. It’s the little things, my friends!

As part of our hotel package, we got two free tickets to Le Reve at the Wynn. There was a ticket mishap and the Wynn pretty much gave our tickets away to someone else… but after a half an hour of waiting around, it all got sorted out.

le reve

The drama continued after we sat down.  Some seats were double booked, people were standing in the aisles, people kept getting up and sitting down. It was quite distracting at first. The show was already starting and people were standing in my way. grrr a huge pet peeve!

We were actually quite disappointed in the show itself. Maybe we were just comparing it to KA from the night before (which was just amazing). Most cirque shows are fantastical and they bring you inside a fantasy world that makes it easy to open your imagination… this show didn’t allow me to leave my reality. I never “left” my seat like I did in KA. Le Reve definitely didn’t live up to my expectations.

  • The music was a little too 80s heavy
  • There wasn’t much “cirque” performing, it was mostly diving and dancing
  • The water effects were cool, but it slowed the performers down
  • There was a live band doing all the music, but we thought it was recorded until the very end. I think if we realized it was live we might have appreciated it more.
  • I didn’t really care for the costumes either, I thought they were a little too strange for the type of show it was.

All that being said, it was entertaining, but not cirque worthy. I’m a tough critic.

Unsatisfied with Le Reve, we choreographed our own cirque show!

ACT I: Sauter sur le Lit



IMG_5779 IMG_5780 IMG_5781 IMG_5772  IMG_5774 IMG_5775 IMG_5776 IMG_5802 IMG_5803 IMG_5793 IMG_5794  IMG_5797 IMG_5798 IMG_5799 IMG_5800 IMG_5801 IMG_5777 IMG_5778

ACT II: Combat d’oreiller

 IMG_5813 IMG_5804 IMG_5805 IMG_5806 IMG_5807 IMG_5808 IMG_5809  IMG_5811 IMG_5810




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