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The Hallowedding October 30, 2013

One of my favorite friends from Emerson got married last weekend in an epic event dubbed “The Hallowedding”. It was one of the most unique weddings I’ve ever been to! Michelle and Alex are the funnest couple I know, their love for life and each other is contagious. I had a blast!

It took place at the Carousel on the Santa Monica Pier. How cool is that!! We got to ride the Merry-Go-Round all night long!! That right there makes it the best night ever.

It was fun hanging out with my friends Noah and Janet too!

Oh, you’re probably wondering why they have Sheep hats on…I forgot to mention… since it was the Hallowedding, all the guests had to come in costume! And if anyone knows Emerson, you know people take their costumes seriously. Janet and Noah were “Sheep in a Jeep”!

There were some amazing costumes there, some of the best I’ve ever seen! Made mine look so amateur. I forgot I was in Hollywood, among some of the most creative people in the industry. But I had fun with my costume… I went as a Silent Movie Star.

Black lipstick. Hmmm. there’s a first time for everything!

But enough about me, let’s talk about how gorgeous the bride was!


They put some much thought into all of the details. They had a “Flipbook Photo Booth” where all the guests did a 7 second skit in front of a camera and it prints out an actual paper flipbook of your actions!! And they got video files of everyone’s hilarious acting.

There was also a beer pong tournament, a polaroid camera guestbook, and a bar… but not just any bar… they turned the merry-go-round ice cream parlor into the bar! Which meant you could order milkshakes or sundaes… spiked with alcohol. I should have tried one! Now I wish I did!

But I did have my share of sweets from the awesome dessert buffet. S’Mores cookies and Cookie Dough cupcakes? Yes please!

They promised “surprises” throughout the night, and that included a midnight delivery from Taco Bell! I can officially say that my first Taco Bell taco EVER was consumed at the Hallowedding. Yes, I know. How did i go 30 years without ever trying one. It was pretty awesome.

It was a great night out and I was so thankful to be a part of Michelle and Alex’s special night. Congratulations to you guys! And as I said in my guestbook message: “May your marriage be as fun as your wedding.” It was fantastic!



Hollywood Honeymoon October 29, 2013

My sister (and new brother, Chris) honeymooned in California after their wedding. They had an AMAZING time up in Napa and Sonoma. Their pictures were so fun and they had such a great time up there. Then they continued their California adventure down in LA and San Diego. One night, we got a babysitter and went with them to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios. It was SO fun.


We dined at Saddle Ranch beforehand and ended our meal with their infamous cotton candy.

We stayed out at Universal until 2am! (I haven’t seen that time on the clock in about 14 months. HAHA ) I was all nervous about the time, thinking Adele would be up at 6:30a (she was sleeping in our closet so Mikaela and Chris could sleep in her room– don’t worry, it’s a big closet). But she decided to sleep in til 9:30am!! WHATT?? We were so excited, we decided to reward her for her amazing sleeping talents by visiting Hollywood & Highland.
I feel like Hollywood gets stranger and stranger every time we visit, but it was fun.

And of course, we had to make a visit to the Hollywood sign. Mikaela wore her veil! Love it!!!


Yep. Jumping with babies. Totally safe.

And a jump with dad too:

After all the jumping, we needed some fuel… in the form of Sprinkles Ice Cream! <— I only link to important things on my blog.
1235113_10152010860708804_893607500_nCan you see Chris’s cone? That’s what he ordered. That’s smaller than a sample bite! Are you kidding? Clearly he doesn’t know what he’s missing!

I have no pictures of what I ordered, but let me paint that delicious picture for you…. Red Velvet ice cream sandwiched between two CUPCAKE tops (Red Velvet and Vanilla)!! Are you kidding me?! A cupcake ice cream sandwich! It was as amazing as it sounds, I promise. It kind of looked like this:

The only thing that would have made this better was if there was ICING on the cupcake tops…. Cupcakes are vehicles for icing… if anything, Sprinkles should know this. Oh well.

No one shared with Adele, so she got bored and fell asleep. Usually it’s “Snooze, you Lose”… but in this case, it’s “Lose, you snooze”.

The original plan was to say Bon Voyage to the newlyweds as they took the Amtrak train down to San Diego for the last few days of their trip… but before they were slated to leave, we found out the train was shutdown due to track construction and they were offering a bus as an alternative… that didn’t sound remotely romantic to me, so we volunteered to drive them down to SD in our awesome minivan. Minivan>Bus.

I brought a map and looked for a beach to pull off into so Chris could touch the Pacific ocean for the first time. We randomly picked one in San Clemente and pulled into a parking lot. And wouldn’t you know… that was the EXACT location of the train track construction!!! Out of the miles and miles of track, we stumbled upon the road block. It was quite ironic.

To get to the water, we had to hike down a hill, traverse along a cliff, climb over a ledge, cross the train tracks, and jump down a sand dune…. and Irving did all of that holding a carseat with a sleeping baby in it. #DadOfTheYear

It was worth it for the amazing sunset we caught while we were there. We got some great shots. Here’s some of my favorites!

We had a great time hanging out with the honeymooners for a few extra hours. We topped off our exciting day with dinner in Old Town, San Diego before dropping them off at their hotel. We were so excited to be part of their honeymoon adventure. Hope you guys come back and visit soon!! XOXO


Reading and Walking September 22, 2013

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One of my favorite places in the whole world is inside the walls of a great library. Actually any library. I don’t know what it is, but libraries feel magical to me. The possibilities, the stories, the idea of it being community space that’s free to the general public. I love it. The LA library gives library cards to children as soon as they can sign their own name… you better believe the day Adele does that for the first time, we’ll be at our local branch signing up for a lifetime of books! 
Last weekend, we drove into the depths of downtown to visit the Central Library. It’s a huge library with a big Children’s room. (We visited there last year when Adele was 2 months old!) Truthfully, I’ve found better children’s rooms at the smaller branches around LA… The central branch doesn’t have puzzles, games and comfy corners to read in, but it does have lots and lots of books… and a puppet show theater! We played in the library for an hour waiting for the Puppet Show to start (it was a Pirate theme this week!) But I think all that book reading beforehand tired Adele out and we didn’t make it to see the actual show. I’ll time it better next time.


But we still had a blast pulling books from the shelves, finding pictures of “Bananas” and “Doggies” within the pages, and walking. Lots of walking.




A Morning at the Americana September 21, 2013

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Last week, while Grandma was in town, we did a few fun things together. One day, we had brunch at Foxy’s in Glendale (hands down, best breakfast joint around). Then we headed across the street to the playground at the Americana. It was a pretty walk checking out the fountain and the shops…. but then when we got to the playground…. we noticed it was GONE! Did we imagine it? Didn’t there used to be a playground in the center court of the Americana? Are we crazy? Oh well. Instead, we snapped some pictures and took in the scene.IMG_0532
Adele was watching the dancing fountain in these photos! Wait til she sees the Bellagio in Vegas next month!

One of the best perks about that outdoor mall is that they have a cute kids area for changing/entertaining little ones. I thought it would be a great introduction to chalk!
Adele has a requirement that anything she holds has to come in ‘twos’.  One for each hand, obviously.
I think my sidewalk chalk days are still a little ways off (I’m already excited for Easter when she’ll probably find some chalk in her easter basket!), but she had fun regardless.
This outfit makes her look so grown up!

Since Adele was born, we find ourselves at the Americana often. For a while we were going once or twice a week! It’s fun, new, convenient… and there’s a TARGET (cue the sound of clouds parting and the sound of god chiming through!) And we have a trick for finding the best parking spot in the whole mall…. the key to scoring this prime spot means arriving at the mall before it opens…. which we’ve been known to do on a few occasions. Hey, you can always kill time at Foxy’s across the street! Win, Win!




Okee Dokee Brothers at the Getty…Twice! August 8, 2013

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I’ve been listening to the Kids Place Live channel on XM Radio everyday in the car with Adele. Some of those songs are just so funny and clever, I actually really enjoy them. One of my favorite bands is the Okee Dokee Brothers and when I heard they were coming to play at the Getty Center, I put it on my calendar right away.

The Getty is up on a mountain above Los Angeles and I forgot how gorgeous it is up there. Adele loved riding the tram to the top too, she was laughing as she pointed out the window on the way up the hill.

We met up with some friends, spread out some blankets and enjoyed the music in the fresh air.

Can you believe we got photobombed by a one year old? Haha, Claudia! Love her.

We brought a toddler-friendly picnic and there were bites of grapes, cheese, crackers and fruit being shared all around.

We danced and clapped along to the great music and had an absolute blast.


Someone even practiced her dancing skills on her own two feet!


We had so much fun that we actually went back on Sunday for the encore show!!! This time, instead of taking the tram, I pushed Adele in her stroller and walked UP that hill (3/4 mile uphill)!!! Whew!

The show was just as good the second time around. Surrounded by some more great friends (and even more toddler food)! I don’t know who enjoyed it more!
We are SO lucky to have all these great events for kids here in LA.  I may be absolutely exhausted by the time our weekends end, the laundry may still be piled up from Friday, and the sippy cups may still be in the sink waiting to be washed, but it’s so worth it to get out and have some fun together. Make the weekends count, right?
photo 5Yes, those are sleepy eyes… that’s the face of a girl who had way too much fun with her friends, lots of fresh air and music and a full tummy. That’s the face of a girl who will sleep well tonight. =)


At the Zoo! May 25, 2013

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Last weekend, we decided to brave the California heat and visit the LA Zoo! A bunch of our mama and dada friends came with us too, it was so much fun! It’s crazy that we have such a nice zoo so close to where we live. We’re thinking about getting a season pass so we can pop in and out all year long.


Adele slept through most of it, sadly (we didn’t know it at the time, but she was working on cutting TWO teeth the next day!)

I always love watching the monkeys, but I think this time, the baby giraffe was the most exciting. Look how cute!

His momma was close by too, don’t worry.


Looking forward to our next visit already!


Hike to the Hollywood Sign May 4, 2013

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Last week, the weather was perfect (as always in LA, right?!) and I was dying to get outside for a fun hike with Adele. My friend Melissa and I packed up our girls and set out to climb to the top of the hollywood sign.

I love this one of the two girls telling secrets. =)

It was pretty warm, but the girls were slathered in sunscreen, covered in hats and sipping water along the way. They LOVED it. Both of them were babbling the whole time. They especially loved watching the horses come down the trail.
Adele may be an LA baby, but she still loves nature. Even if you can’t tell from this picture. haha

We may or may not have gotten lost and missed TWO turns in the trail, but eventually, we made it to the top of Mt. Lee (also known as the Hollywood Sign!) We were above the sign looking down at the iconic letters. Sometimes I can’t believe that we live here. The city of dreams down below there!

The walk back down was fun and Adele snoozed for a while til we got back to our cars. Nothing like a sleeping baby while getting some exercise and catching up with a friend!
IMG_5584And yes, I wore my Boston Marathon hat in support of my hometown!

It was Melissa’s birthday(!!) so we finished our day with some pizza and a playdate back at my house. These two have a blast together.

And they have matching pants, so that pretty much makes them inseparable.

So thankful for the wonderful friends I’ve made since having Adele. What an awesome day, thanks Melissa!!

PS, All of the hiking pictures are courtesy of Melissa too! 



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