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I Hate the Easter Bunny April 1, 2013

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Happy Easter!!! Easter is slowly becoming one of my favorite holidays. I love the traditions, the start of spring, and the promise of a great year ahead. Of course I always miss my family on Easter, but we’re starting to form our own little traditions out here in LA and it’s becoming a special weekend to us.




Easter morning, Adele woke up and Irving played with her in her room for an hour or so before I got up. Then we were excited to show Adele what the Easter Bunny brought for her! She was pretty excited!


It’s funny how babies know new toys when they see them. She was fascinated by the eggs.
IMG_1020And then we showed her that there were Puffs inside the eggs and from that moment on, she knew the Easter Bunny was her BFF.

Because this lucky lady is going to Hawaii soon, the Easter Bunny brought her gifts in a new shiny teal pail! How did he know that Teal was mom’s favorite color too? That guy is smart.

So what did the EB put inside that pail?

An Easter Book, a new bath toy and some Wooden Toy Cars! I think they were all a hit! We spent a while playing with the new toys and opening as many eggs as we could.


And since it wouldn’t be easter without actually meeting the Easter Bunny himself, we decided to try again to go visit him on his farm! I was determined to get a picture with the bunny no matter what! So I invited some friends and we made the 40 minute drive to Underwood Family Farms to find that rabbit!

Note: Find friends that bring Bunny Ears on adventures. It’s worth it, trust me.

When we got to the farm, it was overcast, but we figured that was better than sun, so we didn’t think anything of it. We had a blast looking at all the fun animals on the farm.

Old Macdonald had a…. peacock?

And then it was time to go find the Easter Bunny! …… But it started raining. At first, a few drops, then a light drizzle. So we hunkered down under a tent for a little bit waiting for the skies to clear.

We waited an hour, chatting, feeding the babies, drinking coffee and hanging out.

When the rain let up, we looked outside and tried to run towards the bunny!

And then it started pouring again, so we retreated back to our tent. We kept peeking out seeing the miserable bunny sitting in the rain.

Then the skies would clear for a few minutes and we’d head back out again. This time, we knocked on the bunny’s door (literally… we knocked), hoping he’d come out so we could get our stupid picture and go home.
IMG_1066Did you know the Easter Bunny lives in a pink house in the middle of a field? Well he does.

Then some other little kids came over, and they knocked too… but the bunny didn’t come out. Can’t say I blame him really. But I was mad. Two attempts to visit the farm, we came |thisclose| to getting our dumb picture, and then we had to surrender. The 2013 Easter Bunny picture just wasn’t going to happen.
IMG_1060Adele was sad too, can’t you tell?

Maybe I’ll photoshop the bunny in to make myself feel better.
IMG_1066 copyUm, that doesn’t make me feel better… at all.

But all jokes aside, we had an awesome day with our friends. Definitely a day we will never forget. Those poor babies were soaked and hungry, and poor Lisa’s stroller will never be the same again after riding through a muddy farm. But we lived to talk about it and it was so much fun.

But the EB better watch his back, he may have escaped this imd, but Toddler Adele will seek justice next year, just you watch.

I can’t remember who bought this beautiful dress for Adele, but I LOVE it. Lace makes my heart melt. It’s size 12 months too! I can’t believe it! Happy First Easter, Adele!


Friends Forever January 11, 2013

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It was so fun getting these two together back in August when they were 5 months and 3 months respectively!

And now Hadley is almost 9 months old and Adele is 7 months! They look so grown up already!

There’s nothing cuter than two girls sharing secrets!


And now they even play together! Ahhh! So cute!
Mama Katie and I had a blast comparing notes and watching those two interact. 

Aunty Courtney came over to join in the fun too! So special.

Can’t wait to see everyone again soon!!!! xo


Walk down Boston’s Memory lane September 16, 2012

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We were so excited to take Adele into downtown Boston to introduce her to some of our favorite spots when we were in College. First stop was to take her to our old dorm!

We used to walk around Boston Common carrying backpacks and camera equipment for class, and now we’re toting around a baby. Kinda weird!

We met up with Erika, Timmy and our friend Sean! It was super hot in the city, but it was SO FUN to walk around with them. I miss the old crew!

Can’t wait to take Adele on her first Swan Boat ride. Maybe next year?


Fun to get the girls together again too! They are almost exactly a year apart!

After a sweaty few miles of walking, we stopped to have lunch in the Prudential Building (=air conditioning!) Someone must have been very tired from all that heat! haha!

I tried “The Cheese Box”. It was pretty awesome.

Right after, we met up with my friend, Steph! She works nearby and we hung out at the Public Library for a while together. (PS. I had no idea the library had a courtyard in the middle! So cool!)

After that, we walked back across the common, through Quincy Market and to the North End (destination: Mike’s Pastry!) It was so fun to spend the day in a city I love so much. Irving and I started our story in Boston and it’s so fun to visit now as a family of three!


Friends with Kids September 15, 2012

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One of my favorite parts of being a mom is having so many great friends who also have kids! I hope they all grow up together and become friends like us someday!

My friend Shelby has been such an amazing source of advice, encouragement and humor. She has two adorable kids of her own and I’m so thankful to rely on her experience to help me out! Her son, Sullivan, is only three months older than Adele. So cute!


These two are going to be fun together as they grow. I love it!IMG_6348

I love getting ‘a preview’ of what Adele will be like in three more months. It’s going to get fun!


Our friend Alison joined us for the morning too! Hi Alison!

One day, we organized a giant get-together in the park with all the kids. Best Idea Ever!

Lots of swings and slides for the older kids and plenty of shade for the little ones.

Among all my friends, we had TWELVE kids in the park! So much fun to chat, compare notes and watch them all play together.

Hi Erika and Sophie!! I missed those two!

Sarah and Brady came as well! And Brady’s cousins too! I love this cute moment between these two. HOW CUTE!

I was so tied up in all the cuteness all around that I didn’t realize Irving took Adele on her first tire swing ride!!! She loved it!


With twelve active kids running around, it was impossible to get everyone into a big group photo, but here’s most of us!

I am SO LUCKY to have such a great group of girls in my life. Makes me seriously miss the east coast.


Big difference from our day in the park a year ago! Hope to do this every summer!



Pass the Baby September 13, 2012

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I love this picture. Adele with her great-grandparents… and their two youngest grandchildren.

So glad I was able to see ALL of my cousins during my trip home! Aunty Chrissy, Uncle Kevin, Ryan and Juliana!

Cousin Corey stopped over that afternoon too!

He’s off to college next year… I remember when he was born!

Later on, my friends Steph and Katie came over too! Wish I lived closer!




Aunty Laurie could only stay for a few days, but I know she had fun meeting her niece.
We love you!


Wicked Smaht September 6, 2012

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On August 30th, Grammie, Irving, Adele and I went into Boston to meet up with Baby Gaga.


We walked all over Cambridge and along the Charles River. I forgot how beautiful the city is in the Summer.



We ended up exploring the MIT campus for a while. All those years I lived in the city and I had never been there!

Adele was soaking in all the academic vibes humming around MIT. I love when all the college kids bring the city to life every August. We hung out on the steps and enjoyed it.

Baby Gaga and Irving did a fair amount of playing too! Adele will be able to keep up with them soon!


Guess what I did when we were there? Breastfed for the first time without a nursing pillow!!! HOORAY!!

I was so proud! Thanks for the moral support, Sarah!



Wish we could have spent longer in the city, it was so much fun!



Adele, Meet Hadley September 2, 2012

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It was so fun that Katie and I were pregnant at the same time this year! It was fun to compare bumps back in January!

And now, the babies are here! Meet Hadley!!
Hadley is just 6 weeks older than Adele! It’s fun to get a preview of what’s coming up for me! She is so sweet. It was fun to meet her!

Courtney came over too to see the big baby introduction!


When we sat Adele and Hadley down together, all of us just burst out laughing. Those girls were HILARIOUS together! I can tell they will be friends forever. They were just having too much fun.


Adele, darling, I know she looks delicious, but please don’t eat your friend.

Hadley decided to try to eat Adele too. Serves her right.


I can not even handle this cuteness. It will be so fun to see them grow over the years. =)



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