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The Lights Make it Magical December 22, 2011

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So I hear that Christmas is a mere two days away! Perhaps you’d like to see pictures of my tree! It’s another Home Depot Special, but it’s actually gorgeous and fits our space perfectly. I have to say I’m in love with it this year.

I got all fancy this year and outlined our sliding doors with white lights and it definitely adds a nice glow to the room. I might try to convince Irving to let me leave them up til Valentine’s Day. They’re just so cozy!

Man, my camera’s photo quality keeps getting worse and worse. I don’t know why these bottom ones came out so grainy. I really have to start lugging out the big SLR, even when I’m lazy. But here I am. Dressed up for a holiday party.


We had a prenatal appointment today too! Baby’s heart rate was perfect and is measuring right on target. I will be 16 weeks on Saturday! That’s four months! Almost half way there! But you’d never know it looking at me! Where are you, baby??

I started wearing the tighter maternity shirts this week, hoping it would make the bump pop more! I’m sure he/she will make an appearance soon enough and I’ll be wearing that bump loud and proud.

Hard to believe that a year from now, we’ll be decorating our (Home Depot Special) tree with a baby on my hip.

So excited for the holiday festivities to begin!!! One more day til the weekend!


Upgrades and Freebies June 19, 2011

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We had another boring, but relaxing day today. I spent the afternoon reading Twilight and relaxing while Irving watched some soccer games. I’m 250 pages in and I just can’t get enough. Ahhh, so good! Part of me doesn’t understand Bella’s fascination with Edward, and the other part of me is totally jealous that she gets to go out with him. hee hee. Congratulations, Kelley. You’re just like the millions of other girls around the world who drool over Team Edward (I haven’t really gotten to know Jacob yet, so I reserve the right to change “teams” later!).


Annnnyways, in other news, I convinced Irving to hang a bunch of pictures around our house today. It’s only been six years since we moved in. No biggie. heh! It feels so nice to have something on our walls now!

The first picture is really special because it was a gift from Irving’s grandfather. I had it framed for him for Valentine’s Day.




IMG_6037 IMG_6025 IMG_6027

The second picture was a wedding gift, which we love because it looks like the lake that we got married on!




IMG_6029 IMG_6032 IMG_6033

The third picture is a framed cross-stitch that my mom made for us. She worked really hard on it for almost three years, and we love it!




IMG_6023 IMG_6040 IMG_6042


I did not play Your Fitness Evolved on the XBOX today (my legs are thanking me profusely for that!) But Irving did! I was a little jealous of his endorphin high all afternoon. But check this out, Gatorade has a new line of products called G Series Fit. There are three products, one each for before, during and after a workout.

I haven’t tried them yet, so I can’t give them a full review, but we bought them because 1.) They were all free on rebate at Walgreens today and 2.) The bottle unlocks new workouts on the xbox… let me explain.

You buy a G Series Fit bottle and hold it in your hand…

The XBox Kinect camera sees the product and releases exclusive content to you.

Pretty cool technology if you ask me!

Thanks, Gatorade!

Gatorade did not sponsor this post. But I did get the products free on Rebate and you can too! Check your Local Walgreens for more info!



Pretending to be a Grown Up May 6, 2011

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I got out of work early today and when I left I was full of energy and ready to take on the world. It was only 1pm. I could run, blog, watch TV, eat… anything really! But then reality set in. I didn’t have a free afternoon at all! Just a long list of errands to run. Oh well, at least it frees my weekend up right?

  1. Clean out Rosie so she (not me) can vacuum my whole house. SCORE!
  2. Donate a few bags of stuff to Goodwill (actually, it wasn’t Goodwill, but a store just like it)
  3. Bring our bottles, glass and paper to the recycling center
  4. Get gas at Costco
  5. Pick up a few things at Target
  6. Go to Lens Crafters and have them fix my sunglasses that literally just broke today
  7. Quick grocery shop trip at Fresh & Easy
  8. Make a Meal Plan for the week
  9. Change out our air filter (it’s AC season in Los Angeles. Ew).
    The old one is on the left and the new one is on the right. Gross, huh?

Not bad for a Friday, right? I came home at 4pm and made a PB&J sandwich – with pickles, obviously!

I may have had an afternoon of being a grown up, but I can still enjoy kid meals like this!


Did you know VOSS has sparkling water? I scored this for free and wouldn’t pay such an insane amount for water, but man, this was GOOD water!

Now I can officially celebrate the WEEKEND!


The Secret Life March 7, 2011

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First of all, I just can’t wait for the premiere of this season’s Secret Life of the American Teenager. Someone asked me what my favorite Guilty Pleasure tv show was recently… and I have to admit, this one is probably it. I don’t know, I really feel like Amy belongs with Ben… but Ricky is starting to grow on me. I can’t wait!

And how amazing is this poster? I LOVE it! The hair, the flowers, the dress!

But anyways, this post isn’t about teen pregnancy… it’s about the Secret Life of my bathroom drawers. Now, I consider myself a pretty organized person. Sometimes it gets out of hand, but all in all, I hate clutter.

Out of the blue, I decided to organize my drawers in the bathroom. It’s been on my to-do list for a while, so why not. Oh. My Gosh.

You guys! I’m a beauty product hoarder! I had no idea. Seriously. Where did all this come from?!?!

It was time to get with the program and clean this up! I am pretty sure some of these products made the cross country drive with me when I moved to Los Angeles in 2004. Yikes! Do I really need all of these itty bitty samples? (The Blue Lagoon ones, Yes. The rest? No!)

I think most of these came in race packet goodie bags.

Silver Glitter? I don’t even know where this came from!

I threw out a whole trash can of junk. Much better!

No more secrets here!

That feels so much better. Tomorrow, I shall tackle my sock drawer. I think it’s spring cleaning time!


Columbus Day Weekend at Home October 12, 2010

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After Linsay’s shower, I spent the rest of the long weekend hanging out with my family and enjoying the beautiful weather.

I was SO excited that Shelby drove out for the weekend too. She’s the proud mama of the adorable Harper.

I saw her in July, but she’s already grown SO much since then. It’s just crazy how fast they grow!

She got passed around a lot when she came over. Mikaela got to hold her!

And my dad! (I think he misses little baby girls!)

Even my cousins wanted to snuggle with her too!

Thanks for coming over, Shelby! I miss you!

My grandparents came over for brunch on Sunday. It’s always nice to catch up with them in person.

So anyone that knows my mom knows that she can’t sit still for three minutes (in a good way!) She always has to be doing something. And when the weather is nice… that means working in the garden!

She made me grab a shovel and till the garden for the spring.


Gardening is NOT my forte, but we did a great job!

One night, I was puttering around looking through some of my old childhood things, and I came across some old floppy drives. I put one in an old computer and the files were STILL there!!! I was SO excited. I thought i lost some of my old stories I wrote (circa 1993) but they were all still there!

It was a story about a Brain Transplant, and for 5th grade, I thought it was pretty good. HAHA It was over 20 pages long!

It’s silly, but I’m glad I found it! PS… how amazing is this orange text? Technology has come a long ways, my friends!

Monday morning, I met my friends Courtney, Steph and Katie for breakfast at Friendly’s. I hadn’t been to this one since high school! (We used to go after the Football Games I think)!

Later, we went over to Grammie and Papa’s to enjoy some afternoon sunshine. We picked up some authentic Lebanese treats (Zartar and SimSim)!

I brought some home with me because I was craving it…big time. I really hope we can find some when we’re in the Middle East. Mmmm!

And before I jetted off to the airport, we had a family dinner at home.


Sisters! (We missed you, Laurie!)

My dad and I coordinated colors!


I’ll miss this cutie!


These three day getaways are just perfect. Always a little short, but it’s so refreshing. When I go home, my soul gets nourished.

Thank you Christopher Columbus for sailing the ocean blue and giving me three days off to enjoy every drop of it. 🙂


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