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My Kelocity Baby: 36 Weeks (9 Months!) May 14, 2012

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Wow. 9 months!!! I remember at the beginning people would say “You know, women are actually pregnant for 10 months, not 9!” I used to think that was so silly to count it like that. But here I am…proud to be 9 months pregnant!!! That means I’m just about 26 days away from my due date!!!
How I’m feeling: Something definitely changed this week. I don’t feel quite like myself and everything just feels off. I’ve been feeling some Braxton Hicks, a little bit of cramping and extreme fatigue that seemed to come out of nowhere. It’s SO hard to move around now, even rolling over in bed takes so much energy. I’m really going out of my way to take it easy now. I’m surprising myself how forgiving I’m being letting myself relax when I know I need it. All things considering, I still feel great, I’m just noticing these changes as my body gets ready for the big day!

Weeks along: 36 Weeks  
Pounds Gained: 16.8 total 
26 Weeks IMG_3031

Pregnancy Woes:

  • Braxton Hicks and cramps have become a daily occurrence. They’re not too painful, but they do take my breath away sometimes. They say it’s the body’s way of preparing for what’s to come. They actually make me excited because it’s a reminder how close we are to meeting the baby!!
  • Living far away from family has been tough lately. It’s hard being 3,000 miles away from your entire family. I’m really looking forward to spending some time back east during my maternity leave. So thankful for Skype though!!


Pregnancy Loves:

  • Strawberries. Cereal. Smoothies. Repeat. <—- I went through 3 cartons of strawberries and two boxes of cereal myself this week!
  • Baby has been giving me so many kicks, rolls and squirms lately! They slowed down a little bit recently, but the past couple of days they picked up again! I’m just hoping he/she is still head down as we get closer!


Items we got for the baby:

  • We were so spoiled by friends this week with another beautiful baby shower. We are so lucky. Thank you!
    New folder

Highlights of the week:

  • Baby Shower #2!
  • Officially being 9 Months Pregnant! Seems like a big milestone!
  • I went on one 2.5 mile walk this week. Doesn’t sound like much, but it’s been a while since I did that!
  • Yoga! This week’s class had a lot of meditation and stretching which was exactly what I needed.

Goal for this week:

  • Finish Birth Plan Preferences
  • Pack the Hospital Bag
  • Put the final touches on the nursery!!
  • Install Car Seat(!)
  • Start making a pregnancy Photo Book

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2 Responses to “My Kelocity Baby: 36 Weeks (9 Months!)”

  1. Baby Kelocity Says:

    Dear Mommy, It will be worth it, I promise!
    PS Can I have my own blog when I’m born?

  2. Yay for being 9 months! Things do get increasingly uncomfortable as the days/weeks go on. I was miserable by week 38! It’s all worth it though and I can’t wait for your baby to be here.

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