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My Kelocity Baby: 37 Weeks May 20, 2012

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As I’m posting this, I only have 20 days til my due date!!! The excitement is definitely building and I’m on the lookout for any and all signs of labor (but so far, nothing yet!) This weekend, we really finished just about everything on our to-do list and it feels great. So now, we just wait!

How I’m feeling: Still feeling pretty great. I do get tired at the end of the day, but I’m still keeping up and for that, I am grateful. I went to Yoga this week and did a couple of longer walks and they all felt great. But by the end of the day, I’m happy to put my feet up. Still feeling lots of squirms, tiny kicks and baby hiccups. And this week also marked my first ‘cone-shaped’ belly. Baby has been hanging out on my right side during the whole pregnancy and now you can SEE my whole stomach shift when he/she stretches out.

Weeks along: 37 Weeks  

Pounds Gained: 17.9 Total
30 Weeks  IMG_3049

Pregnancy Woes:

  • Charlie Horses during the night
  • More frequent bathroom breaks (both day and night!)
  • Trouble sleeping at night since I can’t really roll left to right anymore. HAHA


Pregnancy Loves:

  • I think the baby dropped a bit this week? (I can’t see it, but people told me they noticed!) My heartburn has been a little bit better and I feel more movement lower in my belly than before. This makes me excited because I know it means we’re getting closer to the big day!!
  • Frozen Yogurt! I’ve been looking forward to this all week!! (Gooey brownies, cookie dough and gummy bears! YES!)
  • Still on a fruit and cereal kick too.

Items we got for the baby:

  • We got a new Glider for the bedroom!! Irving spent all afternoon on Mother’s Day putting it together for me! I love it!
    Testing it out in the store!
  • My friend, Courtney, made this awesome quilt for the baby!! I am so in love. I love, love, LOVE it!
    Photo and puppy belong to Courtney!

Highlights of the week:

  • Finished Birth Plan and discussed with doctor! Everyone says to make a plan and be prepared to throw it out the window, but I feel better knowing I’m going in somewhat prepared, but I’m not going to freak out if it doesn’t end up working out as we envision it.
  • Installed Car Seat!
  • Went on a nice 3 mile walk this morning!
  • Finished Nursery!! (I promise a tour by next week!)
  • Picked out Baby’s coming home outfit! We have three options, in case the baby ends up being bigger or smaller, but this one is a frontrunner!
  • Started packing the hospital bag! That is way more overwhelming than I thought. It’s hard not knowing the exact date we’ll need it! I don’t want to pack too much and then have to wait three weeks and need the things inside! But I also don’t want to be running around if it happens to be earlier! But it’s started… and we have a list. So hopefully we won’t forget anything!

We had fun playing on escalators this weekend in Hollywood!

Goal for this week:

  • FINISH packing the hospital bag
  • Keep working on pregnancy photobook
  • Relax!


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7 Responses to “My Kelocity Baby: 37 Weeks”

  1. love the babys coming home outfit!!! 🙂

    • Kelocity Says:

      thanks! I hope it fits! It’s newborn and it looks so small!!! But the bears kill me. SO CUTE. Can’t imagine my baby in there!!!

  2. Mama Gaga Says:

    Twenty days?!?! Ohmygosh… where did the time go!!! I am SO impressed you are done with your to-do lists with 3 weeks to go. Who are you and can you come over to my house next?! 🙂 You still look as active and amazing as ever for a lady with a full term baby inside of her! I love that last pic of you and Irving, in particular.

    I agree with runbakerace… take as much stuff as you can when you leave the hospital. Ours loaded us up with diapers, wipes, J&J baby wash, sponges, stuff for mama (those awesome mesh undies and maxipads with built-in ice paks…oooh la la! haha), and so much more. It’s just nice not to have to worry about running out for those little things when you first get home.

    • Kelocity Says:

      HAHA I put a collapsible tote in my hospital bag to leave room for those hospital goodies. LOL thanks!!

      Don’t get me wrong, I’m exhausted when 8pm rolls around, but I am definitely lucky to have felt pretty great throughout this whole journey. Now I’m just excited to meet him/her and have lots of snuggles!!!

  3. Liz R Says:

    Chapstick was another must while in the hospital! The air is so dry. But I agree with runbakerace. Those were great suggestions!

  4. Happy Full Term! The baby is almost here and that’s so exciting!!!! I packed my hospital bag weeks before my due date too and the most important thing I put in there was SOCKS! The hospital floor was cold and my feet are always cold, it was so nice to have some comfy socks from my house. Also remember your chargers for phone & other electronics. I brought my own underwear but they give you that awesome mesh stuff that is so comfy you won’t even take it off when you get home. 🙂 Remember to take as much stuff as possible when you leave too.

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