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My Kelocity Baby: 38 Weeks May 28, 2012

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At my doctor’s appointment last week, we found out I was already 1cm dilated and 80% effaced. My doctor said I’d likely not make it to my due date (June 9th) and that she wouldn’t be surprised if labor started over the weekend or in the coming week. Hearing that, I think I went into shock and Irving turned white as a ghost. This is really going to happen!!!! Of course like all new parents, this news made us SUPER excited and we prepared for a weekend in the hospital. Our house is clean, last minute projects are all complete, bag is completely packed….. and then there were absolutely no signs of labor. I know people could go a week or two after dilation starts before the main event begins, but I was hoping maybe it would start early. I’m not disappointed because clearly the baby needs more time, but I’m just so excited and anxious for the process to begin.

How I’m feeling: I’m on high-alert for any twinges, aches or pains that might be considered labor. Since I have no idea what it will actually feel like, anything out of the ordinary is suspect =) I’ve had quite a bit of lower back pain (Saturday night, it actually woke me up at night because it was so painful and radiating down my legs a little bit). I also have a bunch of little cramps that come and go. (Moms, what was your first early sign of labor??)

My yoga teacher always says “you get the birth you get”, but I’m really hoping I go into labor before my water breaks so I have time to labor at home without the urgency to get to the hospital. My fear is that my water breaks first and that they’ll put me on Pitocin to start the contractions. If it happens, it happens…. but I just really hope it doesn’t.

Weeks along: 38 Weeks 
8 Weeks IMG_3119
Pounds Gained: 17.5 Total

Pregnancy Woes:

  • Having trouble sleeping this week again. I just flip flop from side to side and nothing feels comfortable. I also think I might have a bit of sciatic pain again because I can’t keep my legs still at night. I try to do a little yoga and stretch to make my legs relax, but sometimes it just doesn’t help.
  • The baby dropped last week, but I really noticed it around Wednesday. I can feel the pressure of the baby on my pelvis and hips and I definitely waddle when I walk now because I feel like the baby is just going to come out. My belly all of a sudden feels really heavy and I feel like I have to hold it up sometimes.


Pregnancy Loves:

  • As some of you know, I had cancer 12 years ago, and as a result of some of the chemotherapy drugs, my heart could potentially be a little weaker than most. My doctors have been telling me for over a decade that when/if I ever got pregnant, I’d need to be monitored as a high-risk patient. Throughout my pregnancy, I’ve been seeing a cardiologist and I just found out that all of my ECHO and EKG scans have come back totally normal. (YAY!) This means that I don’t need any special monitoring during delivery and that I’m not at any higher risk than any other healthy woman. <—- So relieved!!


Highlights of the week:

  • Craft night with the girls! I made a cute decoration for the baby’s room that Irving is going to hang up for me today! Can’t wait to show you!
  • Learning that we could be just days away from meeting our son/daughter!
  • Getting kicked so hard in Costco that I yelled “Holy Crap” out loud in the frozen chicken aisle. Baby’s got some muscle!
  • Buying (and eating) an entire large watermelon… by myself.
  • Going on twice-daily walks around the block (4-5 miles/day).
  • The cookie dough ice cream my neighbor brought over. (Oh, man! That was Good!)
  • Stocked our freezer with meals for after the baby comes.
  • Irving and I took TWO naps this weekend. We really enjoyed our weekend together since it could be the last one before the baby comes!


Goal for this week:

  • Have a Baby!!!



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