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My Kelocity Baby: 33 Weeks (Vegas Edition) April 24, 2012

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Well I think I can say that Week 33 has been the busiest week of my pregnancy so far. Last weekend was Sarah and EJ’s Visit, my Shower, an eventful week with my mom… and a weekend in Las Vegas (full recap of that coming soon!)

How I’m feeling: Still feeling really great! Despite a crazy busy week, the insane SoCal heat and a roadtrip to Las Vegas and back, I still have a good amount of energy. The only change this week is that I’m waking up far more often to use the bathroom during the night, so my sleep is disrupted more. And my sciatic was annoying for a couple of days, but all in all, it’s still been smooth sailing.
Hee Hee my mom took this picture and I thought it was so cute. ha!

Weeks along: 33 Weeks

Pounds Gained: 15.7 Total (But I just ate at ‘Steak N’ Shake’ as I’m writing this, so maybe it’s more than that now. ha!) My rings are still loose and I haven’t had swollen ankles so I’m goad I am not retaining water (yet!)
22 Weeks IMG_2566

Pregnancy Woes: Sciatic was acting up this week. And I’m just moving slow overall, but nothing too crazy. But I will say I’m getting anxious to meet the baby. I still have 7 weeks left (at least) but I just want it to come quick!

Pregnancy Loves: Baby wiggles. Not feeling as many kicks these days since baby is running out of room these days, but there have been some intense flips and rolls lately that are visible on the outside! My whole belly rocks back and forth, it’s so weird!

Items we got for the baby: After my shower last week, we got a ton of things! The nursery is looking more and more complete! My mom got us some diapers too! I heard we’ll need those! We also got our Stroller (The Jeep Liberty) and some other goodies from Jake and Janie (Irving’s aunt and uncle) when we were in Vegas!! Not much left to get now!

Highlights of the week:

  • My mom’s visit (relaxing, washing, sorting and folding baby clothes, some Hollywood touristy things and enjoying her company!)
  • My shower! So amazing to feel so loved by our friends. Such a special day and we had so much fun!
  • Doctor’s Appointment (Baby is looking great!)
  • Hospital Tour. This was a blast. We got to meet a couple of the nurses, fill out our admitting paperwork early, see three brand new babies in the nursery (!!), and get a tour of the maternity rooms. Very exciting.
  • Daycare tour (we weren’t impressed, but still glad we at least went to see it).
  • Roadtrip to Las Vegas! Got to hang out with Jake and Janie and Irving’s grandmother. It was a fantastic weekend and we were so sad to go home! (More on that coming!)

Goal for this week:

  • Our childbirth class is on Saturday!! It’s an 8-hour class and I’m really looking forward to it!

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Relaxing Before Baby December 12, 2011

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Irving and I took a weekend trip to Vegas last week. I had originally planned on watching the marathon and meeting up with some bloggers, and Irving as usual was excited to play some desert golf. But as the days inched closer, the plans changed a bit and turned itself into the most amazing, relaxing weekend.

We stayed at the Green Valley Ranch, which is 20 minutes off the strip, totally secluded, and everything we needed. After we worked out a couple of reservation snafus (blame TravelZoo) and came to terms with the fact that we ended up with the worst room in the whole hotel, we actually had an amazing time.

Saturday, we spent six hours in the spa sprawled out on their indoor lounge chairs reading magazine after magazine. Seriously, I think I read 8 of them cover to cover. We never slow down enough to enjoy days like that at home and it felt so nice!

When we got bored, we headed off to the Outlet malls for a bit of maternity clothes shopping!!! I scored some jeans and two sweaters. (Whoever invented stretchy pants deserves a prize!) I also got a Snoogle! More on that later.

Driving from the mall back to the resort was the only time we saw the strip. We just weren’t feeling the crowds and the smoke, so we stayed away this time.
IMG_0918 IMG_0917

Sunday, I had a 9am prenatal massage scheduled, so Irving headed off to golf and I enjoyed ANOTHER day at the spa. (I know, you can hate me. It’s ok.) Everyone keeps telling me to “relax now before the baby comes”. Don’t have to tell me twice!

I was laughing out loud at the prenatal massage table. How funny is this! I’m sure I’ll appreciate it it later once I actually have a belly. =)


I spent three hours in the afternoon laying on an outdoor bed by the pool writing out Christmas cards and surfing the web.

We were laughing after that if all we wanted was a spa, golf and a relaxing day by the pool… we should just go to Palm Springs next time. Two hours closer and probably cheaper.

Any other “do this before the baby comes” advice?


Red Rock Canyon May 25, 2011

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We slept really well, as we usually do in Vegas (those room darkening blinds will get you every time!)

Poor Irving was dealing with a gnarly cold while we were there. But we came prepared.
Las Vegas May 2011 (38)

He was a trooper though. I told him that I had a solution to all of his problems:
Las Vegas May 2011 (35)

I mean, there isn’t much in life that munchins can’t fix, right?
I asked for ONE munchkin and she gave me FOUR!
Las Vegas May 2011 (34)

Ohhh, how I miss Dunkins! Then we got in the car and headed back over to the Wynn.
Las Vegas May 2011 (33)

Vegas is full of strange things. Here’s the Palace Station Casino (where OJ simpson got arrested!)
Las Vegas May 2011 (30)

And the Sahara Hotel is closed! So sad! Another one bites the (desert) dust.
Las Vegas May 2011 (32)

We didn’t have any real plans for the day, but they suggested a hike in Red Rock Canyon! I’d never been either, so we seized the opportunity!
Las Vegas May 2011 (29)

Just a half hour drive from the strip, and we were there!
Las Vegas May 2011 (26)

I just don’t understand why they call it Red Rock Canyon!
Las Vegas May 2011 (17)

We’re so lucky to have such gorgeous landscapes in our country. I’m really glad we got to see this!
Las Vegas May 2011 (24)

We started at the visitor’s center and learned a little bit about the area.
Las Vegas May 2011 (22)

And have a little fun…
Las Vegas May 2011 (19)

Check out this stitch that I made! This was five photos I stitched into one! (Click to enlarge!)

Las Vegas May 2011 (21)

Las Vegas May 2011 (20)

There is a 13 mile scenic loop and all along the way, you can pull over and hike. It’s a great set up!
Las Vegas May 2011 (18)

First stop was the big red rock, duh!
Las Vegas May 2011 (16)

Las Vegas May 2011 (15)

Las Vegas May 2011 (9)

Everyone climbed up to see the cliffs below…
Las Vegas May 2011 (7)
Las Vegas May 2011 (8)

But I’m lame and played it safe on firm ground. (When did I become such a wuss?)
Las Vegas May 2011 (11)

I ain’t going up there! I’m fine riiiiight down here!
Las Vegas May 2011 (3)

Las Vegas May 2011 (4) Las Vegas May 2011 (5)

These pictures aren’t doing this place ANY justice. You have to come out and see it in person!

Las Vegas May 2011 (2)

Las Vegas May 2011 (118) Las Vegas May 2011 (121)

Las Vegas May 2011 (116)

Las Vegas May 2011 (114)

There were so many trails that looked incredible, and someday, we’ll come back to do them all. But this time, we only did the Ice Box Canyon trail.
Las Vegas May 2011 (112)

Somewhere in there, there was supposed to be a waterfall!
Las Vegas May 2011 (111)

It was such a cool hike. Unlike any terrain I’ve ever seen before.
Las Vegas May 2011 (108)

Las Vegas May 2011 (110)

Las Vegas May 2011 (109)

We basically hiked on a dried up river bed (oh, spoiler alert, the waterfall was dried up in the desert heat!)
Las Vegas May 2011 (107)

Las Vegas May 2011 (106)

The whole hike was about 2.5 miles, and in the high noon heat, it ended up being perfect.
Las Vegas May 2011 (104)

It was fun to scramble over rocks (although I was on the lookout for rattlesnakes!)
Las Vegas May 2011 (91)

Las Vegas May 2011 (101)

Las Vegas May 2011 (105) Las Vegas May 2011 (102)

And then we got to the place where the waterfall should have been… The supposed “ice box” part of the trail…
Las Vegas May 2011 (97)

Hee Hee. I’ll have to come back in the winter to see it filled with water! So cool!
Las Vegas May 2011 (95)
Las Vegas May 2011 (94)

Las Vegas May 2011 (93)

And then we started the hike back to the car.
Las Vegas May 2011 (92)

Las Vegas May 2011 (90)

The whole park was gorgeous, if you’re heading out west, definitely make the drive, even if you don’t hike.

By then it was 4pm and we were starving for lunch! We had bought a groupon for a place called Bambino’s East Coast Pizzeria. It’s owned by Bostonians who opened up a restaurant out here! I was so excited! They even painted their walls the same color as the Green Monster!
Las Vegas May 2011 (88)

We got some chicken fingers that were DELISH!
Las Vegas May 2011 (87)

And a pizza that was ginormous!
Las Vegas May 2011 (86)

Sufficiently stuffed, we hopped back in the car to begin the four hour drive back to LA! This time with a few more passengers!
Las Vegas May 2011 (84)

Wait, where’s Irving?
Las Vegas May 2011 (85)

Half way, we were in serious need of some fuel… enter, Starbucks!
Las Vegas May 2011 (82)

DUDE! Have you tried their new Coconut Mocha Frappacino? It’s amazing. If you like coconut, you will LOVE this!
Las Vegas May 2011 (83)

What a great weekend! It was fun to experience both sides of vegas. The Pool/Casino/Food side and the Outdoors/Nature side. So much fun!


24 Hours in Vegas!

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This past weekend, EJ (Irving’s Sister) and Sarah were in Vegas, and since we don’t seem them very often, we jumped at the chance to meet them there! Don’t have to twist my arm!

This time, we stayed at the Platinum Hotel. It’s relatively new, and just a little bit off the strip. We really like non-casino hotels because they are smoke free. It was 1,100 square feet! A whole suite!
Las Vegas May 2011 (70) Las Vegas May 2011 (75)

Las Vegas May 2011 (68) Las Vegas May 2011 (66)

But not much of a view…
Las Vegas May 2011 (72)

Just as soon as we arrived, we headed straight to the pool! EJ and Sarah were staying at the Encore (jealous!! We stayed there last year and it was aweeeesome!) It was really hot, but they had already staked out a nice spot in the shade. After lounging for a bit, we ordered a pitcher of sangria! I’m usually not a fan, but this one was really sweet and refreshing.
Las Vegas May 2011 (65)

Las Vegas May 2011 (63)

Las Vegas May 2011 (62)

Their room had amazing views. They had a room on a really high floor.

Las Vegas May 2011 (56)

Las Vegas May 2011 (55)

Las Vegas May 2011 (60)

Across the street was where the Frontier Hotel used to be. That was the first Vegas hotel I ever stayed in when I visited in 2001 with my family! Sad!
Las Vegas May 2011 (54)

There was a little of this… brilliant, no?
Las Vegas May 2011 (53)

And then we headed to New York, New York to watch the LA Galaxy vs. Chivas Soccer game.
Las Vegas May 2011 (41)

We had some money riding on the Galaxy!
Las Vegas May 2011 (47)

We watched it from the Sporting House restaurant near the sports book and it was fantastic! The setting was perfect! We had a private booth with our own TV.
Las Vegas May 2011 (52)

Las Vegas May 2011 (49)

We had a round of drinks, appetizers and entrees and it was all incredible. I’d eat there again for SURE!

Las Vegas May 2011 (46)

Then we headed to Zumanity. It’s the Cirque show in New York, New York.
IMG_4423Las Vegas May 2011 (43)

By the time we got out of the show, it was after midnight, and we were exhausted after getting up early, driving four hours, spending the day in the sun, eating, drinking, a soccer game AND a vegas show.

Stay tuned for Day 2!!


Vegas Flipbook September 11, 2010

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Just because once wasn’t enough…. you had to see it in flipbook form 😉

So silly!


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